Considerations of selecting small glasses

July 3rd, 2010 by Connie Robertson Leave a reply »

Eyewear fashion never maintains static for a long time. With such a large group of users, prescription eyeglasses must offer a great diverse of styles to support various needs. And a trend in recent years is that eyeglass buyers focus more on eyewear style and personal appearance. Until now, even the aspect of lens size has been utilized to design fashionable eyeglasses. While traditional prescription eyeglasses always come in large and medium-size lenses, modern models are generally smaller in lens size. And these small glasses have occupied a major portion of the Rx eyewear market. There are several considerations of choosing eyeglasses with small lenses.

The first is probably to get an attractive look. Since large-size glasses have been the mainstream for many years, modern users tend to get a new look that should be considerably different. Compared with large lenses, small ones look really more cute and pretty. And it is commonly known that those large lenses are always selected by people with a serious profession and require their glasses to be formal. For ordinary boys and girls, the eyewear allows to be made with more leisure elements. Small glasses are definitely of the latter type and are thus favored by mostly young folks. This pursuit for a new and charming look can be similarly found in the sunwear industry. Sunwear designers also try to work out innovative styles for customers’ diversified tastes.

Another consideration is definitely associated with the eyewear appearance. Most people would know that the thickness of an Rx lens is closely linked with its power or prescription. These two parameters are proportional. So it is not strange to see people with a serious vision problem wearing glasses with unusually thick lenses. Even if modern materials like high index plastics have helped reduce lens thickness, this proportional relation remains true. Choosing a pair of small glasses can help offset the unpleasant look of these thick lenses. It is equal to say that a small lens size can disguise the fact of using thick lenses. With this valuable help, eyewear users even with a strong prescription are needless to concern about their look with these devices.


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