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about Sports glasses

June 12th, 2015

Sports glasses are designed to be impact-resistant and to take an impact that would otherwise strike the eyes or the surrounding area. Many sports today are high-risk enough so that protective equipment is necessary, so sports glasses become quite common in the athletic world. Other types of sports glasses are prescription sports glasses for people who wear regular prescription eyeglasses. These prescription sports glasses are also impact-resistant and often secured to the head by a headband made from elastic materials, and the lenses can be changed as one’s prescription strength changes.

The most important factor for you to purchase a pair of prescription sports glasses is the lens material. Polycarbonate lenses are the best choice, as they are impact-resistant and resistant to scratching. Glasses lenses should be avoided, as they can shatter and cause injury. The frames of the prescription sports glasses can be made from plastic, carbon or other composite materials. Choose a pair that is lightweight, well-constructed, and if possible, shatter resistant. Be prepared to spend more on a good pair of glasses, especially if you are interested in name-brand products. Less expensive, non-brand name glasses may work just as well, but be sure to research the glasses you choose.

Sports glasses are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are designed for racquet sports and are available for basketball and soccer. Some are even designed to fit in helmets used for football, hockey and baseball. Different sports requires different sports glasses. For example, when participating in high impact sports such as soccer or hockey, be sure to choose a pair of sports prescription glasses that feature some sort of elastic securing band to wrap around the head. Earpieces are often not enough to hold the glasses in place, so an elastic securing system is necessary to keep the glasses securely fastened to the face. Since these types of glasses will fit fairly snugly to the face, you may want to choose a design that features vents at the sides of the lenses to prevent fogging from sweat. When it comes to low impact sports or sports that will not jostle the participant around too much such as cycling or running will require glasses that is lightweight and comfortable.

Crane Sports Cycling Glasses Guarantee You A Pleasant Cycling Experience

October 12th, 2011

Made with the world renowned rigorousness of the Germans, crane sports cycling glasses are definitely the most reassuring pieces of cycling accessory equipments you could ever hope for. Yet, they are not frequently mentioned or talked about as they deserve to be. When people hear the phrase “cycling accessory equipments”, they think of helmets, pumps and safety pads. Rarely does the words “cycling glasses” come to their minds. However, to any professional cyclist or cycling enthusiast, cycling glasses are certainly one of the most, if not the most, important accessories. Crane Sports, a renowned German brand owned by the German retailing heavyweight Aldi have been making cycling glasses for more than half a century. They provide quality cycling shades that not only function well as protective eyewear but also look cool as fashion accessories, assuring you the best cycling experience you will ever have.

Crane Sports Cycling Sunglasses

To those who aren’t frequent bikers, it may strike them as a weird thing to have to wear special cycling glasses before getting on a bike. So, the question is asked, why are those shades even necessary? Well, there are two reasons for that. First, since almost all cycling are done outdoors, our fragile eyes are prone to many potential damages from the unpleasant elements of the nature, such as debris in the air, flying insects that might get into your eyes or the increased airflow that might make you red eyed. Cycling sports glasses, especially those quality ones made by Crane Sports, are essential in keeping all those potential risks outside. Second, even if you are riding in extremely clean surroundings where none of the above situations could ever occur, you still have to deal with the ubiquitous toxic UV radiation. Cycling glasses, like any other shades, keep your eyes from the UV rays and potential long term eye damage like cataract.

Crane Sports Cycling Sunglasses

Having established that cycling glasses are essential in any kind of cycling, be it for competition, for fun or for health, the next question should probably be how to choose a good pair. Although the zillions of brands and manufacturers available nowadays seem to have made choosing cycling shades a real headache for many, an ideal pair can still be easily obtained by following a couple of simple yet basic guidelines. First of all, check the UV protection. As the basic function of any shades, UV protection should always come first when evaluating a pair of glasses’ quality. The adequate amount of UV rays blocked should be no lower than 98%. If one pair’s UV blocking ratio is lower than that, no matter how favorable the style or how delightful the color, it should not be considered. Crane Sports deeply understand the importance of UV protection and keenly provides all its users with the optimized protection anywhere. Secondly, the lens color. Based on the fact that what bikers are facing is oftentimes a ever changing weather condition, lenses with interchangeable colors are often a better potion than those without. In this field, Crane Sports has also a huge edge over others in that almost every line of cycling shades have the option for interchangeable lens colors. Thirdly, to find your ideal pair of shades, you need to take a close look at the frames. Always bear in mind that it is the frames that keep all those debris and insects from entering the eye sideways. So, make sure the frames serve those functions well before you put them on to see how they look on you. With Crane Sports cycling shades, however, no need to worry about the frames’ functionality any more, since every pair has been especially designed so that debris and insects won’t get in. Plus, those Crane Sports cycling glasses will undoubtedly rock your look since they always come in the most in and chic style.

