Buying prescription eye glasses online

January 30th, 2010 by Sam Sutton Leave a reply »

For those people who are financially tight and who have no vision plan, shopping online for a pair of prescription eye glasses will be the best choice. advertise themselves as the seller of prescription eye glasses at 8 dollars. This indeed attracts a lot of buyers. Most of the websites offer zero charge on anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV protection. Until recently people are still worrying about buying prescription eye glasses online. As all our previous experience tell us that such shopping should be done in the optical stores with the optician in front. Even managers of VSP (Vision Service Plan) do not recommend patients to buy online prescription eye glasses. They think buying prescription eye glasses needs a delicate coordination between patient and optician.

Facing all these obstructions, online business of prescription eye glasses is still expanding. The most difficult part of online shopping is that buyers must get their prescription and PD right. As long as the prescription is precise, online retailers can mostly get the prescription eye glasses done with 100% accuracy.

No matter under what names these online retailers of prescription eye glasses are, all the discount prescription eye glasses are made and customized in China. China has become the land of prescription eye glasses.


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