Who need round sunglasses?

July 17th, 2010 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

In each summer, many people would find sunscreen a necessity, which can protect their skin against harmful rays. Fighting against the same thing, sunglasses have been also a popular choice among both fashion-conscious and health-conscious people. The reason is that those damaging rays may cause certain eye problems, according to scientific findings. The importance and significance of sunglasses do not need much statement and discussion. But the selection of a proper pair deserves the attention of every person. For example, round sunglasses are a typical style that uses one of the primary frame shapes. According to the same classification rule, similar sunwear styles include square sunglasses, oval sunglasses, rectangle sunglasses and the like.

The first and foremost question is who will go best with round sun glasses. A round sunglass frame has no angles but curved lines. The width and length of such a pair is in a same proportion. Most people know that the criterion of choosing a frame shape is to achieve a contrast between frame shape and the user’s facial shape. Knowing this would help people with square faces make an appropriate pick by choosing round sunglasses. Yet are there other people who need sunglasses in this shape? Among all people living on the earth, there is a particular group who has an oblong shaped face. An oblong face has more in length than in width. And the jaw line is usually the widest part. For this group of people, picking round sunwear would help in shortening their faces and getting a more balanced look.

In this summer, round sunglasses are one of the biggest trends noticed by sunwear users. And lots of manufacturers or brands are providing fashionable products. A typical line is the Carrera Hippy round sun glasses, which have the signature Carrera label on the front of the lens and slim temples of colored acetate frame. These products come in a stripping pattern with the layered shades of rich reddish brown. Currently, this line only offers models in brown. But they are really classic, durable, fashionable and quite affordable.


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