Sports glasses in special spectacle frames and sports safety

August 4th, 2010 by George Manche Leave a reply »

Sports are a part of our life. For young kids, sports may be the greatest fun; while for adult people, sports are the way to keep fit and healthy. Playing sports by wearing normal glasses which are not in protective spectacle frames will simply lure accident to come.

Different sports require different eye protectors in special sports spectacle frames. For aquatic activities, people need to put on masks or goggles which are made using leakage-proof spectacle frames. Ski glasses usually feature tints and UV protecting, some even are with very big spectacle frames for users to wear over normal corrective eyeglasses. Hunting goggles should be equipped with appropriate tinting for vision clarity in the mountain area, and should be very strong and tough in the harsh environment. These special glasses are made out of heavy duty spectacle frames and scratch-free lenses.

Although it is so important to put on the specific glasses for different sports, kids mostly will resist wearing these funny gears in funny spectacle frames. As adults we must keep in mind to persuade them to wear anyway.


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