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How to order eyeglasses online

August 14th, 2010

As a type of medical device, Rx eyeglasses should be properly prescribed by eye care practitioners on a personal basis. Each patient has his or her own vision condition and needs a certain degree of vision correction. This is only about lens prescription. Getting a fit pair of eyeglasses should also pay attention to frame size and shape, making it personally suitable. Currently there are two distribution channels that offer prescription eyeglasses. Most patients who have bought one or several pairs of prescription eyeglasses are familiar with the business model of local optical stores. In a typical traditional shop, the way to order eyeglasses will be guided by an optician. The patient should get the eyes examined and then choose a favorable frame. It usually takes several days for the shop to get the glasses ready and the buyer can return to get it. The process of ordering glasses at an online eyewear shop is completely different, and requires more careful consideration.

How to order eyeglasses online is generally a more complex problem and there are fewer individuals buying eyeglasses online than at local shops. Most people who reject online eyewear purchasing are probably concerned about lens fitting which depends on a valid, exact prescription. However, the truth is that ordering glasses online involves little risk in this aspect and actually there is more convenience. Before discussing detailed steps involved in ordering glasses at a typical shop, it is important for all customers to keep in mind that choosing a notable and responsible online retailer is the first task which highly determines whether the purchase will be successful.

Getting to a reputable eyewear website, there are several steps that can be followed to order eyeglasses. The first step is to select a favorable frame style and color by browsing all possible options. Frame shape, size and color all should be evaluated. The second step is to input the prescription given by an eye doctor or an optician. Please be sure that the prescription is valid and updated. After clicking the button “Add to Cart”, most websites will present a summary of the order for the customer’s checkup. Finally, it is needed to go to checkout.

How to choose the right women sunglasses?

July 5th, 2010

Women sunglasses have journeyed a long way since the first popularization in the 1900s. As women are always the favor of designers, women sunglasses have a much bigger choice compared with the men ones. You can choose any type, and it just kind of depends on your personality, if you feel good and confident when you have the womens sunglasses on, that will be fine.

But if you have no idea about the style of your sunglasses, you can consider about your face shape. If you have a square face with strong jaw looks, it is better to take the round sunglasses, for the curved shapes will complement your angular features, and the most flattering one may be the oversized women sunglasses. If you have a round face, you can take the square women sunglasses with few curves to help your face look longer and leaner. If you have a triangle face, you’d better to pick up the rounded or oval-shaped women sunglasses. Or if you have an oval face, it may work well with almost any style.

Considering from only the shapes of womens sunglasses is not enough, you have to focus on the lenses too. A right shape reflects the fashion, but a right lens means protection. You know, ultraviolet radiation can damage both your eyes and skin, and the long time exposure to the bright light can cause the extensive damage to the corneas and conjunctivas. So when you decide to get your women sunglasses, you must make sure the UVA ray is at least 60 percent prevention and the UVB ray is 95 percent prevention of the sunglasses. Meanwhile, you should know the functions of several kinds of lenses. Womens sunglasses with a blue blocking lens is blue, red, and amber color blocked, also UV rays prevented. But it may have some problems to distinguish between traffic lights, so this type may be not good choice as it will increase the danger when driving. Photochromic lens can protect the eyes from glare and UV radiation as well as the bright light, and it does not cause color distortion. So this type is a good choice.

Women sunglasses with appropriate shapes and lenses will give you a different look, accentuate your personality, as well as protect your eyes. So please remember the information about the women sunglasses choosing, and then you can have your perfect pair.

Tips of choosing manly glasses

June 29th, 2010

All eyewear products can be divided into men’s, women’s and unisex types, with a consideration to gender differences. These products are manufactured by different brands according to various design concepts or considerations. It is well-known that the frame is the decisive part that determines the basic appearance of a whole pair. Most eyewear manufacturers focus on this part during their designing process. And ladies and gentlemen also pay most attention to frame decoration while selecting a right pair for both vision correction and fashion enjoyment. Scientific researches and surveys reveal that the majority of male buyers emphasize on frame comfort, while most ladies put an attractive and fashionable look at the first place. Well, this is quite understandable that men are less fashion-oriented than women. However, this conclusion does not indicate that male customers have no requirements on frame appearance. The existence of manly glasses is a perfect testimony.

