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June 12th, 2015

Reading glasses are mainly used for reading to the people around the age of 40. The eyes of these people do not seem to focus up close like they used to. This condition is called presbyopia, a condition that decreases our ability to focus on near objects. Presbyopia occurs as the crystalline lens becomes less flexible, or the muscle that causes the lens to change becomes weaker. In this condition, you may need a pair of reading glasses.

Reading glasses can be divided into prescription reading glasses and OTC readers. For the former one, you should do is call your local eye doctor(USA | Canada | Australia | England | France | New Zealand ) and make an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination and get your prescription for reading glasses. In this way, you will get a pair of reading glasses which is precisely customize as your prescription. The later one is OTC readers. They are typically sold in retail locations such as pharmacies and grocery stores, but are also available in book stores and clothing retailers. They are available in common reading prescriptions in strengths ranging from +0.75 to +3.50 diopters. These glasses do not take into account the mathematics of the wearer’s distance prescription, often causing the distance to become blurry unless they are removed. If the wearer has little to no need for correction in the distance, may work quite well for seeing better during near vision tasks. But if the person has a need for correction in the distance, it is less likely that they will be perfectly effective.

When selecting a pair of reading eyeglasses, consider what you will be using them for. If you do a lot of outdoor reading, there are sunreaders available that are either polarized, tinted or UV protected. Computer reading glasses have become very popular because they are designed for a further reading distance and have the magnification area higher up, minimizing the need to tilt your head back to see through the bottom of the lens. Bifocals reading glasses, the mainstay of reading glasses, are only magnified in the lower portion of the lenses. No-line bifocals provide the same benefit, but instead of a distinct line between the magnified and non-magnified area, the magnification increases slowly as you lower your eyes. Half frames make it easier to see over the top of the frames, while full frames provide uniform magnification over the entire area. With all the types and styles available, you don’t have to look far to find a pair to suit your needs.

Reading Glasses Rock Your World With New Designs And Styles

April 24th, 2012

Traditionally, when people think of reading glasses, they think of a typically white haired scholar sitting in front of voluminous volumes of academic writings. As the street term goes, they are just not hip. In an era when being hip and in the vogue and not out-fashioned has become an absolute matter of life and death for the youth, the pedantic look of reading glasses has been rejected and boycotted. Young kids who had to wear glasses in order to see clearly so as to not lag behind with their school work being bullied in the schoolyards has been no strange matter for schools from elementary ones to middle schools all over the country. And that only adds to the bad image of reading glasses, making it tougher for people to accept them. The difficult situation in the market however did not kill all those manufacturer but instead triggered them to innovate and adapt.

What the innovation presented us is a whole new combination of style and functionality that has been witnessed with so many other types of products in the optical business. Reading glasses are no longer nerdy and geeky any more. New styles that have been ubiquitous in sunglasses are being seen more and more with our most valuable and useful reading tool. Reading glasses framed with classic styles that are seen on Porsche, Ray-ban and Oakley shades are seen worn by more and more people from all walks of lives. Students are on the front line of the enthusiasts for the new generation of reading glasses. Now considered IN and popular, reading glasses are adored by those kids who used to resent them and with whom wearing them had to take incredible enforcement from the parents.

It is always good to see one type of optical product rejuvenating itself. The resurrection doesn’t happen every day, which only makes the revival of reading glasses more precious and rare. Also is rare is the places where you can actually get those stylish readers. is among the finest online stores that sell these glasses. Their clean cut wet design and professional service will undoubtedly make your visit there the pleasantest of all. Come and grab a new pair of reading glasses. They will totally ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

Reading Glasses For Men Never Look So Good Before

December 7th, 2011

Reading glasses for men have long and for good reasons been thought of as nerdy and unattractive. The very mention of men’s reading glasses used to immediately bring to mind the image of an aged professor, with lined face and white hair, reading with the help of those glasses voluminous academic books that on one else could ever understand. They might come across perfectly as scholarly and intellect for those who are in the academia, but when it comes to us everyday Joes, especially those who constitute the younger generations, they just weren’t their cup of tea. Now, however, thanks to the relentless efforts and endeavor made by numerous designers and artists in the field, reading glasses for men have seen leaping and bounding progress in style.

