Helping You Fighting Glare—Bolle Polarized Sunglasses

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Golf, cycling, skiing or mountain-climbing, you are a sports fanatic; driving, fishing—your hobbies; while improving skills for sports, never overlook a key factor to enhance your sports performance—Wearing a pair of appropriate sunglasses. Bolle polarized sunglasses will satisfy all your requirements for different sports and uses everyday.

Bolle sunglasses are in hot pursuit of sports enthusiasts since their introduction in 1888. The purpose is to “protect your eyes”, for Bolle thinks defending eyes is important in each sports, while sunglasses are necessary equipment for eyes. In accordance with the purpose, Bolle sunglasses boast the premium quality for sports uses.

Bolle Sunglasses offer a patented metal frame manufacturing process called Microfusion. They have frames that are molded with molten metal alloys. Meanwhile, they have shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and sleek and light-weight nylon frames and flexible legs. No matter how fierce the sports are, they are guaranteed to grip your facial contours, as well as comfortable, not to say make you look good.

In particular, Bolle polarized sunglasses are especially famous. Bolle polarized sunglasses are suitable for fishermen, drivers, for skiing and mountain-climbing. Bolle polarized sunglasses can block the reflected glare and eliminate the sun’s ultraviolet rays. By using Bolle polarized sunglasses not only will you contrast colors clearly, but also you will experience reduced eye fatigue. In view of many color lenses of Bolle polarized sunglasses, two pairs are a must. A pair of Bolle polarized sunglasses of yellow or amber color may be best for overcast conditions, while a pair of Bolle polarized sunglasses of a medium or dark brown lens may work better for sunny days.

With the excellent quality and full UV400 protection, Bolle polarized sunglasses will help you fight the harsh glare and allow you perform best in sports.

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