Unisex sunglasses for both men and women

July 28th, 2010 by Connie Robertson Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories in each summer. And there are sunshades for men, women and a combination of them. Unisex means something that is intended for or used by both men and women. In fact, the division of sunglasses into three categories is equal to the classification in prescription eyeglasses. And this classification approach is to a large degree based on some fundamental differences between men and women. It is commonly supposed that these two different groups usually have their own tastes, requirements or preference over a typical product. Sunglass designers also follow this thought. But the development and prevalence of unisex sunglasses and eyeglasses indicate an interesting change in this world. There are many manufacturers producing eyewear products that are suitable for both men and women.

The trend of developing or creating unisex styles is not limited to the eyewear world. In fact many other industries also witness the rise of unisex products. In recent years, the fashion world has seen men’s and women’s clothing and accessories taking cues from each other. The heyday of unisex styles is particularly noticeable in the sunglass industry. In traditional, women’s sunglasses usually come in colorful designs, which take use of various lens tints and delicate details. And men’s sunglasses focus mostly on functionality improvement. However, that philosophy has changes greatly in the previous years. Sunglasses tend to mix those respective points, testified by unisex sunglasses. These unisex products are designed to be appealing to male and female customers. Nowadays they are quite popular and a large number of local and online eyewear shops even maintain exclusive sections of unisex models.

Unisex sunglasses and eyeglasses follow some styling trends in recent years. Plastic frames in oval and elongated rectangular shapes are commonly applied by sunwear manufacturers. Unisex sunglasses also widely take use semi-rimless style with lenses cut in oval shapes. Oversized frames are gaining popularity among both male and female sunwear users thus they are a common design in unisex models. Unisex sunwear also widely comes in beautifully designed, clean and thin metal frames.


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