Frames have always played a hugely important role in eyeglasses’ fashion value and with reading glasses for men, there is no exception. Traditionally, frames for men’s reading glasses were confined to a few simple ones, for instance, rectangular glasses frames and round eyeglass frames with the idea that men’s reading glasses ought to be clean and simple. Now, however, with revolutions in both optical techniques and people’s awareness of the validity of bold and audacious designs in reading glasses, which happened alongside the sweeping movement in other sectors of glasses toward the extreme and the novel, there has emerged a wide variety of choices for frames of men’s reading glasses in materials, sizes and colors, to boot. While metal provide that masculine and sophisticated vibe, plastic frames come with more youth and zeal in them. In terms of size, larger and larger frames are seen worn by ever more people than ever. They get rid of their old little glasses and put on the most in and trendy frames to make their fashion statement. Color-wise, the days when reading glasses only come in single timid colors of black and grey are dead and gone, buried in the dirt for good. Nowadays, a rainbow of colors are at your choose when you going shopping for reading glasses. Shiny silver, fashionable lime or the classic tortoise all add to your particular style of clothing if chosen properly, enhancing your personality and boosting your confidence and morale along the way.

With the endless choices in the style, material and color, wearing reading glasses for men could really feel like fun. So, if you are still with your old pair of reading specs, it’s time to toss them aside and start anew with these colorful new sets out there now on the market. With these reading glasses on, you will sure look better than ever before.

Reading Glasses: Bookworms’ Boon and Godsend

December 2nd, 2011

People with difficulty in reading small print are shopping for help from reading glasses. True enough, reading glasses are fully equipped to meet your very need to closely read and savor the nourishment of beautifully-worded books without any compromise of your visual comfort.

As men approach middle age, the ability of their eyes to focus on objects close up is on a continuous decrease, which is the quintessential symptom of presbyopia. People who are afflicted with presbyopia are finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on small printed materials. The matter is further compounded by the inappropriate reading posture and its corresponding eye strain and other discomforts. Thus a pair of reading glasses is desperately required. Reading glasses are extraordinarily functional to the effect that they are armed with full reading prescription-the magnifying power to enable their wearers to see through the lenses with more clarity and more visual comfort.

Now available on the market are two kinds of reading glasses: ready-made over-the-counter one and the custom-made optometrist-prescribed one. How to differentiate them and choose the best for you is a matter of great import that is worth our while pondering. Both online and offline eyeglasses dealers deal in a world of ready-made eyeglasses. If the prescription of your eyes is pretty much the same, you are ready to buy those from over the counter or just enjoy a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience by way of purchasing them online. There is still another case where there is a far cry between the prescriptions of your eyes, on which occasion it is very inadvisable to buy ready-made reading glasses since they are all of a one-size-fits-all type. Under this circumstance, you are recommended to confer with your optician upon the precise prescription of your eyes, with a view of which an all-around eye examination is necessary. Bearing clearly in mind your exact prescription, you can either simply get them straight from the entity glasses outlets or just shop for them online.

In the final analysis, reading glasses have everything you demand to satisfy your need to enjoy pleasant reading with more clarity and visual comfort. So if you are still plagued by blurry vision, make haste to try on one pair.

Modern Bifocal Reading Glasses: Not Your Same Old Heavy Glasses Any More

November 24th, 2011

As a traditional solution to the dilemma of having difficulties seeing things both close up and far off, bifocal reading glasses have come a long way. Once, it was the only way to deal with the nettling troubles triggered by having to constantly switch between different eyeglasses. Now, however, with the emerging and increasing popularity of contacts and optical surgeries, bifocals seem to have lost most of its followers. Many people had long been complaining about the clumsiness and heaviness of their old bifocal reading glasses, so once an alternative is available, they immediately took it, regardless of their lacking of real advantages. It is only after they are over the novelty of the new stuff and begin to find them with as many, if not more, problems as bifocal reading glasses, did they look back and take one more chance on their old problems. And this time around, bifocal reading glasses, with the new varieties and variants provided by the rapidly developing optical techniques and technology, sure won’t let them down.

As is widely recognized, bifocal lenses were invented by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Besides drafted and issued the constitutions for one of the strongest countries now in the world, Benjamin was also a frequent inventor. At the time, he was experiencing what is familiar to thousands upon thousands today, a combination of myopia and presbyopia. The custom approach to solve such problem at the time was to carry multiple pairs of eyeglasses for varying vision ranges and put on a certain pair when the corresponding vision correction is needed. A great man like Mr. Franklin was never going to make peace with the unsatisfying current solution. He studies the science behind eyeglasses and ingeniously, with immense imagination and creativity, blended two pieces of lenses of different powers into the same lens, and the rest goes the history.

bifocal 2

Bifocal lenses were thus invented, yet in retrospect, the ones made in Franklin’s age did seem a little bit clumsy. Because the lenses consists of two different parts, they were usually larger than single vision ones. Besides, in an age when most lenses were made of glass, the weight of such specs can only be added. The visible line separating different powers was a major issue as well. Many people don’t like the idea of having their age written right on their faces. All the above-mentioned drawbacks have been causing bifocal reading glasses to wade through their dark days and then later solved one by one alongside the unprecedented developments and achievements with materials, techniques. For instance, the use of lightweight material such as Trivex, polycarbonate and CR-39 have not only made bifocal reading glasses lighter than ever but also given them a chance to be more versatile in styles, since lighter lenses are compatible to a large number of frames. You could even have your bifocal readers semi-rimmed to have that classy and business-minded look you’ve been long craving for. For those who have been sick and tired of the telltale lines on bifocal glasses, progressive lenses may be of their interest. By blending practically innumerable powers into the same lens, progressives, also known as no-line bifocals, provide the same convenience as bifocals while having the visible lines rid off at the same time.

