Two types of amber sunglasses

May 16th, 2010 by Charles Garrana Leave a reply »

Sunglasses are originally developed to help wearers fight against ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. So, the most important aspect of evaluating a pair of sunglasses is the degree of UV protection. How to achieve such a goal? Many people may have seen others wearing sunglasses with black lenses on the street. It is a fact that black sunglasses are the most common means taken to shield the eyes from fierce sunshine. This type of sunglasses is really effective especially in extremely sunny days. However, black lenses are not the only kind that can be used to protect the eyes from harmful rays in the environment. Other colors are feasible that they can realize a similar effect. Some are green, gray, blue, purple, and even orange. In recent years, amber sunglasses are also quite popular, because this color can create an unusual appearance. Currently, this design has been applied to both prescription sunglasses and non prescription ones. Of course, clip on sunshades can also take use of this color.

In fact, sunglasses of a specific color can be grouped into two main categories. This depends on detailed lens production. Taking amber sunglasses for instance, there are mainly amber tinted sunglasses and amber photochromic sunglasses. And sunwear of other colors has corresponding types. These two basic types utilize different lenses and function in different ways once exposed to sunlight. Firstly, what users can expect from tinted sunglasses? A basic aspect is that sunglass lenses of this kind are designed to fight against UV radiation competently. The majority of them are supposed to filter 100% UV rays. However, as the name indicates, these sunglass lenses are tinted. In such a way, the color is permanent and will hardly change in different degrees of brightness. This ensures UV protection even in an indoor environment. But things sound strange because people do not need this protection at home or office. In most cases, they have to remove sunglasses.

The other type such as amber sunglasses of photochromic properties flatters more needs of the group of people mentioned above. These sunglasses using superior photochromic lenses would adjust the color according to the amount of UV rays in the current environment. Two extremes are darkness exposing to strong light and clearness staying at home or office. This capability or feature really benefits individuals who need to switch between different environments.


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