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The relation between cataracts and ultraviolet rays in sunlight has been proven since many years ago. This eye disease will gradually cause patients to suffer blurred vision. And statistics based on worldwide survey show that cataract has become one of the most common causes of bad vision health. Recognizing this great danger, professionals and experts in the eye care industry have been advocating proper ways to seek enough protection against it. Since its initiation, sunglasses have been supposed to protect human beings’ eyes from harmful rays. An obvious testimony to this is the great number of individuals who wear sunglasses while participating in outdoor activities. This application is well backed by the assumption or scientific rule that UV rays and cataracts are closely linked. Trying to protect the eyes from those harmful rays, the best sunglasses deserve the first priority.

For people who want to use sunwear products for UV protection, the first consideration is to maximize the degree of UV ray blocking. Different sunglass lenses are manufactured with varying levels of UV filtering capability. For instance, while most retailers claim a 100 percentage of UV protection, some others are honest about their products which only block 98% or 99% of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. According to this analysis, it is a must for customers to choose sunwear products with top capability of harmful light filtering. We can also call these products best sunglasses. Another point of these sunglasses is different forms of UV rays should be evaluated. There are basically UVA, UVB and UVC rays in the spectrum of sunlight. A pair of quality sunglasses should be capable of blocking all of these three types. This requires buyers to interpret the salesman’s words about product description carefully.

People with much knowledge may know that sunglasses nowadays are not for UV protection solely. Some manufacturers design and provide prescription sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses and even trifocal sunglasses. Even if this additional functionality of vision correction is indispensable, the key point remains unchanged. It is proper protection against damaging elements in sunlight. Best sunglasses should first ensure this aspect.

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