Top sunglasses should first guarantee UV protection

July 1st, 2010 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Sunglasses as a popular device for eye protection outdoors are now provided by lots of manufacturers in numerous models and different styles. It is definitely impossible to point out certain pairs or models that can be considered the best. Sunglasses mean for a lot of people UV protection as well as a type of accessory. After nearly a century’s development, sunglass designers and makers find that it is difficult to make further breakthroughs in terms of sunglass lenses which offer the key functionality. Thus more and more attention is paid to sunwear appearance or look. This explains the popular sunwear designs utilizing lens tints, frame colors, frame style and other visible elements. It is definitely understandable to pursue attractive sunglasses in any possible ways. However, it is worth reminding that top sunglasses should firstly guarantee adequate UV protection.

The original purpose of sunglass invention is to provide necessary eye protection against harmful rays in sunlight. High-energy blue light was later considered as another unwanted source. Participating in an outdoor activity or sport, wearing a pair of protective sunglasses is a convenient and helpful practice. There have been even sports sunglasses which help improve performance in specific sports. The amount of UV protection the sunglass lenses have is determined by lens material and coatings or additives applied to the lenses. Evaluating the degree of UV protection by checking the darkness of the lenses is not enough. This is actually an improper tip.

Why the first priority should be given to UV protection when customers try to get a pair of top sunglasses? Sunwear look only affects temporary personal appearance. However, inadequate eye protection during outdoor activities may bring excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, which probably leads to eye diseases like cataracts. There are several other conditions proved by research findings that they are closely linked with long-term overexposure to sunlight. All sunglass users should keep in mind that eye health is much more important than the passion for a charming look.


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