A comfort, fit and durable pair of eyeglasses can generally satisfy most male wearers. But for some guys, this is not enough, especially young folks. They are quite conscious of personal appearance when a pair of eyewear is on the face. It is true that men’s eyeglasses are available in fewer styles than women’s. But it is still possible to get a look that is different from other buys. Considering frame appearance, most buys may want to get a pair of manly glasses. This image is a perfect yet normal pursuit by a majority of male eyewear users. Compared with the colorful tastes and related eyewear models that are designed for ladies, manly eyewear is quite mild.

Here are some tips of selecting a pair that looks manly. Firstly, it is inappropriate to add a bright color to the frame. Men’s eyeglasses usually take use of regular and plain colors like black and gray. This is much more important for manly glasses. Colors like yellow, orange and green should be strictly precluded. Now, let’s pay our attention to frame shape. Eyewear frames that look cute, pretty and chic are not the right options for manly eyeglasses. Examples contain cat-eye glasses, but-eye glasses and heart-shaped glasses.

Tips for choosing color sunglasses

May 11th, 2010

Today, color sunglasses are important parts of our life. Colored sunglasses can not only offer us fashion, but also provide us with the protection our eyes need. As for how to select the suitable and good color sunglasses and what sunglasses colors should choose, people may not know much about it. The following will give some tips on colored sunglasses and sunglasses colors.

For choosing color sunglasses, we should not just pay attention to its style, however, should pay more attention to their functions. The primary function for colored sunglasses is UV radiation protection. There is a label or tag to illustrate if the color sunglasses can provide full protection from UVA and UVB light. If you are not sure if the color sunglasses indeed have the specified function, you can go to your optometrist for test.

Another important factor for color sunglasses is to choose the right sunglasses colors, which is not just related to the appearance, but the most important is different sunglasses colors can provide different protections. Usually sunglasses colors of grey tinted are believed to give the highest protection. But it can be dangerous for sunglasses colors tinted blue or purple, since it can expose you to more ultraviolet radiation than no glasses. And to choose the right sunglasses colors, you have to check if the sunglasses color fits for your skin color.

Besides choosing the right sunglasses colors, make sure to choose the style fit for your facial and nose shape, skin and hair color in order to make the color sunglasses look great on you. Therefore, the colored sunglasses will be a combination of a kind of dressing up with the protection.

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How to choose eyeglasses frames for you

February 28th, 2010

As eyeglasses frames are functioning as pieces of aesthetic ornament, we need to spend time choosing appropriate eyeglasses frames. The two major factors which need to be considered are face shape and facial coloring.

Virtually no two face shapes are exactly the same. We have some basic principles to follow to choose eyeglasses frames for our face shapes. Normally we will try and buy eyeglasses frames which complement with the face shapes, and which should be proportionate to the face size. For example, we suggest rectangular eyeglasses frames for people with round faces, and vice versa. For oval facial shapes, wearers can have less restrictions in choosing eyeglasses frames.

Another factor is the skin color, and colors of eyes and hair. Basically people look the best in their own color base. So the best choice of colors of eyeglasses frames is to match it with the colors of skin, eyes and hair.

After all, above analysis is for general purpose. The final choice of eyeglasses frames are all based on the personal likings and favorites. As long as the wearers of eyeglasses frames feel the best, they are just most suitable ones.

Buying RX glasses

February 16th, 2010

When people have eyes problems such as myopia, hyperopia, they have to get RX eyeglasses for help. Normally, RX glasses are expensive in a doctor’s office or high street optical shops. Some online shop supply RX glasses too, but in a much lower price.

When people want to get RX glasses, they had better to have their own prescriptions from their eye doctor (How to get your prescription). If someone does not care the price very much, one can get RX eyeglasses in a doctor’s office or a local optical shop. But some RX glasses dealers online may offer a really competitive price for RX glasses, which is suitable for the people who prefer to get RX eyeglasses in a economical way.

After getting the prescriptions of RX glasses, people can pick the RX eyeglasses frames and RX eyeglasses lenses they want, then you may go to the optical store again in about one week to pick up your glasses, and online retailers will deliver the RX eyeglasses to your doorstep. Some dealers may offer the guarantee that if the RX glasses aren’t what a consumer wants, the consumer can have a full refund or exchange for a new pair of RX eyeglasses.

Shopping online is becoming an economical and fashionable way to get kinds of merchandise. People buy things such as RX eyeglasses online conveniently. What is more, many people are satisfied with the services offered by online dealers.

Buying prescription eye glasses online

January 30th, 2010

For those people who are financially tight and who have no vision plan, shopping online for a pair of prescription eye glasses will be the best choice. advertise themselves as the seller of prescription eye glasses at 8 dollars. This indeed attracts a lot of buyers. Most of the websites offer zero charge on anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV protection. Until recently people are still worrying about buying prescription eye glasses online. As all our previous experience tell us that such shopping should be done in the optical stores with the optician in front. Even managers of VSP (Vision Service Plan) do not recommend patients to buy online prescription eye glasses. They think buying prescription eye glasses needs a delicate coordination between patient and optician.

