Anti Reflective Glasses With Varying Styles Of Frames

October 5th, 2011 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

It is no longer a secret that ordinary glasses only transmit about 91% of light. The rest is lost in reflections from both front and back surfaces of the lenses. These reflections are the reasons why we experience the halo effect around headlights or streetlights when driving in the dark, or blurry vision when we work long hours in front of a computer. Sometimes, the light rushing through the lenses are so powerful that even the 9% reflection can cause quite a glare, blocking out your eyes, as in the case of photo shooting. How to reduce or even eliminate these trivial yet nettlesome reflections has been pressing the minds of many consumers and manufacturers alike. Now, with anti reflective glasses, such problems can be solved once and for all. Besides that, anti reflective glasses also come in varying styles of frames, allowing consumers to choose based on their physical features and personal preference.

anti reflective 1

Anti reflective glasses are glasses with specially coated lenses. With this type of lenses, reflections off the front and back faces can be greatly reduced and even completely reduced. Better vision can therefore be achieved and better glasses wearing experience provided. By reducing the reflection, such glasses come in handy in quite a number of occasions. Take computer related eye strain for example. Long hours of work in front of a computer monitor often lead to eye stress and strain, greatly influencing the quality of your work. To some extent, the strain of your eyes is caused by constantly looking at a same part of the screen and your eyeballs having enough movement. But in most cases, the blurry vision caused by reflection is a major factor leading to dry eye and eye strain. With anti reflective eyeglasses, this major factor will be reduced, allowing the wearer to work even longer hours with better efficiency.

anti reflective glasses 2

Although anti reflective glasses show many promising merits and qualities, it would still be no use if they only come in nerdy and out of fashion styles and frames. Luckily for the consumers, this is not the case at all. In reality, anti reflective glasses are available in just about every type of frame out there. From the exaggerating oversized frames to the classy rectangular to the ubiquitous retro vintage, everything you can ever think of, you can find them available with anti reflective glasses. This is truly a major selling point added to an already competitive product. With such a perfect combination of fashion and functionality on hand, what else could you ask for?


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