Cheap Lasik – Is it really cheap?

December 1st, 2009 by Ray Didia Leave a reply »

Nowadays, the average cost of advanced Lasik eye surgeries, which includes the use of Custom Wavefront 3D mapping system and all laser IntraLase, is about $2000. And even the average cost of the cheaper type of Lasik is about $1000. However, it is easy for you to find advertisement on the internet or in the newspapers that some clinics charge Lasik eye surgery for only $699, $499, and even $299. How can it be so cheap? Does it really cheap as we have seen on the advertisement?

We may read carefully about the $299 Lasik eye surgery ads. So the first purpose of the ads achieved. The ridiculous low price is probably aimed to get your attention about the Lasik surgery provided in that clinic. Then go on reading the ads, you may find not this cheap Lasik eye surgery is not for everyone, but only a few meet their requirement, for example the vision of the patient must have -1.25 or better with no astigmatism, which is a minor vision problem that can be corrected with reading glasses from any eye clinics. The reading glasses usually only cost $5. What does that mean if you undergo the Lasik regardless of the truth of the ads? It means you pay $299 for things that $5 is enough.

So finally we understand it is just not a cheap Lasik surgery ads but something looks like cheap which will actually cost you more. The extremely low price is just there to attract your attention. Since eyes are very important to everybody, it is not the things that can be taken for granted. Therefore, it is very important to know more about the eye surgery, from the initial exam to the post care medication and follow up treatments and the process of the Lasik surgery itself, not only the price of it.


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