What are the Most Important Factors We Should Concern When Purchasing Eyeglasses?

March 10th, 2011 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

Yesterday, I saw a man pedaling eyeglasses to the passerbys on the street when I was on my way home. The seller introduced that his eyewear were various in types, such as myopic eyeglasses, presbyopic eyeglasses and even sunglasses. What’s more, the lens degrees were more complete than anyone could image. They varied from 100 degrees to 1,000 degrees, which could meet the demands of almost all the people with different degrees. What surprised me was that the seller sold one pair of presbyopic eyeglasses to a woman at only $2 after several rounds of bargains with the woman but actually he charged her $50 initially. I had never heard that a pair of glasses could be sold at such a low price, so I asked the woman how she thought of the presbyopic eyeglasses. He told me that this eyeglass felt quite good after trying it on. And she also deemed that “cheap” was the most important factor that she would concern while selecting eyeglasses, no matter how the quality of the eyeglasses was. But I didn’t agree with her.

For this reason, I visited an eyeglasses store near my house. According to the shop owner, it was not a simple process to fill a prescription. Each link, from optometry to filling a prescription, should not be neglected. Besides, eyeglasses were different from the ordinary commodities. High-quality eyeglasses could not only improve our life, but also protect our eyes; while poor-quality eyeglasses could not improve our life, yet might damage our eyes. So, we should not judge a pair of eyeglasses only from its price, instead we should take all aspects such as the eyeglasses quality, protection function, etc. into account.

If you don’t want to spend much on your eyewear, I suggest you buy cheap eyeglasses online. The emergence of e-commerce makes it possible for us to buy things from the online stores, such as clothes, shoes, foods, digital products, electric appliances and anything we need in our life. For sure, it is not a difficult thing to buy eyeglasses online. Generally, the eyeglasses sold at the online stores are much cheaper than that in the local glasses stores but they have never compromised over the qualities. Therefore, you can get a pair of eyeglasses with high quality and at a reasonable price.

Price is no doubt an important factor that most of us will care about but quality and protection function are much more important while we purchasing eyeglasses.


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