Update Your Image with Oversized Sunglasses

June 21st, 2012 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Are you still cudgeling your brains over what to wear during the next summer? If yes, stop the painstaking brainstorm right now. Oversized sunglasses come to your rescue and enhancing your image in no time. Oversized sunglasses, otherwise known as large framed sunglasses, are one unique type of shades in the accessory department. In summers, such sunglasses often fly off shelves and selling like hotcake. The reasons behind it extreme popularity are many, including that of function and fashion.

Firstly, in terms of function, because oversized sunglasses have exceptionally large frames, the lenses and frames subsequently cover a relatively larger area of the wearer’s eye sockets. This means a lot especially in summer when the hot sun can pose potential danger to people’s eyes. So, as one puts on those exceptionally large sunglasses, they not only are exempt from the ubiquitous and fatal UV rays, but more importantly the skin around their eyes which have been said to be among the most fragile on our bodies can have the utmost protection.

Besides being perfectly fit functionally for summer, oversized sunglasses have always created quite a stir in the fashion world nowadays. The large frames and sleek lenses make that superstar vibe instantly as you put them on. The connection between oversized sunglasses and superstardom and fame is not a recent one. Ever since 90s, oversized sunglasses have won wide following and endorsement from celebrities due to their flamboyant and bold impression. Among the most recognizable names that wear oversized sunglasses on a regular basis are the restaurant heir and socialite Paris Hilton, whose donning them oversized sunglasses in and out of public has put them on the map and made millions upon millions who dream and crave that billboard image all rushing out to buy themselves.

Generally speaking, oversized sunglasses are the very fashion sunglasses that can upgrade our look. Since summer is already there, it’s the greatest time to grace your eyes with a pair of bold oversized sunglasses. Come on, let’s rock the fashionable oversized sunglasses.


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