Two major categories of stylish sunglasses

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Sunglasses have been around for many decades and qualified sunwear products have benefited numerous wearers well in term of UV protection. This functional benefit or help is really the most valuable thing a pair of quality sunglasses can provide. The basic level of UV protection is determined by several factors such as lens darkness, coatings and other treatments. One point is true that the functionality is mainly determined by the lenses. Advantageous treatments that can be applied to sunglass lenses include polarization, anti-reflective coating, mirror coating and so forth. The other aspect of using sunglasses is considering them as a type of accessory. Nowadays, a great portion of sunwear users has this purpose. In particular, stylish sunglasses released in each season of every year are usually the commonly pursued products in the market. The fashionable enjoyment brought by attractive sunwear products has been an integrated part of the fashion world.

Designing attractive and elegant sunglasses can take two major ways, at the side of sunwear manufacturers. One is using lens tints and the other is creating innovative frame styles. The first one is obviously noticed that the sunwear market today provides lots of items in various colors. Yellow, orange, gray, rose, pink, green and other tints are feasible to decorate sunglass lenses, making them colorful and attractive. They account for a large portion of the stylish sunglasses market. Generally speaking, each individual has one or several personally preferable colors. The wide availability of sunglass lens tints makes it possible to meet different needs. Certain lens tints even offer extra advantages in specific lighting conditions. Of course, sunglass frames can also be colorful, making more variations of stylish sunwear available.

The other way to design stylish sunglasses is to develop pretty styles in terms of frame shape. In the sunwear history, some classic styles have been inherited and are still fashionable in the current market. For instance, the 80s oversized sunglasses have stayed in top fashion realm for several decades and show no sign of fading out. Other classic, vintage styles of sunglasses include cat-eye sunglasses and bug-eye sunglasses.

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