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about Oversized sunglasses

June 15th, 2015

Oversized sunglasses are an important addition to any wardrobe. Oversized sunglasses are fashionable sunglasses that have oversized lenses practically covering almost of your face. They speak for you, share your mood with the world and hint at the nonchalant attitude of movie stars. The style became popular in the 60s when First Lady Jackie Kennedy, a fashion symbol of her time, started wearing them to keep a low and discreet profile. Since then, many celebrities have embraced the oversized trend. Moreover, the larger the sunglasses, the more readily they protect the eyes from sun exposure. So it is a good thing that fashion has brought oversized sunglasses back into style for everyone.

Oversized cool sunglasses have been in the fashion scene for years now, but you can definitely still use them. Oversized sunglasses can definitely pull off an amazing look to every person who would wear them. Wearing this kind of sunglasses can help you out in adding elegance and class to your look. Moreover, the fashionable oversized sunglasses can help you hide blemishes on your face. Other sunglasses cannot fulfill this job. Besides, the fashionable oversized sunglasses can definitely protect your eyes from the sun. It can effectively protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun while having an amazing fashion style. Most importantly, the oversized sunglasses are suitable for every kind of face shape. Aside from its many benefits, you can also easily find a good pair of oversized trendy sunglasses.

You can buy it for more affordable and reasonable price. Since there are a lot of brands that make oversized lens and frames for their sunglasses. You can easily find stores offering them at a much lower pricing. These fashion sunglasses can definitely be worn at parties, because these oversized cool sunglasses at parties can definitely make you look hotter and sexier.

Generally, if you are looking for a great fashion accessory, oversized sunglasses are definitely a good choice. Oversized fashion sunglasses are still one of the favorites of many people which are not very surprising as we all know that it has lots of benefits. You better have your own piece of these cool sunglasses and experience being cool and hot without giving in too much effort.

Update Your Image with Oversized Sunglasses

June 21st, 2012

Are you still cudgeling your brains over what to wear during the next summer? If yes, stop the painstaking brainstorm right now. Oversized sunglasses come to your rescue and enhancing your image in no time. Oversized sunglasses, otherwise known as large framed sunglasses, are one unique type of shades in the accessory department. In summers, such sunglasses often fly off shelves and selling like hotcake. The reasons behind it extreme popularity are many, including that of function and fashion.

Firstly, in terms of function, because oversized sunglasses have exceptionally large frames, the lenses and frames subsequently cover a relatively larger area of the wearer’s eye sockets. This means a lot especially in summer when the hot sun can pose potential danger to people’s eyes. So, as one puts on those exceptionally large sunglasses, they not only are exempt from the ubiquitous and fatal UV rays, but more importantly the skin around their eyes which have been said to be among the most fragile on our bodies can have the utmost protection.

Besides being perfectly fit functionally for summer, oversized sunglasses have always created quite a stir in the fashion world nowadays. The large frames and sleek lenses make that superstar vibe instantly as you put them on. The connection between oversized sunglasses and superstardom and fame is not a recent one. Ever since 90s, oversized sunglasses have won wide following and endorsement from celebrities due to their flamboyant and bold impression. Among the most recognizable names that wear oversized sunglasses on a regular basis are the restaurant heir and socialite Paris Hilton, whose donning them oversized sunglasses in and out of public has put them on the map and made millions upon millions who dream and crave that billboard image all rushing out to buy themselves.

Generally speaking, oversized sunglasses are the very fashion sunglasses that can upgrade our look. Since summer is already there, it’s the greatest time to grace your eyes with a pair of bold oversized sunglasses. Come on, let’s rock the fashionable oversized sunglasses.

Oversized Designer Sunglasses: A Style That Will Never Go Out Of Style

October 17th, 2011

Over the past couple of years, oversized designer sunglasses had made quite a stir in the fashion world. Today, these extremely oversized sunglasses can be seen everywhere from the runways at the latest fashion festival to your everyday work place. With their exaggeratedly large frames that create an air of swagger and confidence much needed in this fiercely competitive world, oversized designer sunglasses are increasingly becoming the piece of accessory that defines the age we are living in. They are sleek and stylish, and most of all they give you that celebrity vibe, that air of importance like no other.

oversized designer sunglasses

If we take a look at where oversized sunglasses came from, however, we will find the unexpected truth that these are actually retro sunglasses. It was during 1970s that this type of shades got popular and the person behind the rise of vintage oversized sunglasses was the then first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In fact, the first lady’s impact was so huge that people even came up with a nickname for this new fad, “Jack-Os”. Since then, oversized sunglasses have remain the very front line of the constantly evolving fashion scene. After all these years, they not only stood the test of time, but more importantly revive to a new height in the new century.

