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June 12th, 2015

Sports glasses are designed to be impact-resistant and to take an impact that would otherwise strike the eyes or the surrounding area. Many sports today are high-risk enough so that protective equipment is necessary, so sports glasses become quite common in the athletic world. Other types of sports glasses are prescription sports glasses for people who wear regular prescription eyeglasses. These prescription sports glasses are also impact-resistant and often secured to the head by a headband made from elastic materials, and the lenses can be changed as one’s prescription strength changes.

The most important factor for you to purchase a pair of prescription sports glasses is the lens material. Polycarbonate lenses are the best choice, as they are impact-resistant and resistant to scratching. Glasses lenses should be avoided, as they can shatter and cause injury. The frames of the prescription sports glasses can be made from plastic, carbon or other composite materials. Choose a pair that is lightweight, well-constructed, and if possible, shatter resistant. Be prepared to spend more on a good pair of glasses, especially if you are interested in name-brand products. Less expensive, non-brand name glasses may work just as well, but be sure to research the glasses you choose.

Sports glasses are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are designed for racquet sports and are available for basketball and soccer. Some are even designed to fit in helmets used for football, hockey and baseball. Different sports requires different sports glasses. For example, when participating in high impact sports such as soccer or hockey, be sure to choose a pair of sports prescription glasses that feature some sort of elastic securing band to wrap around the head. Earpieces are often not enough to hold the glasses in place, so an elastic securing system is necessary to keep the glasses securely fastened to the face. Since these types of glasses will fit fairly snugly to the face, you may want to choose a design that features vents at the sides of the lenses to prevent fogging from sweat. When it comes to low impact sports or sports that will not jostle the participant around too much such as cycling or running will require glasses that is lightweight and comfortable.

Sports protective—unregretful choice for sportsmen

August 9th, 2010

In recent years, with the rapid developments of sports items, sports optics is urgently needed. Such demands are so great that many investments have been ushered into the R&D of sports optics. This has led to the emergence of many sports optics brands, who have competed with each fiercely. Because each of them wants to occupy a larger market share and attract more costumers, so the qualities, styles and functions of all sports optics have been greatly improved accordingly.

In fact, sports optics, also referring as sports protective, is mainly used by people who love to do some sports on some specific occasions. The most basic and foremost important function of sports optics is to protect the eyes of its wearers. Later, it bears more functions.

Sportsmen hold very high requirements on the safety of their eyes. Correspondingly, sports protective can always meet these demands. Some sports protective can filter out some light waves, which can always influence people’s visions; some sports protective can block all harmful radiations from the sun. Particularly, for the wearer who may go through a snow field, sports protective is essential. For it can block the glares reflected by the snow, which can lead to snow-blind.

There are sports protective devices of different sorts, and most of which are impact-protective and resistant. Suppose a cyclist who rides outside, he must be in need of a pair of sports protective goggle. He can not tell what he may encounter, especially the accidentally external force. With sports protective, he will not worry about such problem. As sports protective can resist impact and external force to a great degree, so he will be well protected.

Generally, sports optics can be divided into two categories, viz. prescription and non-prescription. This has assured that almost all people can wear sport optics without any hesitance.

Sports glasses in special spectacle frames and sports safety

August 4th, 2010

Sports are a part of our life. For young kids, sports may be the greatest fun; while for adult people, sports are the way to keep fit and healthy. Playing sports by wearing normal glasses which are not in protective spectacle frames will simply lure accident to come.

Different sports require different eye protectors in special sports spectacle frames. For aquatic activities, people need to put on masks or goggles which are made using leakage-proof spectacle frames. Ski glasses usually feature tints and UV protecting, some even are with very big spectacle frames for users to wear over normal corrective eyeglasses. Hunting goggles should be equipped with appropriate tinting for vision clarity in the mountain area, and should be very strong and tough in the harsh environment. These special glasses are made out of heavy duty spectacle frames and scratch-free lenses.

