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Have Excellent Firmoo Online Experience to the Full

January 12th, 2012

Are you enough familiar with Firmoo? The answer may be positive or negative. In order to help you get the full online experience at Firmoo, we listed these useful places on the web operated by Firmoo, which is of great help. After you get to know all these great places, we’re sure you will benefit a lot from them. Let’s check them out.


As the flagship site for Firmoo, you will find a galaxy of exquisite eyeglasses including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and sports glasses. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. The low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. Additionally, Firmoo offers plenty of fashion eyeglasses of chic styles and attractive colors, which help the fashion-conscious costumers realize their dream of being a fashion icon.


vision library

Firmoo Vision Library

Vision Library is the information source in area of vision care, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, sports protective eyewear, vision error and diseases, vision surgery, ageing and kid’s vision etc., solely sponsored by, an emerging online optical store. This website is designed to help people have a better understanding of eye health, vision and other related information and then make good decisions as consumers and patients about eye care problems.


Firmoo Eye Care Directory

Firmoo Eye Care Directory

Eye Care Directory offers up-to-date information about the optical eyeglasses stores and eye care doctors for your vision needs in USA and Canada. You may arrange a free eye exam, buy prescription eyeglasses, RX sunglasses or donate your old eyeglasses by using the contact information in the directory.


Firmoo blog

Firmoo blog

Firmoo’s blog, as the official blog of, offers articles from our expert bloggers about optical industry, eyewear fashion, and eye care. Readers will become knowledgeable about latest eyeglasses fashion, eye care information, and so on.




firmoo twitter


Firmoo Eyeglasses (Firmoo) is on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to follow Firmoo Eyeglasses (Firmoo) and get their latest updates.




firmoo facebook


Firmoo’s Facebook is a great place that you can share your glasses wearing experience with 200,000+Firmoo fans. Additionally, you will have chances to take participate in some funny games such as weight guessing to win exquisite eyeglasses as prizes.

Virtual try on, convenient & simple as it is!

January 9th, 2012

The virtual try-on makes you see just how awesome you’d look in Firmoo Eyewear! Use your own picture to find the style that fits you best. Or compare the different styles on one of our models. From now on, you don’t need to rack your brains thinking how your ideal frame looks on you, worry about the frames you are interested in don’t fit you well, or consider the risk of shopping eyeglasses online. Our virtual try on system will get rid of all these worries for you. Just a few steps may help you find the perfect frame special for you.

Compared to the previous try on system, this updated one is more convenient and simple. First, you can try any type of glasses without referring to the detailed information. After you choose any frame under the navigation bar, e.g.: Men’s Glasses/Women’ Glasses/Bifocal & Progressive/RX sunglasses. Second, enter your PD to ensure you a more appropriate pair. Our system will automatically adjust the frame size and the right position of the frame. Third, you can compare any frames you like by clicking the “compare” button to compare the images of 3 deferent frames at a time. Fourth, load photos more quickly and more conveniently. You can upload 8 photos at most for one account.

Experience Our Try-on System Now

*Try them on models:

Step 1: Choose the frame you like and put your mouse to the lower right corner then click “try on “button.

virtual try on

Step 2: Choose one model whose face shape is most similar to yours.

virtual try on

*Try them on yourself:

Step 1: Click “Try On”on the right bottom of the frame you are interested in.

virtual try on

Step 2: Upload your photo.

virtual try on

Notice: The “UPLOAD”button will be displayed as “USE MY PHOTO”, if you haven’t logged in.

Step 3: Fill in your PD and upload your photo.

virtual try on

Step 4: Mark the position of your left pupil.

virtual try on

Step 5: Mark the position of your right pupil.

virtual try on

Step 6: Try-on successfully.

Join in the Lucky Draw to Win iPod Shuffle MP3 Player from Firmoo

August 30th, 2011

Firmoo is launching a lucky draw right now. You can get the chance to win iPod Shuffle MP3 player as long as you buy glasses including free glasses and other glasses you like from us. The glasses, as is universally acknowledged, can cost us much money, and the rule seems like this: the more outstanding the design, the higher the price! However, we are sparing every effort to break this rule! So we are launching a lucky draw to benefit our customers. Trust us, it is no longer a fairytale to purchase eyeglasses at very low prices or even obtain free eyeglasses, and even an iPod Shuffle MP3 Player may come to you.

Firmoo's lucky draw

There are two ways to join in the lucky draw as follows:

1. If you are one of our customers who places an order on from Monday (8/29) to Sunday (9/4 at 9:00 p.m.), chances are that you may be chosen as one of the 3 lucky participants and be given an iPod Shuffle MP3 player as the prize. An attractive prize, isn’t it?

2. If you are a new friend of firmoo, you’re just as lucky as you could be. All you need to do is nothing but “like” us on facebook to get free glasses with the code generated. Yes, you didn’t hear anything wrong! Free glasses of high quality! Meanwhile, you get the chance to win an iPod Shuffle MP3 player in our lucky draw. In addition, if you want to buy any other types of eyeglasses or sunglasses of firmoo that are not included in the free glasses, you could also use the code which may save you 8 USD off. Actually the price of our glasses or sunglasses is very low compared with that of other online stores, to say nothing of the outlets. So just laugh in your beard since you are so lucky!


Wanting to shop for high-end glasses at low prices or obtain free eyeglasses and get the chance to win iPod Shuffle MP3 player now, just come to firmoo.