oversized designer sunglasses

The revival of oversized designer sunglasses in the new century is largely due to the promotion by celebrities. Because of their amazing ability to catch attention, putting one immediately at the center of spotlights and creating a mysterious feel of distance, oversized designer sunglasses became many celebrities’ latest new found love. From music icon Beyonce to the always luscious hotel heiress Paris Hilton, everyone in Hollywood has sported one pair of such shades at one point or another. Once the shades are seen worn by so many celebrities, an inevitable shopping craze is created in the public. Since everyone wanted to have the look they see daily on billboard and TV screens, it is only a matter of time that oversized designer sunglasses became the next big thing and it did.

oversized designer sunglasses

Nowadays, with the trend of boldness and exaggeration going strong in the fashion world, only the sky is the limit when it comes to new intonations and innovations in style. That said, there do exist a couple of styles which we certainly won’t see die in our lifetime. Oversized designer sunglasses are one such style. They may have changed on the detail over time, but the classic large frame, the always flattering effect they have on the wearer’s face will never go out of style, maybe till the end of time.

Classic Sunglasses: Styles That Never Fade Away

August 8th, 2011

Nowadays, new styles and trends are popping up like mushrooms in the sunglasses fashion scene, making it a real headache for people to decide what’s hot and what’s not. Fashion magazines keep coming up with new ideas to attract eyeballs and we as the consumers fall victim to the constant seeking of that trendy look. Just when we think we have it all, the next issue of Vogue comes out and tells you that it’s time to switch looks. Keeping up with what’s in vogue is ridiculously hard, or is it? The fact is if you really dig into those fashion publications and articles that tell you what to put on next, you will find that at least in the sunglasses arena, some classic sunglasses just never fade away. They have been around since the 40s or 50s and, based on what’s going on with them at the moment, and they will definitely be around in at least the foreseeable future. Being inspiration for almost every new style that’s coming out, these classic sunglasses will never be the wrong way to go if you wish to stay in the fashion and don’t really have that whole lot of time to read every issue of Vogue. Here, we list some of the most universally considered classic sunglasses for men and women so that you, our readers, won’t have to take the trouble and time to find out yourself.
classic sunglasses

One of the universally recognized and most frequently seen classic sunglasses for men is aviator sunglasses. Originally introduced for the U.S. Air force, these shades are characterized with their thin wired frames and their teardrop dripping shapes. These shades were born in the 40s, but were popularized in the 70s and 80s by a couple of pop culture events including the 1986 action flick Top Gun. And ever since then, aviators have been dominating the men’s sunglasses scene for decades. Although the details of the frames may have changed over time, the typical aviator look has prevailed the test of time and lasted to this very day. When it comes to men’s classic sunglasses, no other comes to mind before aviators.

classic sunglasses

Another style that’s been favored among both the male and female population is the Ray Ban Wayfarers. You may argue that’s more of a brand name rather than a style. But the truth they have been popular that they might as well be considered as a style. Look at any celebrity in Hollywood, and it’s hard to find one who’s never sported a pair of these. Their cute looks and compatibility with practically anything in your wardrobe are probably what’s keeping them ever more popular season by season.

classic sunglasses

When we goes from the unisex to the female territory, one style of classic sunglasses that has to be mentioned is oversized sunglasses. Although not strictly constrained to women, these shades that typically cover most of your face are truthfully much more popular among women. First made popular in the 60s by the classy former first lady Jackie Onassis Kennedy, these classic sunglasses for women became the defining style of the later part of the 20th century, and as we can see today, have continued to shape the sunglasses industry in the first decade of the new century and possibly a long time to come in the future.

Oversized Sunglasses: the Fashion Choice for the Summer

July 20th, 2011

When it comes to fashion, nothing is more important than the little accessories that you put on. In this season of the year, with the hot sun making more and more of its presence during the day, one of the things that we’ll surely be seeing more and more of are sunglasses. Oversized sunglass in particular is one style that is gaining more and more love and followers throughout the years. Ever since the glamorous first lady, Jackie Kennedy, wore them in public during the 60s, they have been popular with the public. And now they have even become the single most popular sunglass style in the industry.


Putting on a pair of oversized sunglasses instantly makes you feel like the world is in your oyster, giving you that confidence you need in any occasion of your life, whether it being in the office place or at a party. They attract people’s attention and immediately put you in the center of the spotlight everywhere. The exaggerated shape always gives out that bold and passionate vibe is reflected in so many celebrity personalities. Superstars love them. They can be spotted worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood any time of the week. And because of these celebrities’ huge publicity and influence, it’s getting more and more common to see regular people on the street wearing a pair of super huge sunglasses as well.