Crane Sports Cycling Sunglasses 4

Sports Eyeglasses Do US a Great Favor

December 20th, 2010

Many sports fans like me always make time to do some exercises on the weekends. We really enjoy the process of doing sports, which enable us to be energetic after a week’s busy work. When I’m going to do outside activities, I often bring me with a pair of sports eyeglasses. So do many of my friends.

As I often watch the matches on TV, I have noticed that the professional athletes in some sports would like to wear eyeglasses. At first, I just simply think that they make their own style statement or they want to make a difference. Then, I search information from the Internet and find that I’m entirely wrong. Wearing sports eyeglasses can not only protect their eyes from unforeseen accident, but also enable them to make better performance in the competition.

Moreover, I have acknowledged that these sports eyeglasses are not exclusive to the athletes. And we common sports enthusiast can also have access to them. To my surprise, there are more than 400, 00 eye injuries during the sports in America every year. Since then, I decide to buy myself a pair of fabulous eyeglasses for my sports. By nature, I persist in doing some exercises so as to be healthy. I sincerely don’t want to come across unexpected injuries.

Soon, I walk into the optical stores to look for my suitable sports eyeglasses. Unexpectedly, there are lots of these glasses. The salesman tells me that different kinds of sports need different sports eyeglasses. After telling my purpose, I’m delight to get my favorite one with the help of him. I have to say that he is patient enough.

I really like my sports eyeglasses very much. At the end of the week, I will invite my friends to do outdoor activities together with me. When they see that I can enjoy sports heartily with eyeglasses, they also prepare one pair for themselves as if by prior agreement. Indeed, sports eyeglasses do us a great favor. With the help of them, we have got great pleasure from the sports.

Prescription Sports Glasses Compete in the Fashion

December 10th, 2010

For most European and American stars, street is another stage to show them in addition to the red carpet. Sunglasses featured with the effective sun-proof and stylish designs will certainly draw attention from the crowd in the hot summer days. Do you know that sports glasses play the same important role in athletes and sports fans like sunglasses?

We can draw conclusion from the current market that glasses have a big family. Although sports glasses have occurred for a long time, many common people are not familiar with it. At first, they are usually used by professional athletes. And they can not only protect their eyes from the harmful UV radiation and dust particles, but also can ensure them to make good performance in the games. That’s why we can see lots of athletes wear glasses during the competition.

Nowadays, we common people can have the opportunity to wear sports glasses as well. And it is absolutely necessary for us to wear protective glasses when doing sports. When we play ballgames or do some other sports, we may meet with unexpected accident. It is investigated that there are more than 40,000 eye injuries due to some related sports in the United States each year. Therefore, it is suggested that sports fans had better wear sports glasses.

Someone might have questions: I suffer from vision problems and can I have sports glasses? Of course, you can. Prescription sports glasses will deserve your purpose rightly. With the help of them, sports fans with vision problems can enjoy the sports heartily, too. But you should understand that different kinds of sports require different glasses. Before you walk into the optical stores, you’d better know what your glasses are used for. Also, you are advised to invite eye doctor to have a comprehensive eye exam so as to get the precise prescription.

Predict the Fashion Trend of Sports Glasses in 2011 summer

December 6th, 2010

In the world fashion, it is difficult to grasp its changeable trend. And it is possible that the old-fashioned things can become extremely popular in the coming year. Either the famous designer or the fashionable people play a key role in the change. We common people usually stand on the sidelines and catch up with the trend if we meet with beloved one.

