How to order eyeglasses online

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As a type of medical device, Rx eyeglasses should be properly prescribed by eye care practitioners on a personal basis. Each patient has his or her own vision condition and needs a certain degree of vision correction. This is only about lens prescription. Getting a fit pair of eyeglasses should also pay attention to frame size and shape, making it personally suitable. Currently there are two distribution channels that offer prescription eyeglasses. Most patients who have bought one or several pairs of prescription eyeglasses are familiar with the business model of local optical stores. In a typical traditional shop, the way to order eyeglasses will be guided by an optician. The patient should get the eyes examined and then choose a favorable frame. It usually takes several days for the shop to get the glasses ready and the buyer can return to get it. The process of ordering glasses at an online eyewear shop is completely different, and requires more careful consideration.

How to order eyeglasses online is generally a more complex problem and there are fewer individuals buying eyeglasses online than at local shops. Most people who reject online eyewear purchasing are probably concerned about lens fitting which depends on a valid, exact prescription. However, the truth is that ordering glasses online involves little risk in this aspect and actually there is more convenience. Before discussing detailed steps involved in ordering glasses at a typical shop, it is important for all customers to keep in mind that choosing a notable and responsible online retailer is the first task which highly determines whether the purchase will be successful.

Getting to a reputable eyewear website, there are several steps that can be followed to order eyeglasses. The first step is to select a favorable frame style and color by browsing all possible options. Frame shape, size and color all should be evaluated. The second step is to input the prescription given by an eye doctor or an optician. Please be sure that the prescription is valid and updated. After clicking the button “Add to Cart”, most websites will present a summary of the order for the customer’s checkup. Finally, it is needed to go to checkout.


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