All and all, those of you who still dwell on the old impressions of bifocal reading glasses need to come out and give them a new chance. Some of you may still not like them but who knows, maybe some other will stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Things You Should Know About Fashion Reading Glasses

November 17th, 2011

The very mention of fashion reading glasses carries with it a picture of a scholastic man on stylish reading glasses reading books at ease to his heart’s content. Fashion reading glasses integrate the function of reading glasses into a stylish and trendy frame with flamboyant colors pleasant to the eye, allowing their wearers to enjoy savoring the nourishment of books while having their eyes fully protected. This being called “Kill two birds with one stone” but find perfect justification


Why do we need fashion reading glasses?
Those who have a great penchant for reading books, for the purpose of enlightenment or for entertainment, find in the passage of time they fail or find it hard to read small printed words even within an arm’s length. Many even go so far as to lower their heads and stretch necks to lean close the books only to wind up in a series of eyestrain, sore neck and deteriorating eyesight. This is mainly due to the fact that fibers of our eyes which we know used to very tenacious, over tome are on the way to lose their elasticity and grow more stiffened, as a result of inappropriate over abuse and various kinds of stress that inflicted upon them. That explains why we urgently need a pair of fashion reading glasses.

What’s the difference between fashion reading glasses and ordinary ones?
Just as the subtitle says, the main difference between fashion reading glasses and the ordinary ones lies in the word “fashion”. As is known to all, reading glasses are vested with reading prescription, also referred to as magnifying power, which enables wearer to see things close at hand very clearly, instead of the blurry vision hampering their easy reading. But traditional reading glasses are often made up with clumsy and outdated frames, drab and dull colors. It always looks awkward on your face. Now, however, thanks to fashion reading glasses, it is possible to combine the pleasure of reading with the fashion that is exhibited on your face. Fashion reading glasses are mainly composed of bright and gorgeous colors. Their frames are also made of all variety of materials such as plastic, metal, or alloy. The styles available being manifold, it is just your personal taste that dictates your choice.

What to consider when buying fashion reading glasses?
When about to buy fashion reading glasses, mind you, my friend, color is best used judiciously. Not all bright color can suit you. Make a point of choosing the proper color that complements and supplements your complexion or hair color. As for the frames, the wearing comfort of frames takes top priority. Choose those lightweight yet durable frames, titanium frames being the exemplary model. If you want to toady to your wallet, you should probably check out those fashion reading glasses online, for online optical brokers deal in all kinds of good quality readers with the price you can afford to be fastidious when sifting through them.

Clic Reading Glasses Feature Utility As Well As Convenience

November 14th, 2011

There is no denying that clic reading glasses bring convenience to your reading experiences, especially when you are such a careless person as to lose your reading glasses or forget where you’ve put them. They are quite a relief when it comes to the emergency of locating the whereabouts.

Clic Reading Glasses

As much as you don’t want to admit it, you, with the number of years adding to your age, are incessantly suffering from presbyopia or far-sightedness, which paralyses you from reading or seeing things clearly at hand. Such an impediment that makes indispensable the need of a pair of reading glasses. But sometimes we are prone to lose or forget the whereabouts of them when needed most. Thus clic reading glasses come to your rescue. Clic reading glasses, as the name suggests, are such kind of reading glasses as are equipped with an adjustable headband with the aid of which they can snugly stick to your head and ears without falling down when put into use and a neck strap with which they can hang comfortable around your neck when not in use. Clic reading glasses have a magnetic device capable of connecting the front bridge of reading glasses by just clicking together. Ingeniously designed, clic reading glasses also have magnifier glasses whose capacity is to entitle you to crystal clear vision and at the same time protection of your eyesight from going bad to worse.

Clic Reading Glasses Clic Reading Glasses

Clic reading glasses come in a rainbow of colors and a multiple choices of styles and shapes which will satisfy your exact and particular needs. Among them red, golden, blue, and purple are favored by many. However, the choice is yours to make in accordance with your favorite. When you are ready to lay hands on them, make sure to consult with your optometrist regarding the prescription. After all, visual clarity always comes first. So weigh your options and choose your ideal clic reading glasses


Reading Glasses: the Best Solution for Reading Problems

July 11th, 2011

Are you having problems reading print or computer screens? Do you find yourself straining your eyes to read printed materials or having to hold fine print away from your face just so you can read them? If yes, you might need a set of reading glasses.

