Why choose purple sunglasses

July 18th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are currently provided and distributed in a wide variety of styles and models by numerous brands and retailers. Among all these products, purple sunglasses are a typical one which is favored by a large number of people. Trying to get the key point from these words, purple sunwear has actually several types. Purple frame sunglasses, purple lens sunglasses and purple mirrored sunglasses can all be called this name. Since sunglasses mostly take use of colored lenses which are the major part deciding sunwear color, purple sunwear that has purple lenses is the most common type. In the modern sunwear market, manufacturers have made it possible to apply various colors to sunglass lenses, including green, blue, gray, brown as well as purple. All these lenses in different colors are supposed to provide needed UV protection. A more important point is that these colored lenses widen customers’ options of sunwear. They are no longer limited to sunglasses made of dark lenses.

According to lens power, sunglasses made of purple lenses can be prescription and non-prescription. The Plano form of purple sunglasses refers to those regular ones that have only a function of UV protection. Adequate UV protection is still the first and most important consideration. All these sunglasses should be applied with ultraviolet treatment on the lenses. Today, there is an invisible dye that can block UV light from damaging the wearer’s eyes. This kind of treatment incorporated in purple sunglass lenses is believed to help people fight against eye diseases like cataracts, retinal damage and others.

Prescription purple sunglasses are more complex in design than Plano counterparts. We all know that regular prescription eyeglasses all use crystal clear lenses which can provide vision correction. But now, sunglasses in different colors can also be prescription. This improvement or breakthrough is the foundation for prescription sunglasses. Until now, Rx sunglasses are feasible to use green lenses, brown lenses, blue lenses, gray lenses as well as purple lenses. Except for UV protection, prescription purple sunwear can offer proper vision aid, as well as a fashionable look.


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