Just who has worn the largest oversized sunglasses? You may ask. Well, there is the always luscious Paris Hilton. The hotel heiress is almost a spokeswoman for this type of sunglasses. Paris’ childhood friend and also a celebrity on her own part Nicole Richie is also an oversized sunglasses maniac. She is certainly not afraid to put on those glasses that cross over her eyebrows to her cheeks.  Besides those two, Jessica Simpson and Mary-Kate Olsen (shown below) have both been seen wearing some of the most ridiculously large sunglasses, too. When it comes to wearing up for fashion, these women are certainly not afraid to take risks.

Oversized sunglasses are available in almost every designer sunglass label from Gucci to Louis Vuitton. People should choose oversized sunglasses according to their personal preferences. However, no matter what brand you choose in the end, these glasses will surely be fun to put on. After all, they are the most popular sunglass style for the season. So, if you’re looking for sunglasses that will spice up your summer this year, oversized models are the way to go.

Celebrities Show Stylish Sunglasses for Teenagers

July 1st, 2011

As the ultimate trendsetters, celebrities haven a huge influence on fashion. Fashion journalists keep chasing them and catch the latest fashion trend. It is easy to find that celebrities are often spotted wearing fabulous sunglasses making them look great. So lots of people, especially the youth, spare no effort to follow them. Here are examples they show for teenagers.

Examples of Stylish Sunglasses for Teenage Boys

Many male famous celebrities love to wear sunglasses, such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep, who are the hottest guy worldwide. Most of male celebrities are interested in one special classic style- aviator sunglasses, which was first produced by Ray Ban which is a leading sunglasses brand for its fashionable style and high quality. So, for teenage boys, you will get a celebrities look and draw much attention from girls while wearing aviator sunglasses. There is no doubt aviator sunglasses sold by Ray Ban are of high expenses, teenage boys can get aviator sunglasses from online store, which not only help you save much money but also fatter your temperament.

Examples of Hot Shades for Teenage Girls

Sunglasses have become must-have accessories which put the final touches to their outfit. Compared with men, women pay more attention to the style of sunglasses. It is well known that female celebrities are crazy about various kinds of sunglasses, such as Paris Hilton who is a paparazzi favorite and own more than one hundred of sunglasses in different style. Besides, many female celebrities, as fashionistas, have designed their sunglasses by themselves such as Victoria BeckHam.

One kind of sunglasses that female celebrities often wear is oversized sunglasses. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are fans of oversized sunglasses, which making them look hot and sexy. Another one is black sunglasses, which gain great popularity. Victoria BeckHam is rarely seen without her signature shades on and often shows up while wearing black sunglasses to match her unique and chic style.

A Guide of the Known Types of Sunglasses.

June 24th, 2011


Aviators often come in oversized teardrop-shaped lenses and a thin metal frame. It is specially designed for the pilots and always the main fashion stream in eyeglasses fashion world. As a classic style, aviator sunglasses have passed the test of time. Nowadays, not only men but also women prefer aviator sunglasses.


Mirrorshade is equipped with a mirrored coating on the surface. Due to the popularity among policemen, it gained a nickname-cop shade. There are two popular styles for mirrorshades. One is a dual lens set in a metal frame and a “Wraparound” style.


Polarized sunglasses do a good job of eliminating the glare from surfaces like water, snow. Due to its features, they are of great importance to help wearers who love sports such as driving, golf to protect the eyes and enhance their performance.

Clip on

Clip on sunglasses are a combination of eyeglass and sunglasses with two layers of lenses. You can regard it as normal rx eyeglasses while taking off the outside layer. When you go outside, clip on will do the same job as sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays when you flip up the outside lenses.


Due to rimless design, rimless sunglasses are so lightweight that many sports enthusiasts are likely to buy rimless sunglasses. Also rimless sunglasses come in different colors and become a current fashion styles.


With the large lenses and frame, wraparound sunglasses can cover eyes and more area surrounding eyes as goggles do. Besides, thanks to the wraparound design, they prevent damaging UV rays from getting in through the sides, top and bottom of them.


Oversized sunglasses first got attention in the 1960’s when Jackie Onassis worn them. Now an increasing number of people are interested in wearing them, especially women. Oversized sunglasses in retro style are so popular that many people are sported wearing them in 2011.

Top Celebrities as Spokesman for Typical Sunglasses

June 23rd, 2011

Many famous celebrities worldwide are the enthusiasts for sunglasses. As there are an array of sunglasses with different designs and color, celebrities have different preference to different sunglasses. Top celebrities are crazy about some certain types of sunglasses and become the spokesman for their favorite type.

Lady GagaRound Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a star that is really making a bold fashion statement, most people will point you right to Lady Gaga. She often gives us a shock by her distinctive clothing, not to mention her fashionable and special glasses that become one part of her identity. Among those sunglasses, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of round sunglasses and makes contribution to the popularity of round sunglasses. Nowadays, round sunglasses are a modern deduction of the original classic. Since lady gaga always wear them, they are popularized and come back to the fashion world. At present, round sunglasses have a cool vintage look and become more and more rectangular.

