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Shatterproof products from WileyX

August 18th, 2010

WileyX by Protective Optics was founded in 1986 and aimed to manufacture shatterproof eye gear for US Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. WileyX has along been focused on the need for eyewear retail markets that emphasize impact resistance mostly. WileyX has taken unremitting efforts to promote and advertise in the market. Wiley X eyewear has gained wide recognition from motorcycle shops, sporting goods, sports shooting, golf sunglasses and extreme sports retailers.

WileyX provides products for motorcycle, racing, fishing and so on. All WileyX products including goggles, sunglasses and gloves have ANSI Z87 certification. WileyX is one of the few companies that can prescribe frames with 8 base curvatures. Customers can easily fill their prescription and WileyX will do the rest. The official website of the company is

For military use, security and impact resistance are some of the most important issues. Wiley X eyewear uses shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses for all of its styles. Some models of Wiley x eyewear can withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from 10 yard away, which helps Wiley X eyewear to get both national and international fames. Because of its reliable products over years, WileyX has become a standard provider for FBI, D.E.A, Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces.

Wiley X eyewear has many series, such as Street Series, Changeable Series, Active Series, Classic Series and Climate Control Series. All WileyX series are fully guaranteed for one year. Of course, scratched lenses are not covered in free repair. Wiley X eyewear will not accept returns and exchanges without prior authorization. Once authorized, customers should also pay the shipping charges, both inbound and outbound.

The history of Sunglasses Hut

August 16th, 2010

Sunglasses Hut is the world reputable retail name of sunglasses with about 2000 store mainly in North America and other parts of the world. Sunglasses Hut has witnessed quick expansion since its founding due to its excellent quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed customer service.

Sunglasses Hut began its business in 1971 by an optometrist in Miami called Sanford Ziff by opening a kiosk in the aisle of Miami’s Dadeland mall. Early businesses seemed successful as Ziff, with entrepreneurial insights, saw the trend of fashion function of sunglasses above its protection purposes. In the later years, directed by Ziff’s son Dean, the Sunglasses Hut grew to the scale of 100 stores in USA by 1986, and the revenue in that year reached $24 million.

In 1988, in order for further and quicker expansion of Sunglasses Hut, Ziff decided to sell 75% of the company share to Kidd Kamm and Co., and to use the money to open more Sunglasses Hut stores. By 1991, 450 Sun glasses Hut stores were operated in total and annual revenue exceeded a landmark of $100 million. Around this time, the founder Ziff sold out all the remaining 25% interests and totally stepped out of Sun glasses Hut business.

1993 was the year of another fantastic milestone for Sunglasses Hut. In this year, Sun glasses Hut was listed public. Using the money from the exchange market, Sun glasses Hut experienced an even quicker expansion. By 1996, the sales reached $500 million, and nearly 1700 stores were opened in total.

The performance of Sunglasses Hut caught the eyes of the world’s largest player of eyewear industry Luxottica, and in 2001 this Milan optical giant successfully acquired Sunglasses Hut, and now integrated as a part of Luxottica Retail.

Currently Sun glasses Hut sells its premium sunglasses in its store locations, via mail-order and through it website Sunglasshut com. Sunglasshut com offers an alternative and easier way of hunting for a piece of fashion jewelry. Any unsatisfied customer may return the sunglasses bought online via Sunglasshut com to any nearby Sunglasses Hut store.

Quality and service makes Sun glasses Hut stands out in this fiercely competitive eyewear business.

Two classic sunglasses designs from Ray Ban

August 5th, 2010

Currently, sunglasses are provided by many big or small brands. It is now possible for customers worldwide to get favorable sunglasses in many styles, shapes, colors and materials. When it comes to lens functionality, sunglasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription types. Even photochromic sunglasses which feature self-adjustment of lens darkness are widely manufactured. Sunwear styles always change, so does its fashion world. From a historical perspective, these different elements used in sunwear designs are generally dynamic. For instance, the application of bright colors in sunwear frames and lenses has a short history, while black and gray are traditional colors. This dynamicity is to a large degree a direct reflection of customers’ changing needs and tastes. Sunwear users living in different times always want to get a new look that is different from former generations. However, there have been some classic sunglasses that have been stayed in the mainstream for many decades.

