Jim Sunglasses and social responsibility

May 13th, 2010 by Reza Hyver Leave a reply »

Jim sunglasses, the abbreviation of Maui Jim sunglasses, are now one of the world’s popular sunglasses. The main product of Maui Jim Company is polarized sunglasses. As for the reason, many people may know nothing of it. In fact, the origin of Jim sunglasses have something to do with their birth place—Hawaii, a place of sunshine. People there love to live with sun, but some people have noticed that their eyes are injured by sunlight. Hence 1980s have witnessed the birth of Jim sunglasses. These sunglasses are mainly used to help local people prevent UV rays. Thus Maui and Hawaii are the initially places, where Jim sunglasses are sold. However, as time goes by, with Maui Jim company becoming bigger and bigger, more and more people can get Jim Sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV and glare.

Jim Maui Company has very strong sense of social responsibility. They have donated lots of Jim sunglasses to help people improve their eyesight. Some data has that many poor people on this planet are suffering from eye diseases as a result of UV and glare. These poor people can not afford to buy sunglasses, and their eyesight will decline if without the protection of sunglasses. To respond the call of United for Sight, a non-befit group of eliminating blindness for the poor, Maui Jim has donated a lot of Jim sunglasses. For Maui Jim has held that if they sell a pair of sunglass, another pair will be given to the group to help those poor people improve their eyesight.

For costumers, they can also make great contribution to these poor people by buying Jim sunglasses. The program, “buy one, give one”, has won the support of sunglasses wearers. They think that if more Jim sunglasses are sold, more people will be aided. Thereupon, not only the sales volume of Jim sunglasses have been greatly enhanced, but also more poor people can get sunglasses to protect their eyes.


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