Some people who have the above mentioned vision problems have never experienced any vision problems before. For them, reading glasses are the best option to solve their problems. They are very easy to adjust to and cost effective. The wearer can just look down through the glasses to read and look forward for regular vision. No need to put them on and off.

For the rest who have more than just reading problems to cure, reading glasses remain a popular choice. While bifocals, trifocals and the latest progressive glasses work well for some, most people find them difficult to use. In order to see at far, mid-range and up close ranges, the wearer has to look through different parts of the lenses. As an alternative, one can have a set of eyeglasses for distance vision and a set for reading. This is a good solution especially for people who are just beginning to experience Presbyopia. Reading glasses are usually small and compact making them easy to clip on and off whenever needed and easy to store and carry around with.

If you intend to get yourself one pair of such glasses, the first thing you need to do is to see a specialist and have your problems diagnosed with detail. Remember not all reading glasses have prescription lenses. If you are just like most people who don’t have any other problem except for reading, a set of non-prescription reading glasses that magnify the material that is enough for your purpose.

One thing you should notice when purchasing reading glasses is that they are different from computer glasses. Because computer glasses are specially designed for people have to work long hours in front a computer, they are not for the right distance for reading. Remember to distinguish when you are in the store.

Reading glasses come in two basic styles: full lens and half lens, with no one better than the other. You can make your decision based on your personal preference. There are also endless colors and shapes to choose from. You can easily find the one pair that matches your wardrobe, your hair color, your facial shape and even your attitude.

Modern Reading Glasses for Intellectual Women

January 27th, 2011

Nowadays, varieties of eyeglasses are full of people’s life. They play different roles and provide convenience with eye wear users. Of them, reading glasses make contributions to people with hyperopia. However, there is a group of people wouldn’t like to wear reading glasses for clear vision. It is because that they are not satisfied with the looking of eyeglasses. Actually, modern glasses have made great changes and they are incorporated with fashionable elements.

For some intellectual women, they always keep up with the fashion world. It is believed they will benefit a lot from the modern glasses. The intellectual women often concentrate themselves on reading and their eyes are easy to be fatigued. Long time exposure to jobs or reading may result in fuzzy vision. At this time, they should make up their mind to pick out a pair of stylish reading glasses. They needn’t worry about that reading glasses will make them look older than they are actually.

Modern glasses designed for hyperopia users are available in different materials, shapes and colors. They are made of more advanced materials, such as memory plastic, titanium, which can make people feel more comfortable. Concerning the colors, they have various selections. Just they can imagine what color they want. Many eyewear manufacturers have launched a series of stylish eyeglasses, which can meet diverse tastes.

Certainly, many women like to go shopping online. They can also buy modern reading glasses from the optical online shops. Contrast to the local ones, they are sold at comparatively prices. What’s more, some brand names eyeglasses are supplied at the online shops. One typical example of the online shops is It mainly provides modern style glasses while still offering a small number of retro models. It is widely known that modern eyeglass models are mostly made with modern and contemporary designs.

Glasses online can help customers keep up with the latest designs. For some intellectual women, they are sure to get a pair of suitable one.

Tips of Buying Fashion Reading Glasses for Women

December 13th, 2010

Fashion reading glasses have a dominant role in the current eyewear markets. When concerning the fashion, most people first link it with women. It seems that women are more likely to lead the way in the fashion. Some studies suggest that men reading glasses are bought on the criteria of durability and fit. However, women are easier to be attracted by fashionable looks. Therefore, fashion reading glasses are usually particularly for women.

In the current eyeglasses market, fashion reading glasses come in a diverse variety. Both designer glasses and non-branded glasses are available. Sometimes, women are hesitated to decide which one to choose whether in local or online optical shops. So, women need to take several factors into consideration before they go to the optical shops.

Fashion must come first. As we know, women are always the fashionable fans. They expect their possessions to be stylish. Reading glasses can’t be excluded. Women should be aware that the style they want, the current style or a new image. Sometimes, a new pair of fashion reading glasses will create a profoundly new image. The style should be decided on the basis of your face shape and qualities.

Then you should pay attention to the colors. Different colors will bring different visual effects. The colors also have wide selections. The colors of fashion reading glasses appear different all the year around. According to the season that you buy glasses, you can choose the right color. Of course, it’d better be suitable to your clothes and hair styles. A whole collaboration will make you look fabulous.

Finally, the quality of glasses can’t be missed. A pair of high-quality reading glasses will make you feel comfortable. High quality sometimes equals to high price. Before buying the glasses, you should consider it carefully. Reading glasses with fashionable appearance can be also at reasonable prices. You can take good advantage of information and resources.

Also, you can refer to fashion magazines. With the above tips, you are believed to get a pair of comfortable fashion reading glasses.