It is important to state that frame color and material, lens color and material are relatively subtle factors which have slight influence on the overall design. The most decisive element is frame shape or structure. People with much eyewear experience will certainly know that most classic sunglasses and eyeglasses maintain their uniqueness from innovative frame shape or structure. There are a couple of classic examples in both eyeglass and sunglass fields. In the following part, we discuss two classic sunwear designs made by Ray Ban.

Manufactured by Ray Ban since 1952, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have a design which is considered as a revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past. These products took advantage of new plastic molding technology and marked the transition between glasses using thin metal and glasses made of plastics. But the secret of its extreme popularity in the 1950s and 1960s is its radically new shape. Another classic sunglasses design from Ray Ban is the Aviator. These products feature dark, often reflective lenses with a lens size that is two or three times the area of the eye socket. Their metal frames have either paddles or wire temples hooking behind the ears. Both of these two classic designs from Ray Ban are enjoying a revival.

One hour service and Lens Crafters

July 25th, 2010

Lens Crafters is one of the handfuls of optical retail brands in America offer one hour service to the buyers of eyeglasses. This service frees the patients from the hassles of coming back and forth for eye exam, choosing the frames and lenses and finally picking up the eyeglasses. As a new thing in the recent years, the one hour service of Lens Crafters was discussed in the boards hotly. There are pros and cons for this new matter.

Lens Crafters once started the one hour service as a way of promotion just like other retailers. Some insiders from Lens Crafters revealed that it is very costly to keep a simple yet full-functional optical lab behind the store due to the equipments and human costs. Normally one Lens Crafters store doesn’t have too many traffic and orders per day, it is uneconomical to provide this service. It is more rational to set up a convergent regional lab for a couple of Lens Crafters stores just like before.

As eyeglasses are medical devices, some eye care professionals argue that one hour service of prescription eyeglasses will increase the variances of lenses powers, thus affecting the prescription accuracy. One Lens Crafters store won’t stock every possible prescription lenses customers need. In order for one-hour delivery, some opticians may choose to enlarge the lenses strength tolerances by using the available inventory lenses. This enlarged tolerance is harmful to patients’ eye health. On this point one hour service of Lens Crafters only works for the simplest prescriptions.

Investment on one pair of eyeglasses is not small, so people usually think the eyeglasses need delicate and big job to be fitted and done. One hour service of Lens Crafters gives the consumers the feeling that eyeglasses can be done in one hour therefore the quality of eyeglasses is also in the manner of fast food. Of course, this is truly a misperception, but on the hand shows that the one hour service is probably a failing strategy.

Another argument centers on whether it is necessary for patients to use one hour service. In fact only very few customers who don’t have backup glasses break their only eyewear may ask for the quickest possible delivery.

It was heard that the Lens Crafters was testing to get rid of one hour prescription in some of its stores. Maybe the answer is pretty apparent after above analysis.

Brief introduction of Vision Works eyeglasses stores

July 8th, 2010

Vision Works is one of the 11 trade names under Eye care Centers of America, Inc., which is the third largest optical retail chain measured by net revenues in the United States. Vision Work itself has about 100 retail stores in some states including Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Illinois.

Vision Works eyeglasses store provides a variety of eyewear options, from the branded names and private labels to non-branded eyeglasses, frames, lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses, so that Vision Works has the ability to serve diversified types of customer classes.

Like most of the country’s optical chains, Vision Works eyeglasses store has a next-door or on-site doctor of optometrist to help patients examine eyes. This setting of doctors ensures all the Vision Works eyeglasses store a consistent source of eyewear patients as their customers. In addition, behind most of the Vision Works eyeglasses stores, there is an on-site optical processing and fitting lab facilitating its customers with one-hour pick-up service.

