How to choose the right women sunglasses?

July 5th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Women sunglasses have journeyed a long way since the first popularization in the 1900s. As women are always the favor of designers, women sunglasses have a much bigger choice compared with the men ones. You can choose any type, and it just kind of depends on your personality, if you feel good and confident when you have the womens sunglasses on, that will be fine.

But if you have no idea about the style of your sunglasses, you can consider about your face shape. If you have a square face with strong jaw looks, it is better to take the round sunglasses, for the curved shapes will complement your angular features, and the most flattering one may be the oversized women sunglasses. If you have a round face, you can take the square women sunglasses with few curves to help your face look longer and leaner. If you have a triangle face, you’d better to pick up the rounded or oval-shaped women sunglasses. Or if you have an oval face, it may work well with almost any style.

Considering from only the shapes of womens sunglasses is not enough, you have to focus on the lenses too. A right shape reflects the fashion, but a right lens means protection. You know, ultraviolet radiation can damage both your eyes and skin, and the long time exposure to the bright light can cause the extensive damage to the corneas and conjunctivas. So when you decide to get your women sunglasses, you must make sure the UVA ray is at least 60 percent prevention and the UVB ray is 95 percent prevention of the sunglasses. Meanwhile, you should know the functions of several kinds of lenses. Womens sunglasses with a blue blocking lens is blue, red, and amber color blocked, also UV rays prevented. But it may have some problems to distinguish between traffic lights, so this type may be not good choice as it will increase the danger when driving. Photochromic lens can protect the eyes from glare and UV radiation as well as the bright light, and it does not cause color distortion. So this type is a good choice.

Women sunglasses with appropriate shapes and lenses will give you a different look, accentuate your personality, as well as protect your eyes. So please remember the information about the women sunglasses choosing, and then you can have your perfect pair.


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