Every year, there are lots of fashion weeks to show the international fashion trend. They draw attention from the crowd and they are really a real eye-popper. Of them, it is believed that many fashionable sports fans pay close attention to the sports glasses. Usually, the trend of the coming year is closely related with the last year. Based on the previous years, the main trend can be basically predicted. There is nothing but new elements incorporated into them.

The sports glasses in 2010 enjoy a special favor to colors like dark brown, black and gunmetal etc. Meanwhile, sports glasses that deal with the feature of motion elements are the latest craze all over the world. From the Optical Fair of Beijing, Paris, Tokyo and the major domestic brand names, we can see that the round and oval shaped frames continue to be popular. Besides, the designers make full use of the square and rectangle in the shape of frames. And high quality plates and TR90 are widely applied.

For the coming 2011 summer, we dare not say that the trend of sports glasses is just like this or that. Only it approaches can we know what the fashion trend looks like. However, you needn’t worry about it. When you have free time, you can surf the Internet to keep a close eye on the latest trend. Perhaps, you can buy cheap sport glasses from the online optical shops.

How to Get the High-qualified Sports Glasses

December 2nd, 2010

Summer is my favorite season all the year around and I believe many people have the same feeling. In the summer days, we can go outside to stretch ourselves at last. During the cold days, many people like me are unwilling to do exercises in the open air. Now, we can have choice to relax ourselves freely. It really makes me feel great.

But if we are engaged in the sports for long time, we may need to equip you with a pair of good sports glasses. It is because that these glasses can protect our eyes from the harmful UV radiation and avoid causing some related vision problems. Then how can we choose the high quality sports glasses and take good care of our eyes? Generally, high-qualified glasses deal with the feature of high quality lenses and aesthetic appearance. According to the F.D.A standard, high quality sports glasses have the following standards.

First of all, a pair of good quality glasses lies in its lenses. The lenses of sports glasses should prevent 100% UV radiation and have a good performance in reflecting sunlight. Therefore, the eyewear users should be more concerned about the label when purchasing eyeglasses. Then their lenses should have comparatively high intensity and pass the trial of anti-impact to some degree. And they also need to have the same strength as common eyeglasses. In addition, the frames need to be taken into consideration. The materials of sports glasses should be flexible, durable and make us feel comfortable. And the size should be neither too big nor too small.

The current eyeglasses market can be enough to meet various tastes. Both designer sports glasses and the common eyeglasses can be found in local market. Of course, purchasing from online optical shops is also reasonable. Many online shops can provide customers with high quality glasses at much cheaper prices like You can even cost less than ten dollars for a pair of stylish eyeglasses.

Sports Eyewear Designed for Children’s Games

November 22nd, 2010

It’s has been a long time since the sports eyewear was not exclusive to the professional athletes. Nowadays, both sports fans and children can have access to the sports eyewear. Do children need to wear sports eyewear? I wonder. Some people might feel confused. In fact, it is quite necessary for them to wear a pair of comfortable sunglasses when doing outside activities. The reasons can be complicated.

On the one hand, the harmful UV radiation is harmful to people’s eyes. For children, they would like to play outside. As long time exposure to the strong sunlight may cause some eye problems and their eyes are more sensitive to the UV radiation, it is smart for parents to choose sunglasses for their children. Wearing them, children can play happily and their parents don’t worry about their children being hurt by the sun.

On the other hand, and all the parents should care about is that children may be at risk when they playing sports, like unexpected ball, which may make children’s eyes injury to some extent. It is exact that children’s sports eyewear can offer ample protection to a child’s eyes. It is also worthy of being mentioned that children need to wear sports eyewear especially in some sports.

First of all, children need to wear sports eyewear when playing ball games. The high speed of ball might cause eye damage if the children don’t pay attention to it. At this time, a pair of suitable sports glasses can work and avoid unnecessary injuries. Then children must wear swimming goggles when swimming. Children’s eyes are easy to be hurt from the chlorine in the swimming pools. And they may be hurt due to disqualification from a competition. Particularly designed sports eyewear for children will solve the problems easily and can make sure their parents are relieved. Of course, there are some unmentioned sports.