As the partial efforts of creating customer loyalty, the good customer service of Vision Work help consecutively increase repeated customers who help boom the business of VisionWorks. VisionWorks offers a policy of 30-day unconditional return for full refund, which provides a risk-free purchasing experience and 100% satisfaction in buying in VisionWorks. Furthermore, Vision Works provides routine complimentary cleaning and adjustments services to walk-in customers.

Under the logo of VisionWorks of its website, three words “Why pay more?” illustrate the value of Vision Works eyeglasses stores. Vision Work is trying to offer most competitive prices to make the customers’ eyewear consumption a matter of ease and relax.

The brief introduction of JCPenney Optical

May 13th, 2010

JCPenney Optical is the major part of US Vision’s optical retail departments in the United States. US Vision operates over 400 stores by leasing the spaces from JCPenney department stores and then name them as JCPenney Optical.

JCPenney Optical sells optical products that suit the taste of JCPenney customers. It sells designer eyewear, generic eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses at the discount prices. The designer brands JCPenney Optical sells include Arizona, Armani, Concepts, Dockers, Ashley Stewart, Relic and others.

Eye doctors are available in JCPenney Optical stores, customers may call nearest stores for a schedule of eye exam. Doctor will not only issue the prescription for your vision correction eyeglasses, but also help detect the early developments of possible diseases.

In most of the other name optical stores, the store staff will guide you through the selection and try-on process. In order to save customers’ time and reduce the number of staffs in the stores, JCPenney Optical has developed a virtual online optical fitting room called ‘EyeLooks”. By using the virtual online optical try-on system, JCPenney Optical enables prospective buyers to get a feel of what looks will be in the selected frames. This process reduces the customers’ time of try-on in the JCPenney Optical stores. Technology does change the way JCPenney Optical services its customers.

For the greatest ease and conveniences of the customers, JCPenney Optical accepts most of the country’s vision plans.

Here are some  JCPenney Optical in the USA – Fayetteville, AR, Little Rock, ARLaguna Hills, CASanta Rosa, CAJcpenney Optical Us Vision Glen Allen, VA

Jim Sunglasses and social responsibility

May 13th, 2010

Jim sunglasses, the abbreviation of Maui Jim sunglasses, are now one of the world’s popular sunglasses. The main product of Maui Jim Company is polarized sunglasses. As for the reason, many people may know nothing of it. In fact, the origin of Jim sunglasses have something to do with their birth place—Hawaii, a place of sunshine. People there love to live with sun, but some people have noticed that their eyes are injured by sunlight. Hence 1980s have witnessed the birth of Jim sunglasses. These sunglasses are mainly used to help local people prevent UV rays. Thus Maui and Hawaii are the initially places, where Jim sunglasses are sold. However, as time goes by, with Maui Jim company becoming bigger and bigger, more and more people can get Jim Sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV and glare.

Jim Maui Company has very strong sense of social responsibility. They have donated lots of Jim sunglasses to help people improve their eyesight. Some data has that many poor people on this planet are suffering from eye diseases as a result of UV and glare. These poor people can not afford to buy sunglasses, and their eyesight will decline if without the protection of sunglasses. To respond the call of United for Sight, a non-befit group of eliminating blindness for the poor, Maui Jim has donated a lot of Jim sunglasses. For Maui Jim has held that if they sell a pair of sunglass, another pair will be given to the group to help those poor people improve their eyesight.

For costumers, they can also make great contribution to these poor people by buying Jim sunglasses. The program, “buy one, give one”, has won the support of sunglasses wearers. They think that if more Jim sunglasses are sold, more people will be aided. Thereupon, not only the sales volume of Jim sunglasses have been greatly enhanced, but also more poor people can get sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Safe Dragon sunglasses

May 6th, 2010

Dragon sunglasses are produced by Dragon Optical, which is a high-end eyewear and accessories manufacturer. Dragon Optical provides a wide collection of dragon eyewear, including Dragon sunglasses, Dragon Mx goggles, Dragon snow goggles, Dragon softgoods etc… You can also find Dragon headwear on its main website

Dragon sunglasses can always keep you on the edge of design and push you to your limits. Dragon eyewear has long been striving to develop products that function well for true enthusiasts.

