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Are you eligible for a Lasik surgery?

December 5th, 2009

In order to get clear vision, the eye’s cornea and lens must refract light properly so that images can be focused on the retina of the eye. If the cornea can’t work properly the images become blurry. In this refractive error condition people may need glasses or contact lens to correct vision or a laser surgery. Lasik surgery (short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is an eye laser surgery that changes the shape of the cornea (the clear covering on the front of the eyeball) permanently by a laser in order to correct vision and eliminate the patient’s dependency on eye glasses or contact lenses. Laser surgery is extremely favored by fashion people who are myopia.

However Lasik surgery is not suitable for everybody, even those with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Comprehensive eye examinations, using a number of medical equipments will be taken and a few questions will be asked before you can undergo laser surgery. First you should be at least 18 years old for Lasik surgery(21 in some cases, depending on the type of laser surgery), since the vision of people younger than 18 continues to change. Your eyes must be healthy to have a laser surgery. The curve of the cornea, the size of the pupils and the thickness of the cornea is measured to determine if there is enough cornea tissue left for a Lasik surgery. Lasik surgery may not be recommended for patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, glaucoma, herpes infections of the eye, or cataracts. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended for Lasik surgery. After the examinations, the laser surgery doctor will tell you the risks, benefits, possible complications and alternative options, such as PRK and LASEK. After all these, your eye doctor will do Lasik surgery for you.

Cheap Lasik – Is it really cheap?

December 1st, 2009

Nowadays, the average cost of advanced Lasik eye surgeries, which includes the use of Custom Wavefront 3D mapping system and all laser IntraLase, is about $2000. And even the average cost of the cheaper type of Lasik is about $1000. However, it is easy for you to find advertisement on the internet or in the newspapers that some clinics charge Lasik eye surgery for only $699, $499, and even $299. How can it be so cheap? Does it really cheap as we have seen on the advertisement?

We may read carefully about the $299 Lasik eye surgery ads. So the first purpose of the ads achieved. The ridiculous low price is probably aimed to get your attention about the Lasik surgery provided in that clinic. Then go on reading the ads, you may find not this cheap Lasik eye surgery is not for everyone, but only a few meet their requirement, for example the vision of the patient must have -1.25 or better with no astigmatism, which is a minor vision problem that can be corrected with reading glasses from any eye clinics. The reading glasses usually only cost $5. What does that mean if you undergo the Lasik regardless of the truth of the ads? It means you pay $299 for things that $5 is enough.

So finally we understand it is just not a cheap Lasik surgery ads but something looks like cheap which will actually cost you more. The extremely low price is just there to attract your attention. Since eyes are very important to everybody, it is not the things that can be taken for granted. Therefore, it is very important to know more about the eye surgery, from the initial exam to the post care medication and follow up treatments and the process of the Lasik surgery itself, not only the price of it.

Causes for the failure of LASIK surgery

November 26th, 2009

No one can deny the fact that eyes can sometime represent the inner personality of people. Thus a pair of clear and nice eyes is very essential. But sometimes there are some factors that can always cause harm on your vision, as for the sake of birth, genes or pressure. All these factors are proved to be the potential reasons for bad vision. If one has some vision problems, he is advised to see an eye doctor, but as for the matter of receiving surgery, it should depend on one’s physical conditions.

Reasons for such surgery

Before receiving such surgery, one should have an understanding of it. It is such a complicated process that requires high on every aspect. Such as, a well-experienced doctor is needed. Of course, the surgical methods and one’s physical conditions matter a lot too. All these factors play very important role on the success and recovery of the surgery.

An eye doctor is very important, for he might have diagnosis on your problems and provide you with the best way for solution. He will also have an understanding of the potential risks. Nowadays, the most welcomed method is laser eye surgery.

Why so many people choose laser eye surgery?

The reasons why laser eye surgery is so welcomed vary. For example, its procedure is not complicated as others; it will take little time to take on such surgery, which will cause no pain on patients. Of course, the foremost important reason is its high rate of success, much higher than other methods. Minor complications, however, as infections and long time for healing can not be avoided in such surgery. Fortunately, if the patients follow the advices of the doctor, such side effects can also be avoided.

What is the procedure?

Among all the eye surgery methods, laser surgery is the simplest one, which provides with the best results in many eye problems, myopia and astigmatism in particular. Before starting, some special drops will be put on the eyes, which can reduce the possible pains. Later, the laser will reshape the cornea very delicately, so as to assure a better vision. In no less than one day, one’s vision can be recovered, and he can dispose of glasses or lenses.

Who can not receive laser surgery?

As for the laser surgery, there are some prohibitions. People with eye infections or other medical disorder can not receive such surgery. Also, people with diabetics and pregnancy are not suggested either.

