An Introduction of Wave Front LASIK Surgery

November 15th, 2009 by Charles Garrana Leave a reply »

If we now want to take eye Surgeries, our eye doctors may recommend us to get Wave Front LASIK surgery, which is the best choice for many glasses wearers. This method has integrated the latest technologies and is employed in the treatment of eye problems since 2002 with the approval of FDA. With a device connected with a computer, the eye doctors can have a very clear picture of our eyes. Compared with traditional LASIK surgeries, this method can be operated in a very accurate way and it will reduce the possibility of complications in the surgery.

The information of our eyes will be reflected on the screen of the computer in pictures of three dimensions. Then eye doctors can see our eyes very clearly, analyze the problems of our eyes and fix the areas, in which the surgery is operated.

The information of problems and ailed areas will be delivered onto the screens. This detecting process can enhance the accuracy of the operation. Still more, some potential eye problems can also be detected

All the information of the patients will be analyzed by the computer, which will design some schemes based on the patients’ individual conditions. The surgery will be very successful, and receivers will also enjoy perfect visions once more. Side-effects in other surgeries, as dryness, redness, etc, can be greatly reduced in Wave Front LASIK surgery. The reason is all potential complications and problems can be detected before the surgery.


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