Dragon sunglasses have some features. All Dragon products are designed with safety and durability in mind. Top quality frame materials are used to ensure a bio-technical, symbiotic relationship with the wearer. Dragon sunglasses provide an impenetrable shield for harmful UV radiation. Dragon uses low-molecular weight carbon based lenses, which can block any thing thrown at them. Dragon sunglasses are made of nylon frames.

Since Dragon eyewear is so commonly accepted by customers, a lot of online stores offer Dragon eyewear, especially Dragon sunglasses. provides a wide variety of dragon eyewear. Styles on the website include Box, Calaca, Domo, Dusk etc… If you purchase any Dragon sunglasses or Dragon goggles from it, you will be presented with a free Dragon hat. The website provides all kinds of Dragon products, such as men’s, women’s, sport and surf style. This website always shows the newest styles of Dragon sunglasses. Another well-known online store that offers Dragon eyewear is This website claims that it is the official site for Dragon sunglasses. It provides a complete selection of Dragon glasses and offers a 30 days guarantee.

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Basic Facts of Oakley Frame

May 4th, 2010

Frames, delivering one’s personality, constitute an important part of glasses. However, facing various kinds of glasses frames, one often feels at a loss to make a decision on which one to choose. Usually Oakley frame is a good choice.

Oakley frames, according to its application, can be divided into three categories, which are respectively Oakley frame for myopic glasses, Oakley frame for sport eyewear and Oakley frame for sunglasses.

As for myopic glasses, frames of different materials, designations and colors are available in Oakley frames, such as silver half-rimless titanium frames, red full-frame metal frames, brown rimless aluminum magnesium frames, etc. In a word, you have everything that you expected to find in Oakley frames.

Oakley sport eyewear is the favorite for world top athletes. Much of the Achievement must be attributed to Oakley frames, for their diverse styles and wearing comfort. For Oakley frame, in such an era when production becomes mechanized and streamlined, never involves itself in this tide, but sticks to its traditional handicraft, which not only saves the soul of the brand, but also guarantees the quality.

Oakley frame for sunglasses may be that can best deliver individuality. Audacious application of fresh vivid colors and novel patterns qualify Oakley frames the nobles in sunglasses sphere. For example, one Oakley frame of Frogskin series, inspired from the cute spotted dogs, with a pair of super huge optical frames and audacious color assortment, is a representative of pioneer.

Anon sunglasses and Anon goggles

May 4th, 2010

Anon sunglasses are one of the products under Anon Optics. Anon Optics is a ski and snowboard goggle brand owned by Burton Snowboards, which is an international leading snowboards manufacturer. Anon Optics produces Anon sunglasses, Anon goggles, and a selection of clothing. All these products are produced in Burton’s factory now, rather than in Smith Optics’ initially.

Anon Optics began to produce Anon sunglasses on May 11, 2005. Now it provides about fifteen different models of Anon sunglasses. Within each model, there are various different frames and lenses. Some of the Anon sunglasses models are: Allie, Escobar, Amos, Convict, Legion, Truth etc… On the official website, Anon sunglasses are classified into women’s styles, men’s styles, polarized styles and Rx. Customers can find a significantly variety of Anon sunglasses in great styles on the website. Some other websites also provide Anon optics products. is the leading snowboard company for Anon sunglasses and snowboard gears.

For goggles, Anon currently offers five models. Each Anon goggles model also has a variety of frames and lenses. The five models are: Helix, Realm, Figment, Subrosa and Solace. All Anon goggles feature interchangeable strap technology. This technology allows you to easily swap straps between Solace, Realm, Figment etc… Anon goggles also have anti-fog style, which combats lens fogging and delivering clearer vision in foggy weather conditions. Anon goggles also apply Shield ecology, which is scratch-resistant coating and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Impact Test Standards. The split fit nose of Anon goggles fit well to your contours. Their plush fit face foam is extreme soft and comfortable.