Although it is so important to put on the specific glasses for different sports, kids mostly will resist wearing these funny gears in funny spectacle frames. As adults we must keep in mind to persuade them to wear anyway.

Motorcycle sunglasses behind windshield

August 3rd, 2010

Motorcycle sunglasses are superior to motorcycle goggles under some conditions. The rule of choosing motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles is simple. It depends on the type of helmet you wear and whether you use a windshield when you are riding a motorcycle. If you wear a full face helmet, 1/2 or 3/4 helmet with face shield, motorcycle sunglasses are your right choice. The reason relies on the fact that the windshield can just protect your motorcycle eyewear from a strong wind gust. Otherwise, if you wear a helmet without a windshield, you may run the risk of losing the motorcycle eyewear in the wind.

Plastic or nylon frames always go well with motorcycle sunglasses, since they are more impact resistant and soft. Metal frames don’t hold up to rigors of travel. Wearing motorcycle eyewear requires repeatedly taking them on or off, so that metal frames may get bent frequently.

When it comes to lenses material for motorcycle sunglasses, most people just don’t consider glass. Glass motorcycle eyewear shatters after a strike from an unexpected flying object, such as a little rock, gravel and even a bird. Your eyes may lead to blind in the most severe condition. Polycarbonate motorcycle sunglasses are shatterproof and will deflect these dangerous objects. And you should be aware to choose motorcycle eyewear with lenses that are big enough to cover your eyes.

Some coatings are also important for motorcycle sunglasses. Firstly, scratch resistant coating is needed for motorcycle eyewear, because the glasses will be on and off more than a dozen times if you ride all day. Non-reflective inside coating on motorcycle sunglasses eliminates the reflection inside of the lenses from you skin, so as to protect you from messing up while riding.

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The necessity of sports glasses

June 26th, 2010

Among all types of eyewear products, those for sports use are a typical member. Sports glasses are really important for athletes as well as sports hobbyists. As people in the world continue to enjoy better living standards as a whole, the frequency of participating in sports is also on the rise. Young people especially male ones have lots of opportunity and much passion to play certain sports with friends or colleagues. However, there is a big concern among eye care professionals associated this group of people. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that emergency rooms all over the United States treat more than 42,000 sports-related eye injuries each year. This is definitely a big number. What is more, victims who are younger than 25 account for approximately 72% of the total eye injury cases. And 43% percent occur in kids under 15 years old.

Most of us will be surprised if we get to know the fact that most of these youngsters do not use protective eyewear during their sports entertainments. The use of sports glasses is overwhelmingly necessary when athletes and sports amateurs put themselves into any sport which involves fierce body contact or dangerous objects. Some of the dangerous sports or games can be easily noticed and require the use of protective glasses. They contain baseball, softball, hockey, football and paintball. It is exciting that in the United States there have been certain regulations about sports eyewear usage. For instance, youngsters who want to participate in Little League baseball must use safety eyewear. Protective glasses are also strictly required among players in the National Hockey League.

What are the basic requirements of a typical pair of sports glasses? First of all, the lenses used in sports eyewear must be shatter-resistant. Otherwise serious eye injuries may be caused if there is a flying object hitting the glasses. Polycarbonate is the most widely used lens material due to its good properties. These lenses can also be easily applied by certain treatments that may improve performance. During outdoor activities, UV treatment, polarized filter and anti-reflective coating are usually added to regular polycarbonate lenses.

Sports eyewear for better performance and eye protection

June 21st, 2010

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are widely used in various circumstances by people in all possible fields. In detail, eyewear devices can serve while watching TV at home, working in the office, driving a car, fishing on the water, skiing in a snow field and in many other cases. Compared with regular eyeglasses that are used for vision aid, sports eyewear is considerably different. This phrase covers a wide variety of eyewear products, including prescription sports eyeglasses, sports sunglasses, and sports goggles. As the names reflect, each of these types emphasizes a specific aspect. Sports glasses with a prescription provide vision correction for those who have a visual refractive error or presbyopia. Sports sunglasses focus partially on UV protection and sports goggles or safety eyeglasses are mainly for eye protection.