Facing all these obstructions, online business of prescription eye glasses is still expanding. The most difficult part of online shopping is that buyers must get their prescription and PD right. As long as the prescription is precise, online retailers can mostly get the prescription eye glasses done with 100% accuracy.

No matter under what names these online retailers of prescription eye glasses are, all the discount prescription eye glasses are made and customized in China. China has become the land of prescription eye glasses.

Selecting the best eye glass for you

January 23rd, 2010

When shopping for eye glass, people will find so many kinds of eye glass frames and eye glass lens to choose from. People have to consider the eye glass based on their prescription lenses, and choose the eye glass frames best hold their lens as well as suit their faces and personal lifestyles.

The most important fact people have to take into account when they choose eye glass is that the eye glass frames should fit best for their prescription eye glass lenses. The purpose of buying a prescription eye glass is to correct people’s visions. If people buy eye glass just with the idea of fashionable and latest styles, they may give up the basic function of eye glass.

When people buy eye glass, they also should be in consideration of personal characters, if one is a conservative person; one is better stay with shapes such as rectangles or ovals in either thin plastic or metals eye glass. Rimless eye glass and three-pierce eye glass may be also a good choice. If one is a passionate type, modern thicker or large plastic eye glass may work better.

In addition, before selecting their own eye glass, people also should have an idea of which kind of lifestyles they will lead. The types of eye glass chosen by people will depend on the types of activities they participate in. Of course, some people may prepare several eye glass to use in different occasions, it also a nice choice.

Finally, the shapes and colors of eye glass should flatter people’s face shapes and complexions. That is really important. Also, people should consider match their eye glass to their wardrobes, which makes the eye glass become a part of people’s styles, just as their clothes do.

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Aviator style Unisex Acetate full frame eyeglassesMen's metal full frame Aviator eyeglasses

How to choose proper prescription frames?

December 28th, 2009

Choosing prescription frames is an important step in selecting glasses. Market offers a huge selection of frames for glasses to pick from, including Gucci, Versace etc. What kind of prescription frames should be chosen?

In the first instance, people should have a clear idea that the most suitable shapes of frames for glasses is opposite of people’s face shapes. For example angular-shaped faces look better with rounder prescription frames. People with full cheeks and a round chin, better to choose slimming prescription frames. So when people choose frames for glasses in retail shops, they can try lots of prescription frames to find out the best and suit their face shapes. Nowadays, young people would like to buy frames for glasses online. Plenty of sites offer a service that people can upload their own photos and they can see how their looks in certain prescription frames on computer screens.

Another crucial factor influencing people’s choices of frames for glasses is that the prescription frames color should flatter the skin. Also, prescription frames colors can complement different skin tone. For instance, dark complexions people better with olive frames for glasses, Mediterranean, golden or Asian skin and rich black hair often look nice with silver, gold or clear frames for glasses, and black skin may looks better with metallic color prescription frames. Be careful with colors – they can contribute to overall styles of people with prescription frames.

The two points mentioned above can help people select frames for glasses that are the ones most likely to fit their appearances. Maybe sometimes some people wish to break the above “rules” for a more spectacular look. This will be depended upon people’s own wishes, if they like the style, then go for it.

Discount glass online

December 20th, 2009

As the development of internet, discount eyeglasses deals are becoming more and more popular online. And lots of people like to buy cheap eyeglasses online which may just cost 20% of the price for the one from local optical store.

Why dealers can offer so cheap eye glasses online? The main reason is that they do not have to pay the retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and warehousing. Another reason is that the discount glass come directly from the cheap eye glasses manufactures which can eliminate distributor and wholesaler mark-ups.

When people decide to buy a discount glass online, the first step is to obtain the prescription from the eye doctors and make sure ask for their own Pupil Distances (PD). Next, people can browse the discount glass shops online to select the discount glass including select lenses and frames. After people have chosen the cheap eye glasses, the dealer will deliver the discount glass to them.

Some people may doubt the quality of discount glass inevitably, comparing the cheap eye glasses with those sold in retail stores by consumers. Generally, the quality of discount glass is good, and the online dealers responsibly guarantee the cheap eye glasses they sold. As you know, not all dealers online are honest, so when people to buy discount glass online, they should be more careful.