Useful polarized sunglasses

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Polarized sunglasses are made of special polarized lenses so that they can reduce the glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass. Glare affects the performance of many while driving or during contests. Polarized sun glasses are useful for sports, driving, fishing etc… They help people see more clearly. Many sports regular participant prefer polarized sunglasses because of their special function, though may cost a little more than conventional sunglasses.

How do polarized sun glasses work? Light has some special features. Usually, a light source generates waves that go in all directions. Once encountering any surface, it bounces and then polarizes. This reflection is generally horizontal. In another way, flat surfaces such as road and quiet water reflect light horizontally. This glare can only be absorbed by vertically polarized objects. Polarized sun glasses are of this kind. So the exact name should be vertically polarized sunglasses. While blocking unwanted glare, polarized sun glasses allow optical information through. Polarized sunglasses are mainly used when the wearer need to see clearly and also has dangerous glare filtered out.

Except for their advantages, polarized sun glasses are not perfect. Some experts argue that polarized sun glasses are not competent on snow-covered surfaces. They can not provide needed contrast to distinguish ice patched or moguls. Another flaw of polarized sunglasses is that they react adversely with liquid crystal display (LCD), which is widely used on computer monitors, TVs and automatic teller machines (ATMs). From a certain angle, polarized sunglasses may make them invisible.

Almost all famous brands manufacture polarized sunglasses, such as Versace, Smith and Ray-Ban.


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