Beneficial lens treatments used in sunglasses for men

July 25th, 2010 by Ray Didia Leave a reply »

Compared with female wearers, male sunglass users usually pay more attention to the functional side of a sunwear. Those colorful and even strange elements incorporated in women’s sunglasses are mostly unattractive for most men. UV protection is always the first consideration made by male customers. But there are actually some other functional aspects that should be evaluated. Regular sunglasses only offer proper UV protection, but they do not incorporate some other treatments. Sunglasses for men can practically take use of certain extra treatments, which offer significant help.

The most commonly used treatment is polarization and the exact product is polarization sunglass lenses. In detail, men’s sunglasses which contain a special filter can selectively filter out glare reflected from horizontal smooth surfaces. Glare is very bothersome when staying in fierce sunlight. The filtration treatment embedded in lenses can eliminate “hot spots” of glare. Sunglasses for men also widely utilize anti-reflective coating. Many people know that scratch-resistant coating and anti-fog coating are sometimes used in eyeglass lenses. Now, anti-reflective coating is popularly applied to sunglasses. What is the exact help brought by this coating? Applied to the back surface of the lenses, anti-reflective coating help the wearer stay away from sunlight glare when the sun is behind. Preventing sunlight reflection from the back side is also important.

Another great treatment or technology is quite significant for sunglasses for men. This is the most advanced form of sunwear which brings a maximum degree of functional help. The exact name is photochromic sunglasses, which have lenses that are capable of changing darkness according to light conditions. It is common for some people to switch from an outdoor environment to an indoor circumstance. Without the availability of photochromic glasses, it is necessary to make switches between a pair of clear glasses and another pair of regular sunglasses. The innovative lens treatment brings significant benefit to people with poor eyesight. All of the above lens treatments are commonly used in men’s sunglasses.


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