Discount glass online

December 20th, 2009 by Randa Fritch Leave a reply »

As the development of internet, discount eyeglasses deals are becoming more and more popular online. And lots of people like to buy cheap eyeglasses online which may just cost 20% of the price for the one from local optical store.

Why dealers can offer so cheap eye glasses online? The main reason is that they do not have to pay the retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and warehousing. Another reason is that the discount glass come directly from the cheap eye glasses manufactures which can eliminate distributor and wholesaler mark-ups.

When people decide to buy a discount glass online, the first step is to obtain the prescription from the eye doctors and make sure ask for their own Pupil Distances (PD). Next, people can browse the discount glass shops online to select the discount glass including select lenses and frames. After people have chosen the cheap eye glasses, the dealer will deliver the discount glass to them.

Some people may doubt the quality of discount glass inevitably, comparing the cheap eye glasses with those sold in retail stores by consumers. Generally, the quality of discount glass is good, and the online dealers responsibly guarantee the cheap eye glasses they sold. As you know, not all dealers online are honest, so when people to buy discount glass online, they should be more careful.


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