A responsible eye doctor should understand all the potential risks or who can not receive such surgery. And such information should also be informed to his patients. Such understanding is crucial for the patient’s health. Especially, it can help the patients decide whether to receive it or not.

Candidates For LASIK Surgery

November 18th, 2009

LASIK eye surgery, an innovative operation on eyes, is thought to have brought many benefits to people of eyesight problems, be hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), or astigmatism ( a common condition where cornea is irregularly shaped). Most people are quick to have one to get their vision clear. However, not everyone is suitable to have a LASIK surgery, here are a list of them:

People under 18 years old are thought be not suitable, because teenagers are in their time of unimpeded growth, at which age the vision prescription is not stable. Any eye surgery, including LASIK surgery is usually most successful for those who have a stable vision prescription for a period of time.

People having certain diseases, such as the diseases that cause hormone levels to fluctuate, and those are taking certain medications are advised not to take a LASIK surgery. Because some diseases and medications may have side-effect of hindering the healing process after laser eye surgery. Therefore, before an operation, your eye doctor will ask you relative questions and ask for an overall eye examination.

Besides, even if you do not have certain diseases, if you are examined to have certain eye problems, such as large pupils, and thin corneas, etc. you are not the best candidate for an eye LASIK surgery. Even if you already have another eye surgery before, you are not suggested to undergo a LASIK surgery.

Other groups who are not for LASIK include those in bad health condition, those having had inconsistencies in their glasses, those participate in sports frequently and so on so forth.

After checking all the problems above, and if you are qualified. Then come to the issue to choose

After checking all the problems above, and if you are qualified. Then come to the issue of choosing your eye doctor. Things need consulting include the eye doctor’s education, professional membership, and board certification and relative laser eye surgery he or she has ever undergone.

However, you should not only believe an exparte statement of the eye doctor himself or herself, since everyone is selfish. Another way to get to know more information about the eye doctor is to search in the Internet, checking others’ judgements on him or her

An Introduction of Wave Front LASIK Surgery

November 15th, 2009

If we now want to take eye Surgeries, our eye doctors may recommend us to get Wave Front LASIK surgery, which is the best choice for many glasses wearers. This method has integrated the latest technologies and is employed in the treatment of eye problems since 2002 with the approval of FDA. With a device connected with a computer, the eye doctors can have a very clear picture of our eyes. Compared with traditional LASIK surgeries, this method can be operated in a very accurate way and it will reduce the possibility of complications in the surgery.

The information of our eyes will be reflected on the screen of the computer in pictures of three dimensions. Then eye doctors can see our eyes very clearly, analyze the problems of our eyes and fix the areas, in which the surgery is operated.

The information of problems and ailed areas will be delivered onto the screens. This detecting process can enhance the accuracy of the operation. Still more, some potential eye problems can also be detected

All the information of the patients will be analyzed by the computer, which will design some schemes based on the patients’ individual conditions. The surgery will be very successful, and receivers will also enjoy perfect visions once more. Side-effects in other surgeries, as dryness, redness, etc, can be greatly reduced in Wave Front LASIK surgery. The reason is all potential complications and problems can be detected before the surgery.

Advanced Lasik with Wavefront system

November 14th, 2009

Wavefront system is the most advanced technique available today in Lasik surgery. It is a computer assisted mapping system which is first developed for use on adjusting the optics of the telescopes. Because almost every mirror that is made on earth has abnormalities, which is caused by the gravitiational pull of the earth existing all the time during the process of making mirrors. In order to get a clear picture of the outer space of solar system, the wavefront mapping system is developed to eliminate the effect of all abnormalities of the mirror.

After years of development in the field of astronomy, wavefront mapping system has become a tried technology, and introduced to Lasik surgery. It is now utilized on every type of eye laser surgery today, for instance, Lasik, PRK, LESIK, Epi-Lasik, and IntraLase.

Wavefront mapping system is used in two periods, before and during the Lasik surgery procedure. Before the Lasik surgery, wavefront mapping system is used to exam the eye condition, to judge if the patient is a suitable candidate for Lasik surgery. There is about 6% of the American people is not suitable to undergo a Lasik surgery. Because there maybe a high risk of getting side effect during the surgery due to the bad condition of the patient’s eye, or there is the possibility of not being corrected to 20/20 vision though Lasik surgery. If the patient is a suitable candidate, then the wavefront mapping system can calculate exactly how to reshape the eye for 20/20 vision.

After the initial exam, the wavefront mapping system will be used to guide the laser to reshape the exactly area of the corneal during the Lasik surgery. It makes the process more precise than the traditional ones. Although the wavefront mapping system can give the best possible result, it is important to know that not all patients will achieve 20/20 vision even use this advanced guiding system.