The most precious eye glasses frame

January 5th, 2010 by Richard Schneider Leave a reply »

Due to the aesthetic features of eye glasses frame, designers have been using different kinds of precious and unusual materials to make the high-end eye glasses frame.

Natural materials are designers’ first choice to hand-make such high quality eye glasses frame. Frames made out of wood, bone and ox horn are warm and naturally-touching to human body. These materials are strong but difficult to adjust. As the making cost is too high, the price of this type of eye glasses frame is much more expensive than normal one. But some people still like it.

Another precious material for manufacturing top eye glasses frame is the shell of hawksbill, a kind of sea turtle. The hawksbill shell is lightweight, durable, unique, bright in color and very appealing. As this is also the natural material, there is no skin irritation for wearers.

Like making other jewelries, eye glasses frame designers also look at the silver and gold to make eye glasses frame. Silver is mainly used as trimmings in the whole eye glasses frame, as solid silver seemingly does not make any good and satisfied eye glasses frame. Same as silver, gold is often used as trimming too, and mostly gold is used on the plating of eye glasses frame. Some designers even make eye glasses frame out of solid gold in 14K and 18K. But as the solid gold eye glasses frame is too expensive and too heavyweight, it does not produce any comfort for the users.


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