A big trend created by Sarah Palin eyeglasses

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Believe it or not, the trends in the eyeglass and sunglass worlds have been greatly influenced by a couple of well-known celebrities. Have you heard of the impact made by General Douglas MacArthur on Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses? Do you know that round eyeglasses have gained much popularity after Harry Potter’s first appearance with a pair of round eyewear? If you do not know all these widespread stories, a current one is for you. In the past two years, rimless eyeglasses with clear lenses have been one of the biggest trends among Rx eyewear users. And the celebrity who has contributed exclusively to this style is named Sarah Palin. The rimless eyeglasses worn by Sarah Palin during 2008 U.S. vice presidential debate are now widely called Sarah Palin eyeglasses. Created by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki, this eyewear model has become a much-have fashion accessory for a great number of ladies around the world.

How popular are these eyeglasses currently? According to the vice president of Italee Optics, Inc, “we began hearing from our authorized dealers and they wanted to stock multiple pairs of the exact same frame and style and color that she had”. As the world’s largest online retailer of contact lenses and eyeglasses, Costal Contacts announced in January of this year that Sarah Palin eyeglasses in 8001 model have been the top selling design of rimless eyeglasses for the past year. Charging only $49.95, the Sarah Palin frame at Coastal Contacts has been the top of its best sellers list for over one year.

The facial effect created by Sarah Palin was so attractive and successful. Even after her failure in the U.S. presidential election, the unique and attractive eyeglasses have helped her gain a special status in the area of eyewear. From a political perspective, there are some people who love her and some who hate her. But Sarah Palin eyeglasses have greatly boosted the popularity and acceptance of rimless eyeglasses among Rx eyewear users. A majority of users believe that it is a good choice to get a smart and sophisticated look.

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