Seven Classic Patterns of Sunglasses

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Nowadays, more and more people are inclined to wear sunglasses either for protecting their eyes from the harmful sunlight or UV ray or only for decorations. Even though there are thousands of sunglasses various in styles, colors and designs, they can be divided into seven classic patterns.

1. Retro butterfly

Retro butterfly

Basically, butterfly-shaped sunglasses fit the small faces best, which beautifies the lines of the eyes. However, the easterners are not suitable to wear such sunglasses as their cheekbones are too flat and their eyelashes are likely to contact the lenses.

2. Rectangular

Rectangular sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses often give us a serious impression which makes the wearer more authoritative. What’s more, the wearer’s face will look smaller with a pair of rectangular sunglasses.

3. Round

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses have a strict requirement to the face shapes. For instance, if a person who has wide or round face wears a pair of round sunglasses, his/her face will look like the Five Ring Olympic flag; while if he/she has a rectangular face, the round sunglasses will make her two pieces of cakes.

4. Water-drop

unique sunglass

Unlike the traditional sunglasses, the lower glasses frame of this type of sunglasses is designed to look like a drop of water, which is fashionable and full of emotions. This unique sunglass breaks and remodels the facial line, which is fairly funny.

5. Wayfarer

Wayfarer sunglasses

Actually, Wayfarer sunglasses are not hi-tech products at all. However, their simple and decent styles as well as their half-olive-shaped glasses frames are suitable for any people. Therefore, they are quite popular.

6. Aviator

Aviator sunglasses

No other sunglasses are hotter than this collection of sunwear. The secret why they can be popular in the fashion world for such a long time is the high-quality design which they have been committed to. The lenses of these sunglasses are anti-cracking, and can block 100% of the harmful UV ray.

7. Goggle


The goggles specially designed for the drivers are not only used to block wind or dirt, instead they have become the symbol of fashion. Goggles can be used to decorate big faces, but wide and rectangular faces should avoid wear them as far as possible.


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