Some models of hot glasses for kids

July 18th, 2010 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

Eyewear houses always release new models with various designs in the market each year. The number of Rx eyewear users is so large that these colorful and innovative products are really a good response. Some people may think that these diverse eyewear models and styles are mainly for adults, especially appearance-aware ladies. It is only partially true, because young kids even babies account for a significant proportion of the total amount of Rx eyeglass users. It is necessary for big and small brands to evaluate the requirements from children, in terms of frame design. Even if they are not economically independent, children including school students have their particular tastes while selecting eyeglasses. And the situation in children’s glasses world is similar to that of the adults’ market. There will be hot glasses each year for children. Never assume that kids do not pursue a fashionable look.

It is even more necessary for eyewear makers to flatter the colorful needs from little customers. Most Rx eyewear users in their 30s and 40s actually started to use eyeglasses from an early age, probably in junior or senior middle school. Providing proper and stylish children’s eyeglasses can be a good strategy for notable and small brands to foster little customers that will stick to similar products from a same brand during the growing process. In other words, meeting kids’ tastes is an effective approach to the cultivation of customer loyalty. And one way to evaluate a brand’s action in this aspect is to check whether it is able to provide hot glasses for children. This group is very likely to follow their friends, sisters or brothers, in terms of clothes, bags as well as glasses.

In 2010, there are some hot eyeglasses models for children. Fisher-Price releases a new frame model called Lollipop for babies and toddlers who need to wear eyeglasses. This model is designed with a special consideration to this group that there are cable temples wrapping around the little wearers’ ears. Even mischievous boys and girls will hold these glasses stably. Bongo Eyewear offers a model called Cutie which comes in a full metal frame with a modified butterfly shape for teen girls.


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