Ray Ban Aviator mirror sunglasses

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Aviator mirror sunglasses are one brand of mirrored sunglasses. Produced by Ray Ban, they are also named Ray Ban Aviator mirror sunglasses. Other mirrored sunglasses providers include Action Optics, Bolle, Costa Del Mar and so on. However, Aviator mirror sunglasses are one of the most well-known brands in this field.

As usual, the lenses of Aviator mirror sunglasses can reflect a significant portion of sunlight reaching the outer surface. Besides other common features such as avoiding direct eye contact, Aviator mirror sunglasses also provide brand awareness to the customers because of Ray Ban’s worldwide reputation.

The mirror coating on the lenses is critical for the reflective feature of mirrored sunglasses. Aviator mirror sunglasses have special mirror coatings on their lenses. The coating has several alternating layers of specific thickness. These layers can be made of dielectric materials or metals such as titanium, nickel and chromium. The metal layer on Aviator mirror sunglasses has a thickness from 0.5 to 9nm. They may also use dielectric layers. The layers thickness determines the reflective properties of Aviator mirror sunglasses. The manufacture process of these layers is familiar with that of anti-reflective coating.

Mirror coatings on Aviator mirror sunglasses can be made of different colors, such as silver, gold and copper. The color of mirror coatings has no direct relationship with the lens tints. You may also say they are independent.

Although Aviator mirror sunglasses offer several mirror coating colors, the most classic type is silver mirrored sunglasses, originating from 70s styles. Their super dark and cool lenses are suitable for the brightest sunny days.

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