Paris HiltonOversize Sunglasses

There is no doubt that a lot of A-list celebrities wear oversized sunglasses such as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and many others. Among them, Paris is a huge fan of oversized sunglass, which made this trend very popular. Her signature sunglass look is definitively retro, oversized, and chic, which make her look pretty glamorous.

Tom CruiseAviator Sunglasses

When it comes to aviator sunglasses, we easily remember Tom Cruise wear aviator sunglasses in the action movie “Top Gun”, which did a lot to raise the visibility of Aviators with another entire generation. Also known as “Pilot shades, aviator sunglasses were specially designed to protect pilots fight against harmful rays. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eye socket, and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. As the spokesman for aviator sunglasses, Tom Cruise is often sported wearing aviator sunglasses which make him look hot and cool.

Top 7 Sunglasses to Protect Your Family and Yourself

June 15th, 2011

There is no doubt that sunglasses have become part of our daily attire for helping us make fashion statement and block dangerous UV rays. In fact, it is of great importance to wear sunglasses in every season. Although we stay indoors, there are some UV rays that can damage our eyes. Here are some sunglasses with different styles that you can choose for yourself and your family, so both you and your family will get good eye protection with the help of sunglasses.

Oversized sunglasses-With big frames and lenses, they are suitable for both men and women. Particularly, oversize sunglasses with retro style sweep the whole fashion world and a large number of fashionistas are crazy about them.

Plastic Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses-Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass. They can be highly useful for sports, driving, and fishing by helping the participant in these activities to see object more clearly,

Plastic Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses-Compared with other sunglasses, they offer better protection because they can prevent UV rays from all angles, so the dangerous UV rays don’t have access to enter into your eyes. Besides, they are perfect for people to do outdoor sports such as skiing, golf, etc.

Plastic Sunglasses

Rx sunglasses-They are great items for people suffering vision problems. They can not only get eye protection by wearing rx sunglasses just like common people do, but also can become stylish and cool by wearing rx sunglasses with different styles.

Plastic Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses-Not only athletes but also common people are more likely to wear sports sunglasses for the purpose of fashion and eye protection. There are various kinds of sport sunglasses such as cycling sunglasses, fishing sunglasses, etc. Take golf sunglasses as an example. They will protect your eyes from every angle: the frontal and the sides when you enjoy sunny days on the course of golf.

prescription sport goggles

Novelty sunglassesNovelty Sunglasses are one of the hottest lights up items around. They are especially hot during summer. Due to the special style, they help you show your special and unique personality and draw much attention.

Kid sunglasses-As the human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than the skin, kids are more susceptible to the harmful sunlight. So it is of great importance to protect their delicate eyes. There are many kid sunglasses with various styles and colors as adult sunglasses do. Besides, these sunglasses are often designed with Disney or other cartoon which make kids much cute.

Generally speaking, you can choose the most suitable one for your families and your friends as well as yourself. As sunglasses become a must –have item especially in summer, it is time to get at least one pair to enjoy summer.


Tips for People Having Long Eyelashes to Choose Sunglasses

June 9th, 2011

A lot of women are in desperate desire to have long eyelashes that make them look gorgeous. However, people including men and women may find it annoying when their long eyelashes touch the lenses of their sunglasses, which make them uncomfortable. So with long eyelashes, those people may find it a little bit difficult to find suitable sunglasses. Here I’d like to share two types of sunglasses that are suitable for people who have long eyelashes as follows:

Oversized sunglasses-Oversized sunglasses are so popular that we can see a lot of people including famous celebrities and common people wear oversized sunglasses. Due to the large lenses, there is more space between the eyelashes and the lenses, which ensure the eyelashes not to touch the lenses. However, if you think the oversized sunglasses are not suitable for you because of your small face shape although they can prevent the eyelashes from touching the lenses. In fact, many celebrities who have small face pursue oversized sunglasses. Take Nicole Ritchie as an example. She always wears oversized sunglass to match her entire outfit, which makes her look glamorous and gorgeous.

Plastic Sunglasses Plastic Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses-Aviator sunglass is anther type sunglass for people having long eyelashes. Although aviator sunglasses are rounded, they are not completely round as traditional sunglasses. They are a little bit long, which also offer more space between your eyelashes and the lenses. In addition, with the ever-growing rise of popularity of aviator sunglasses, more and more women, not only men, are addicted to aviator sunglasses. So aviator sunglasses play an irreplaceable role in many people’s fashionable wardrobe.

Plastic EyeglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Generally speaking, the oversized sunglass and aviator sunglasses are quite suitable for people to prevent their long eyelashes from touching the lenses of sunglasses. What’s more, they can make a fashionable statement and get good eye protection with the help of them.