Except for functional emphasis of specific type of sports eyewear, there are two common points among these different types. Generally speaking, any type mentioned before can both improve performance during sports and offer eye protection. In most sports, vision drives performance. So, eyewear products are now widely designed to enhance sports performance because they can help athletes and amateurs get eyesight in top shape. This is really important even if an athlete has perfect vision. Wearing a pair of sports glasses can help in achieving better vision than rivals. This benefit or functionality is testified by the existence of performance eyeglasses and performance sunglasses. The former type can help exactly in maintaining clear vision. Even if for people who have unaffected vision, performance sunglasses can provide better visual acuity and light contrast.

The other common place among the three types of sports eyewear is the provision of eye protection. In each year, hospital emergency rooms across the United States treat more than 40,000 eye injury cases that are caused during various sports, according to figures from Prevent Blindness America. Another concerning public fact is that most of those injured individuals never know the necessity of using protective eyewear. Recognizing these problems, manufacturers of sports products are strictly required to incorporate protective designs in their eyewear models. For sports enthusiasts, a necessary action is to put on a pair before participating in a sport.

Use sports sunglasses for UV protection and better performance

June 19th, 2010

Sunglasses have long been utilized as the major device to protect the eyes during outdoor activities. In addition, sports sunglasses account for a major portion of all sunglasses. It is easy to understand that sports sunwear refers to sunglasses that are used during sports like basketball, football, cycling, biking, softball, baseball and the like. These sports have been popular all over the world for many years and the usage of special sunglasses has also been widely recognized. Sunglasses for sports usage have similar requirements as protective glasses. For instance, the lenses should be shatter-resistant enough. And the frame holding them must be strong and impact resistant. These basic factors must be considered while choosing a pair of sports sunwear, because most of the sports mentioned before involve risky factors. However, there are some other important aspects that are associated with exclusively sports sun glasses.

Like other forms of sunwear, sunglasses for sports usage should be made with adequate UV protection. No one will deny that athletes in outdoor sports will get more sunlight exposure than the average people. It has been wide recognized that lifelong overexposure to UV rays in sunlight is closely linked to the development of cataracts after entering a certain age. In this case, sports sunglasses are required fundamentally to offer 100% UV protection, which is determined by the lens material, coatings or additives applied to the lenses. Since polycarbonate can block naturally 100% harmful UV ray, it is currently the commonest material used to make sports sunwear lenses. This does not say the popular existence of lens tints is unreasonable and a waste of money. Certain lens tints like green, yellow, orange, rose and gray can provide advantages for specific sports involving particular lighting conditions.

For additional benefits or enhanced performance, sports sunglasses can take use of some other technologies. Photochromic lenses can automatically lighten and darken according to the current lighting conditions. Polarized filter incorporated in sunglass lenses can filter out light reflected from horizontal surfaces. Anti-reflective coating applied to sports lenses can eliminate glare when the sun is behind. Another beneficial coating is mirror coating, which offers additional light reduction.

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Prescription sports glasses that help prevent eye injury

June 12th, 2010

Participating in sports and body exercises on a regular basis is a good way to maintain body health. People of any race, vocation and gender should not be precluded from this right. Nevertheless, people who have certain conditions especially associated with eyesight may not get an equal access to sports and competing games. More exactly, myopic, hyperopic and astigmatic individuals may suffer an obstacle when they try to join in sports. This is why many vision-defected teenagers and adults reluctantly give up active sports like basketball, football and the like. The key point is that a lot of sports enthusiasts and young athletes still frequently participate in these activities even if there is an obvious or even serious eye problem. Thanks to creative eyewear manufacturers, nowadays prescription sports glasses have been available as a good solution. These products provide more benefits than safety goggles.

