Colored fashion sunglasses

June 16th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

There has been a dramatic change in the sunwear industry. The best testimony to this is that fashion sunglasses account for the majority of sunwear products in the modern market. All of us know that sunglasses were originally developed for eye protection against damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays contained in sunlight. Some scientific research have pointed out that excessive exposure to UV rays is closely linked with an eye disease called cataract. This condition usually causes a difficulty in seeing things clearly or we can say that it leads to vision blurriness. Eyewear that made of UV blocking lenses is called sunglasses which can help filter out unwanted, harmful UV rays and high-energy blue light. It is definitely true that sunglasses were initially aimed to help human beings fight against these harmful rays. Nevertheless, a modern pair of sunglasses means more than functional help.

A phenomenon in the current sunwear market is that nearly all buyers try to pursue fashion sunglasses, which usually come with the most stylish elements. In other words, it is a common thought that sunglasses should also be fashionable, in addition to helpful. And fashion statement of sunwear has two dimensions. One is to take use of unique and unusual frame styles. Large Aviator sunglasses are a perfect example. And there were popular cat eye sunglasses during the first decades of 20th century in the United States. But in fact, stylish sunglasses made of attractive styles actually are quite limited in diversity. It is hard to create lots of unique sunwear styles.

A wider dimension involves utilizing all possible colors to decorate both sunwear frames and lenses. Fashion sunglasses currently available come mainly in this group. Supposed to block out harmful rays, sunglass lenses should be colored. While dark is the widely used color traditionally, now it is technologically feasible to take use of any regular colors, such as green, blue, purple, gray, orange and red. Tinted or photochromic lenses in these colors will help fashion-conscious people gain an attractive look on face. Moreover, unusual colors have also been applied to sunwear frames and lenses, like burgundy, camouflage, chocolate and peachy.


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