Prescription Polarized Sunglasses Come In Handy On Numerous Occasions

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Combining the two most desired features of any shades, prescription polarized sunglasses are truly a killer product. Fashion wise, there is no style or trend this exciting type of product is not compatible with. From the classic aviator to the sporty wrap around to the classy wayfarer, you name it, any frame style that has a name to go with, they are available with prescription polarized shades. Functionally speaking, there is rarely one type of sunglasses so versatile as to cater to such a variety of different people. People who read and travel, who enjoys skiing and fishing, who scuba dive or cruise, the list just goes on and on. Today, let’s unveil the mysteries of prescription polarized shades and find out how they can be helpful in a handful of unexpected ways.

prescription polarized sunglasses

Before we get into the many occasions when prescription polarized sunglasses can come in handy, it’s probably appropriate to introduce a little of the science behind this brilliant product. As we all know, sunlight reflecting off smooth surfaces could cause annoying and sometimes even fatal glare. Such glare often create a large area of white blur which could seriously reduce color contrast, impair clarity and depth perception, bringing problems to our vision and navigation. To block this type of glare, a second layer of vertically oriented polarizer is introduced to the lenses. Such layer then absorbs the mostly horizontal glare light and increase color contrast and clarity, bringing better vision for us.

prescription polarized sunglasses prescription polarized sunglasses

After all the physics, now back to the concerns of the everyday folks, how can they benefit from it? Well, basically, prescription sunglasses are useful in any sports that take place in the open air. Whether you are a golfer, a cyclist or a jogger, if you are also myopic, then prescription polarized sunglasses are your thing. With this type of shades, there need to be no more worry over the sudden shot of glare coming out of nowhere that burns your eyes and causes trouble navigating. Besides sports, any activity that involves water or that happen near the water is probably on the list. Take cruising for example. A myopic yet avid reading cruiser might feel like reading a favorite novel in the peace and tranquility of the vast sea. Yet, the glare reflected from the surrounding big blue is constantly causing difficulty in reading. At such time, a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses would solve the problem in no time. Above the sea is the glare present and strong, so is what is like under it. Many myopic scuba divers have the problem of seeing clearly due to the glare that is ubiquitous throughout the ocean. For them, prescription polarized sunglasses not only offer the vision correction but also the polarized effect that will make their scuba diving experience a far more pleasant one than it otherwise would be.

Prescription polarized sunglasses are currently available both off and on line. So, if you are a sports enthusiast who happens to be myopic, go pick up one pair.


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