Four types of popular big sunglasses

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A lot of trends get a start in the celebrity land and then goes to the middle-class fields. Big sunglasses are absolutely one of those things.

Big sunglasses are the favor of most celebrities to hide from paparazzi, which covers almost a person’s half face. Except for the hiding paparazzi function, big glasses are a great help to the people’s eyes and skin for the oversized shape providing extra block from the UV rays, at the same time stay stylish.

The big sunglasses can be traced back to the 1960s, when the former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis started the famous round, oversized sunglasses. Big glasses eventually became popular with the young Americans, and maintained their popularity till now. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are two great celebrity examples who gorgeously rock the big sunglasses.

Till now, big sunglasses trend has evolved into different styles like aviators, wayfarer, and tortoise-shell, together with the classic Jackie O big glasses.

Four types of big glasses will be discussed in the following. The classic Jackie O sunglasses are in memory of the first lady. It can fit almost everything and keep you to stay classy and chic at the same time. It is an all-time favorite oval and square shaped big glasses. Tortoise-shell sunglasses are another type of oversized glasses which are excellent on women with warm skin tone and golden or red hair. Since the first appearance in 1936 designed by Ray Ban to the U.S. military use, aviator sunglasses have gained a large popularity, and are used to be the best selling sunglasses. It has an oversized teardrop-shaped lens and thin metal frames. Wayfarer is also the Ray Ban’s design which is originally medium-sized. As this kind of design became popular in the late 1960’s, wayfarer is elaborated into the oversized shape and colored lens. This kind of big sunglasses is also used to be one of the best-selling products.

Big glasses can give you a celebrity style and a fashionable look. The most important factor is the oversized shade can protect you from the harmful UV rays effectively.


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