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Non Prescription Glasses: A Hot Shot on Glasses Market

February 21st, 2012

Haunted by the confusion about where to buy non prescription glasses? Firmoo, one of the most reliable online glasses vendors, is from instant to instant ready to offer you all types of non prescription glasses in low price yet first-ranking quality, varying from non prescription retro eyeglasses to fashion ones, from rimless ones to full-rimmed ones and so on and so forth. Non prescription glasses are the specific kind of ornamental glasses which have no function of vision correction but are exceedingly powerful and magical in imparting a chic and cool look to their wearers. And that is exactly why non prescription glasses are in the mode from all walks of life.

Everyday we can spot millions of non prescription glasses wearers, in the mass media, in the public activities and even in the offices. Wearing non prescription glasses is considered as an essentially necessary fashionable action in many public occasions, otherwise you may be treated as out-of-date. We are constantly fascinated by many noted film stars’ signature non prescription glasses either at home or abroad. Some typical styles of non prescription glasses are particularly hot and welcomed, including fashionable tinted glasses, non prescription retro glasses, funky glasses, etc.. Are you craving a cool and charming image in the fashion of the stars? A pair of fashionable non prescription glasses will suffice to achieve so to this end.

Innumerable are the styles and types belonging to non prescription glasses at Firmoo and you really need to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most. Before buying a pair of non prescription glasses, make certain what your face shape is, what color is your complexion and hair because these factors matter a lot as to your picking of non prescription glasses. Generally, you had better choose not too small glass frames if your face is big and a pair of bright-colored non prescription glasses works better with comparatively dark skin. Speaking of choosing the material of non prescription glasses, non prescription glasses made of plastics are advantageous in that they are more durable and lighter which ensures wearers more comfortable feeling. No matter what your demands are, Firmoo is always the best choice for you to buy non prescription glasses.

Fashion small frame non prescription glasses benefit you aesthetically and “intellectually”

September 29th, 2011

Generally, there are two categories of eyeglasses: Non prescription glasses which center on aesthetical need and prescription glasses which dwell upon the primary function of vision correction. The ordinary prescription glasses are tremendously conducive to people who suffer from myopia and hyperopia, while non prescription glasses now become a big bit these days, fashionable ones in particular. If you have great eyesight, and do not need corrective lenses, a pair of fashion small frame non prescription glasses fitting your face best will curry your favor without fail.

fashion small frame non prescription glasses

Distinct from prescription glasses, non prescription glasses primarily lay emphasis upon the aesthetical function. The reasons for wearing such fake glasses run the gamut, among which following two reasons stand prominently out. On one hand, people wearing fashion non prescription glasses incline to appear voguish and to follow the latest trend. Glasses are just as much about style as they are function. Provided you have great eyesight and still want to try on a pair of glasses, or you look better in one pair than without one, fashion non prescription glasses would be a perfect choice. Not only does it cater for your little whim but also it will make you chic. These glasses are very stylish nowadays, a far cry from the large squarish monstrosities that people were terrified of needing when in the late 80’s early 90’s. They impart a stylish look to the wearers, making them feel more in the trend and confident. On the other hand, people wear them because they promise to make their wearers look more intelligent, or because they allow the individual to project an alternative persona. A pair of fashion non prescription glasses is quite indicative of intellectual status. It symbolizes a refinement for gentlemen. Just picture you’re a professor, an elite or an erudite person. It, traditionally speaking, would seem odd if you appear without one in the frontline of every walk of life. Non prescription glasses, in certain sense, are a symbol of sophistication. In the meantime, the choosing of the fittest frames that suit your face crowns your priorities. It matters a lot. Fashion small frame non prescription glasses welcome those who have a delicate and small face. Oval faces owners are also subject to this law.

Fashion small frame non prescription glasses

Maybe there are certain groups of people who will be liable to get offended by your wearing a pair of glasses while you are not myopic or hyperopic. For that matter, it doesn’t matter. It’s you who decide upon what to wear. Aesthetically and “intellectually”, non prescription fashion eyeglasses with small frame will benefit you. So go for it.

Don’t Rely on Anti-radiation Non prescription Eyeglasses too Much?

March 22nd, 2011

People who often surf online will feel discomfort in their eyes, so a pair of anti-radiation plain eyeglasses is quite necessary for them. However, the plain glasses available on the market are different in quality, price and brand. Moreover, there are finished and customized eyeglasses. Facing with so many non prescription eyeglasses, how to select one pair that is really with the function of radiation protection?

