High-end Dragon Optical

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Dragon optical is a manufacturer of high-end eyewear and accessories. Dragon optical includes Dragon goggles, Dragon sunglasses, Dragon softgoods and Dragon headwear. Dragon goggles include MX type and Snow type. Most of the Dragon Optical’s products are used by world class athletes.

Dragon Optical produces quite an amount of Dragon goggles. On its official website dragonalliance.com, you can get 117 results of snow Dragon goggles. There are many styles of snow kind, such as DX, Large Fit, Mace, Rogue etc… One particular style is the signature style. The website also provides 58 types of MX goggles. Styles include MDX, MDX Youth, Vendetta etc… For both snow type and MX type goggles, Dragon Optical also manufactures replacement lenses. You can easily clip them onto the goggles. While Dragon goggles usually cost 70-80$, a replacement lens only charges 10$. It is cheaper and economical. Furthermore, you can simply launch a search on the website for Dragon Optical products. Three search ways are available: by gender, by style and by color. All usual colors are offered including green, blue, red, white, and black. Through theses searches, customers can easily find their favorable Dragon products.

All Dragon Optical products including Dragon goggles are available in polycarbonate lenses only, which provide lightweight comfort and safety for the wearer from impact and shattering. Dragon’s nylon frames are made of the highest grade super-polymer materials known to man. To ensure strength and quality, metal frames of Dragon Optical are individually machine forged of the purest steel or titanium.


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