Black sunglasses as the major choice

May 21st, 2010 by Randa Fritch Leave a reply »

In the eyewear industry, sunglasses have long been a member tolerates no ignorance. Except for clear lens prescription eyeglasses being the mainstream, sunglasses play an irreplaceable role in helping human beings living in modern times fight against outdoor UV rays. Now everyone living on this planet may know that sunglasses can be used to protect the eyes against harmful rays. While a single pair of sunwear is basically for this sort of protection, there are actually a wide variety of sunwear types. Many people may have heard of black sunglasses. Exactly speaking, they refer to sunglasses that are made with black or dark lenses. Sunglass lenses in dark colors can effectively filter out unwanted ultraviolet rays in sunlight. And another point is that a higher degree of darkness is supposed to do a better job. In this case, it is not unusual to see ladies and gentlemen wearing dark sunglasses on streets, beaches and golf courts.

Till now, sunglasses made with black or dark lenses remain the majority in the whole sunwear world. However, this does not mean that black sunglasses are the sole solution and the single type. Sunglasses capable of blocking harmful rays can also be in other colors. Feasible ones include blue, orange, purple, gray and the like. Sunglass lenses in any of these colors are usually competent in guarantee UV protection. Manufacturers know the baseline is to ensure enough eye protection. In addition to this fundamental function, users of sunglasses in other colors are able to enjoy additional fashion statement. This makes it a reality to have “blue or gray” eyes. For many people, these colorful lenses are additional enhancement of their facial beauty. It is very important that these colored lenses will never affect the users’ normal vision perception.

While sunglasses in colorful styles are emerging and gaining influence, black sunglasses are expected to maintain its major role in this realm. For a large portion of average individuals, black sunwear is still the first choice. And for people especially fashion-aware ladies, colorful sunglasses are more preferable.


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