Generally speaking, the anti-radiation eyeglasses indeed have the radiation protection function, but it is difficult for us to identify their authenticities. Even if some merchants can show us the quality certificates of the anti-radiation plain eyeglasses, they cannot guarantee that the lenses that the consumers have got really have the radiation protection function because this function cannot be judged only by naked eyes. For this reason, it is suggested that the people who usually use computers should not rely on anti-radiation eyeglasses too much. Nevertheless, how to reduce the damage from the computer to our eyes without the anti-radiation eyeglasses?

First, maintain a correct sitting posture while using computers. Our eyes should be over 50cm away from the display which should be placed 10~20 degrees lower than our sight because such a distance and angle can reduce the area of the eyeballs that is exposed to the air. Second, have a rest for 15 minutes every 1~2 hours and see the far objects as well as do some eye exercises. Third, blink frequently to reduce the exposure time of the eyeballs to the air, so as to avoid the evaporation of tears. Do not fix eyes on something for a long time. Fourth, have a good sleep and do not stay up late; drink as much water as possible; and eat a plenty of fruits.

If you usually do as what I said above the damages caused by the computer to your eyes will be reduced even if without a pair of anti-radiation eyeglasses.

Inferior-quality Non Prescription Glasses May Do Harm to Our Eyes

March 8th, 2011

Many people deem that eyeglasses are exclusive to those who have vision problems, but actually there are numerous common people wearing glasses with plain lenses for decorations. We call these glasses plain eyeglasses or non prescription glasses.

Non prescription glasses have the functions of preventing wind and sand as well as protecting the eyes from the UV rays or infrared ray. What’s more, they can be used for decorations. Therefore, they are popular among the ordinary people who love beauty. Generally speaking, wearing non prescription eyeglasses is harmless to our eyes as they have no degrees. But poor-quality non prescription eyeglasses may still do harm to our eyes.

In theory, there are no degrees at all parts of the lenses of the non prescription glasses. However, for some inferior lenses, they are plain in the centers but there are still some degrees at the peripheral parts. As for whether these degrees are harmful or not, it depends on whether the error is within the reasonable range. According to the international conventions and state standards, the allowable vertex power error of the plain glasses shall be within±12 degrees, which has no effect on the vision of the wearer. But if the deviation is too great, the wearer’s vision will be damaged. For instance, the sunglasses available on the market are supposed to be with plain lenses, but as some inferior-quality sunglasses are with degrees the wearers will feel dizzy, headachy or swollen in the eyes, etc. after wearing them for a while. What’s worse, their vision may be deteriorated if they wear them for a long time.

For this reason, quality is also a very important factor that we should concern when we select non prescription glasses. If we feel dizzy or giddy or have other uncomfortable feelings when we are wearing a pair of plain glasses, just take it off immediately and don’t let it damage our vision.

Is It Wise to Choose Non-prescription Eyeglasses for Fashion?

February 15th, 2011

It is widely acknowledged that people can only wear non-prescription sunglasses for fashion in summer days. And it seems that most people think that wearing non-prescription eyeglasses may be bad for their visions. In fact, as long as your glasses do not have the function of vision correction, and not distorting the image you look like, it will be OK. It can be said that they are perfectly safe for people with perfect vision, and they don’t worry about eyestrain or some damage to the eyes.

In modern times, non-prescription eyeglasses are available and popular. Nowadays, more and more individuals choose to wear non-prescription glasses. Differ from prescription eyeglasses, the non-prescription glasses are designed to meet our needs for fashion. Half rimless glasses and rimless eyeglasses are both trendy. In addition to special frame styles, non-prescription eyeglasses can also be tinted with different colors. These slightly tinted lenses can bring an attractive appearance, and make them outstanding among a group of people.

Sometimes, some minute particles are easy to scrap into people’s eyes. The non-prescription glasses will protect eyes from minute particles .With non prescription eyeglasses, you don’t need to worry about that any more. These non-prescription glasses could not only provide a sort of personality enhancement unmatched by any other accessory but could also prevent the minute of impurities that tends to enter your eyes as well. People with fashion non prescription eyeglasses can not only give others a good impression, but enjoy great confidence. These eyeglasses can make people leave a deep impression on others and draw attention from others.

Many optical shops offer fashionable non-prescription eyeglasses, and you can also buy them from online optical shops. Compared with local ones, they are much cheaper and more stylish. You can even buy several pairs of eyeglasses for different situations. Matched with suitable clothes, you will differentiate yourself from other people.

Two forms of non prescription eyeglasses

July 28th, 2010

Prescription eyeglasses will hardly cause any misconception that they refer to eyeglasses that can be got only by customers who have a valid prescription given by an eye care practitioner. Interpreting the meaning of the words, non prescription eyeglasses are generally the opposite entity of prescription glasses. Well, it is absolutely right to interpret these glasses as items that can be bought without a prescription. But a further detail is that there are two forms that meet this definition. Regular sunglasses and fashion glasses are sometimes considered as “fake” glasses because they do not use corrective lenses. This is the first form of non prescription eyewear and the other form covers vision-corrective glasses that are acquired illegally without a prescription. Believe it or not, eyewear products of the second form do exist and involve a large market.