In fact, sports eyewear can be just like regular ones worn in the classroom and they are also available in different styles and designs. Parents can take their children to buy their favorite one. Moreover, the prices are reasonable.

Sports protective—unregretful choice for sportsmen

August 9th, 2010

In recent years, with the rapid developments of sports items, sports optics is urgently needed. Such demands are so great that many investments have been ushered into the R&D of sports optics. This has led to the emergence of many sports optics brands, who have competed with each fiercely. Because each of them wants to occupy a larger market share and attract more costumers, so the qualities, styles and functions of all sports optics have been greatly improved accordingly.

In fact, sports optics, also referring as sports protective, is mainly used by people who love to do some sports on some specific occasions. The most basic and foremost important function of sports optics is to protect the eyes of its wearers. Later, it bears more functions.

Sportsmen hold very high requirements on the safety of their eyes. Correspondingly, sports protective can always meet these demands. Some sports protective can filter out some light waves, which can always influence people’s visions; some sports protective can block all harmful radiations from the sun. Particularly, for the wearer who may go through a snow field, sports protective is essential. For it can block the glares reflected by the snow, which can lead to snow-blind.

There are sports protective devices of different sorts, and most of which are impact-protective and resistant. Suppose a cyclist who rides outside, he must be in need of a pair of sports protective goggle. He can not tell what he may encounter, especially the accidentally external force. With sports protective, he will not worry about such problem. As sports protective can resist impact and external force to a great degree, so he will be well protected.

Generally, sports optics can be divided into two categories, viz. prescription and non-prescription. This has assured that almost all people can wear sport optics without any hesitance.

Sports glasses in special spectacle frames and sports safety

August 4th, 2010

Sports are a part of our life. For young kids, sports may be the greatest fun; while for adult people, sports are the way to keep fit and healthy. Playing sports by wearing normal glasses which are not in protective spectacle frames will simply lure accident to come.

Different sports require different eye protectors in special sports spectacle frames. For aquatic activities, people need to put on masks or goggles which are made using leakage-proof spectacle frames. Ski glasses usually feature tints and UV protecting, some even are with very big spectacle frames for users to wear over normal corrective eyeglasses. Hunting goggles should be equipped with appropriate tinting for vision clarity in the mountain area, and should be very strong and tough in the harsh environment. These special glasses are made out of heavy duty spectacle frames and scratch-free lenses.

Although it is so important to put on the specific glasses for different sports, kids mostly will resist wearing these funny gears in funny spectacle frames. As adults we must keep in mind to persuade them to wear anyway.

The necessity of sports glasses

June 26th, 2010

Among all types of eyewear products, those for sports use are a typical member. Sports glasses are really important for athletes as well as sports hobbyists. As people in the world continue to enjoy better living standards as a whole, the frequency of participating in sports is also on the rise. Young people especially male ones have lots of opportunity and much passion to play certain sports with friends or colleagues. However, there is a big concern among eye care professionals associated this group of people. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that emergency rooms all over the United States treat more than 42,000 sports-related eye injuries each year. This is definitely a big number. What is more, victims who are younger than 25 account for approximately 72% of the total eye injury cases. And 43% percent occur in kids under 15 years old.

Most of us will be surprised if we get to know the fact that most of these youngsters do not use protective eyewear during their sports entertainments. The use of sports glasses is overwhelmingly necessary when athletes and sports amateurs put themselves into any sport which involves fierce body contact or dangerous objects. Some of the dangerous sports or games can be easily noticed and require the use of protective glasses. They contain baseball, softball, hockey, football and paintball. It is exciting that in the United States there have been certain regulations about sports eyewear usage. For instance, youngsters who want to participate in Little League baseball must use safety eyewear. Protective glasses are also strictly required among players in the National Hockey League.

What are the basic requirements of a typical pair of sports glasses? First of all, the lenses used in sports eyewear must be shatter-resistant. Otherwise serious eye injuries may be caused if there is a flying object hitting the glasses. Polycarbonate is the most widely used lens material due to its good properties. These lenses can also be easily applied by certain treatments that may improve performance. During outdoor activities, UV treatment, polarized filter and anti-reflective coating are usually added to regular polycarbonate lenses.