Anon sunglasses and Anon goggles

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Anon sunglasses are one of the products under Anon Optics. Anon Optics is a ski and snowboard goggle brand owned by Burton Snowboards, which is an international leading snowboards manufacturer. Anon Optics produces Anon sunglasses, Anon goggles, and a selection of clothing. All these products are produced in Burton’s factory now, rather than in Smith Optics’ initially.

Anon Optics began to produce Anon sunglasses on May 11, 2005. Now it provides about fifteen different models of Anon sunglasses. Within each model, there are various different frames and lenses. Some of the Anon sunglasses models are: Allie, Escobar, Amos, Convict, Legion, Truth etc… On the official website, Anon sunglasses are classified into women’s styles, men’s styles, polarized styles and Rx. Customers can find a significantly variety of Anon sunglasses in great styles on the website. Some other websites also provide Anon optics products. is the leading snowboard company for Anon sunglasses and snowboard gears.

For goggles, Anon currently offers five models. Each Anon goggles model also has a variety of frames and lenses. The five models are: Helix, Realm, Figment, Subrosa and Solace. All Anon goggles feature interchangeable strap technology. This technology allows you to easily swap straps between Solace, Realm, Figment etc… Anon goggles also have anti-fog style, which combats lens fogging and delivering clearer vision in foggy weather conditions. Anon goggles also apply Shield ecology, which is scratch-resistant coating and exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Impact Test Standards. The split fit nose of Anon goggles fit well to your contours. Their plush fit face foam is extreme soft and comfortable.


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