It is estimated that there are over 42,000 sports and recreation-related eye injuries reported each year in the United States. The number of similar cases that occur in developing and poor countries is believed to be considerably larger. In particular, baseball and basketball are the commonest causes of eye injuries among younger players. What make it surprising is that approximately 90% of these eye injury cases are avoidable if proper protective approaches are taken. It is equal to say that most teenagers do not resort to protective eyewear during dangerous activities. Due to this concerning fact, children and teenagers are highly encouraged by pediatricians and ophthalmologists to wear protective eyeglasses while playing basketball, baseball, racquet sports, soccer and snow sports as well as others. In particular, the importance of sports prescription glasses is highlighted by the large proportion of vision-defected children and teenagers.

Unlike regular protective goggles, prescription sports glasses are made of Rx lenses which offer needed levels of vision aids. The lens fitting should follow strictly that of regular prescription eyeglasses. For athletes and amateurs, getting precise and comfortable vision correction is essential for them to achieve good performance. Of course, sports prescription glasses should be made in similar styles to safety eyewear, in order to offer proper eye protection against flying objects or particles.

Golf sunglasses—Protective Eyewear on the Fairway

May 25th, 2010

Four or five hours are needed in a golf competition. Under the blazing sun for such a long time, it is a necessity to put on sunscreen cream and wear ball caps, besides which a pair of golf sunglasses is a must.

Golf sunglasses are exclusively designed for golfers, protecting them on the fairway. For its distinctiveness used in precise sports, golf sunglasses are designed with special characteristics differing from others. Sunglasses for golf need to be prepared with high definition and high transparency. In addition, sunglasses for golf also take time of day and weather into consideration—lenses with higher Visible Light Transmission (VLT) will offer improved vision on flat to low light, while a lower VLT are better on bright sunny days. On the other hand, glare inevitably reflects and offends eyes. Therefore, golf sunglasses with polarization, or say polarized golf sunglasses, designed to help the golfers see clearly the move of balls and enhance color contrast of the vision, makes it popular. Moreover, polarized golf sunglasses with different colors function differently which meets the different needs of the people.

With the development of hi-tech, sunglasses for golf equipped with radar are on the sale. This kind of sunglasses for golf helps follow the path that balls fly by. Made from particular materials, frames of the golf sunglasses are able to cling to faces and are resistant to slip caused by sweat or overexert.

Golf sunglasses, no matter polarized golf sunglasses or that equipped with radar, are aimed at giving golfers a clear and tridimensional vision on the fairway. Golf sunglasses are perfect for enhancing performance and for preventive eye care.

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Polarized fishing sunglasses

April 26th, 2010

Fishing is the activity that you expose yourself under the heat of the sun for a long time, which is not good for your health, especially for your eyes. It is a pair of fishing sunglasses that you need most to protect your eyes. As for different types of sunglasses for fishing, we have to mention polarized fishing sunglasses. The following will introduced the function of this fishing sunglasses and how to choose polarized fishing sunglasses.

One of the functions of polarized fishing sunglasses is reducing the glare from the sun, which bothers us since it hinders our vision to see fish and underwater structures and also leads to eye strain and fatigue. Wearing this kind of fishing sunglasses, even in cloudy days, polarized fishing sunglasses can block overhead and reflected glare with the combination of lenses with anti-glare coatings. Another important function of these fishing sunglasses is polarized fishing sunglasses can provide 100% UV protection, which has great importance for our eye health.

Then what kind of polarized fishing sunglasses should be selected. First, from the material of fishing sunglasses, you can have two choices for these sunglasses for fishing: glass and plastic. Sunglasses for fishing with glass lens can provide the best quality, but more expensive; Polarized fishing sunglasses with plastic lenses are lighter and more comfortable, also more durable. The next factor for these fishing sunglasses is the tint, usually, gray tint is suitable for sunny days, and fishing sunglasses with an amber tint are ideal for low light conditions. And the UV protection is another important factor for choosing polarized fishing glasses. It is better to choose a pair of sunglasses for fishing which can provide 100% protection from ultraviolet light. For the lens of these fishing sunglasses, you must make sure the frame is comfortable on you and the wrap- around style are recommended as it can offer more comforts and protection.

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