As the major definition of non prescription eyeglasses, fashion glasses including mainly non-prescription sunglasses have been widely used in the past several decades. And lots of people wear these glasses for many years without any side effects. Using plain glass or plastic lenses, these Plano eyeglasses have enjoyed a long-term popularity among people who have not got any sight effects. For this group of individuals, a pair of non-prescription eyewear is almost an accessory. Some people may want to know the reasonableness of this prevalence. Well, their common consideration is to pursue a fashionable look, even if there is no vision problem needed to be corrected. Today, contact lenses and laser eye surgeries have been quite technologically mature. But the truth is that the eyewear market still covers a majority of related patients. This prevailing pursuit represents a significant change in eyewear industry that eyewear users will never be called a four-eye, a nerd or a geek.

The second definition of non prescription eyeglasses is actually seldom discussed. But it is necessary to remind certain patients of its existence. Reading glasses are widely needed by people who are over 40 years old. But there are lots of pre-made reading glasses that can be got without a prescription. Many shops sell these glasses on an over-the-counter basis. For the eyes’ sake, these products should be avoided.

Prescription and non-prescription stylish eyeglasses

June 21st, 2010

The word stylish means fashionable, elegant and attractive. Now it is closely linked with eyeglasses. In the eyeglass market, stylish eyeglasses are the most popular selection that is made by people in different countries or regions. For modern individuals, eyeglasses and sunglasses can be a good type of accessory. This situation is considerably different from decades ago when eyewear was only for vision correction. In fact, pursuing fashionable and attractive items is a common phenomenon in nearly all sections of the market. This preference is especially obvious among stylish-aware ladies and young girls. They always try to get the most fashionable shoes, bags, clothes, eyeglasses and sunglasses. Some people may know that eyeglasses can be stylish in several ways. Some manufacturers provide classic frame styles like cat-eye, bug-eye and horn-rimmed. Some others take use of various tints in eyewear frames. The temples and the frame bridge can also be made in a couple of variations.

Some of the eyewear designs can be fashionable in different times. According to lens power or prescription, eyeglasses in the fashion world can be either prescription or non-prescription. Getting a pair of fashionable Rx eyeglasses means a lot for modern users. With so many options in different styles, it is possible for any buyer to get a pair that suits personality and preference. In addition to precise vision correction, this aspect of fashion enjoyment is absolutely an extra benefit for people who have a vision problem. Yet the current market also witnesses a large group of young and middle-age ladies using Plano eyeglasses for solely fashion enjoyment. Wearing a pair of stylish eyeglasses without power is considered to supplement well personal facial beauty.

When choosing fashionable eyeglasses has become a usual practice, it is important to point out that other aspects of eyewear should also be assessed. It is true that stylish eyeglasses are well-proven in terms of frame and lens appearance, otherwise their popularity is rootless. However, eyeglasses especially prescription ones are special devices that are worn on the face. Quality should be firstly guaranteed. And other invisible factors including frame material and lens material should also be taken into account.

Non prescription glasses and their usage in our life

October 15th, 2009

Eyeglasses are normally known as the device for correcting vision disorders. As more and more fashion industry leaders are entering the designer eyewear market, hence the function of eyeglasses as being the persona enhancements rises. The popularity of non prescription glasses among young people is gaining strength in the recent years.

Non prescription glasses are defined to be glasses that no doctor prescription is needed, buyers can freely purchase glasses in the stores. There are mainly three types of non prescription glasses. The first type is non prescription eyeglasses is the clear lenses glasses (zero-powered lenses eyeglasses). These non prescription eyeglasses are generally worn by those trendy people who want to see themselves in frames purely for aesthetic purpose. Some mega stars may still wear the zero power non prescription glasses in their symbolic frames after their vision being corrected by LASIK or by contacts. But their fans need to see them in the landmark eyeglasses.

The second type of non prescription glasses is the non prescription sunglasses, as most of the sunglasses are only for protection from bright lights.

The third type of non prescription eyeglasses is non prescription reading glasses. Non prescription reading glasses are available at the top shelves of the local drugstores and near the checkout counters. These non prescription reading glasses are only sold around $10-20 per pair. Though these cheap non prescription reading glasses can have the function of helping presbyope see better, doctors still strongly suggest patients see doctors and buy prescription reading eyeglasses. Improper use of non prescription reading glasses may cause eye strain and headache. This type of non prescription glasses is also for vision correction.