How to Choose a Proper Sunglasses Case

June 16th, 2011

It is well accepted that sunglasses have become must-have item for lots of people worldwide. When it comes to sunglass, you can’t miss another item: sunglass case. As a good companion, a sunglass case helps you protect your sunglass. As there are various kinds of sunglass cases, you’d better buy it according to your purpose of using it.

sunglasse case

If you only want to get a sunglasses case to store your sunglasses, a simple pocket-style sunglasses case may be you choice. Soft and made out of a stiff cloth, pocket-style sunglasses case has one side open to make it convenient to take and take out sunglasses easily. However, this kind of sunglasses case offers less protection against breakage than other sunglasses cases.

If you want to get a sunglasses case to protect your sunglasses being broken, a hard sunglass case may be the ideal choice. Hard case is a must to prevent breakage of your costly eyewear. These cases are locked from all sides to make sure that your sunglass is well cushioned inside. The most important advantage of it is to protect your sunglass from being broken, even when you drop or sit on it.

In addition, if you would like to buy a hard-shell sunglasses case, it is of importance to make sure that sunglasses stay inside properly. If the case is too large, your sunglasses may swing in the case and then get damaged. On the contrary, too small case will also cause damage to your sunglass while closing the case.

Except sunglasses case above stated, you can purchase other sunglasses cases according to your preference. Today, sunglass cases are of more different colors and shapes than they were in the past. If you are a fashionista, you can buy stylish sunglasses case to match with your fashion sunglasses.

Some People Confront High UV Exposure in U.S.

May 24th, 2011

Recently, it is reported that people’s eyes and skin in US are susceptible to the harmful UV rays without taking protective measure because they are at high risk of exposure to the UV rays. So less than one in three Americans makes the link between UV rays and eye damage. In fact, the Vision Council had released a report to emphasize the importance of protecting eyes and skin around the eyes. This report illustrates that residents in US are likely to be exposed to the UV at higher level and provides tips to prevent vision problems caused by exposure to UV. In addition, this report says that many cities in US have high UV rays levels.

As Ed Greene, CEO of The Vision Council says that it is of great importance for residents to know clearly about how to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. He hopes that people can have a better understanding of shielding their eyes and this report can stimulate them to protect their families and themselves.

When it comes to protecting eyes and skin around the eyes, wearing sunglasses is the best way. This report shows details to help customers choose the suitable sunglasses.

1. Focus on UV protection-The function against UV rays is the priority while choosing sunglasses. Qualified sunglasses must prevent both UVA and UVB.

2. Try on sunglasses-It is necessary to try on sunglasses in order to find proper sunglasses that you feel comfortable. Uncomfortable sunglasses will make problem happen to you instead of protecting you.

3. Purchase several pairs-Sunglasses with different lenses suit various activities. For example, if you want to do outdoor sports, sports sunglasses will be the ideal choice. If you suffer vision problem such as myopia, you will get good UV protection with the help of prescription sunglasses.

4. Know lens color-Although lens color has nothing to do with UV protection, different lens colors will have different influence. Grey can prevent UV and don’t cause any distortion of objects. Yellow or amber color is advantageous for wearers to recognize traffic signals so drivers are more likely to choose sunglasses with yellow or amber color.

5. Choose design-Although there are a lot of designs available in the market, for extra protection, wraparound sunglasses with larger temple pieces and lenses will block more UV rays from all angles: the frontal and the sides. Therefore, compared to other sunglasses wraparound sunglasses have better function of UV protection. Besides, wraparound rx sunglasses will be very helpful for people who have vision problems.

Generally speaking, together with sunscreen, hat, or other accessories, it is crucial for people to wear sunglasses.

The use of glasses eyes

May 7th, 2010

The use of glass eyes has been around for a long time. Glasses eyes are made as an ocular prosthesis for those people who lost an eye through accident or disease. Nowadays, prosthetic eyes are not only referred to as glass eyes but also are made of plastics and in some kind of cryolite that resembles glass. Actually, most of real glasses eyes are used in taxidermy, toys, doll making and some other mannequins.

Glasses eyes can be made in full, like real natural ones. The glass eyes take the shape of a convex shell, and have the similar size of real ones. Of course, glasses eyes are made according to the characters of different individuals. For instance, the average size of the human eye is 1 inch overall diameter. But there is not accurate same size between different persons. What is more, the colors of individuals’ eyes are different. So glass eyes must be made in abundance of choices.

As people know, glasses eyes do not provide vision; someone with glasses eyes is totally blind on the affected side and has monocular vision which affects depth perception. So people will take the glass eyes in the condition that they have damaged eyes and have to take a surgery to remove the eye. One takes the glass eyes in the purposes of health and more natural looking. Commonly, the proper glasses eyes look real and nice. For people create glasses eyes with perfect iris and eye coloring to make glasses eyes look realistic.

In current days, glass eyes are extensively made by machine in a wider variety of size, shapes and colors and different modes. For example, Toys often have sewn-on glasses eyes, and machine-made glass eyes satisfy the properly purposes. In addition, the materials of machine eyes can be plastic. Many companies make eyes from a kind of polyglass, which is a combination of plastic and glass.

Generally, glass eyes make a great contribution as artificial eyes to people’s lives.

Optical Center of Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

April 27th, 2010

Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants (DOC) has been serving the Delaware community for over 60 years. Thirteen years ago in 1996, the Optical Center of DOC was established to serve the local residents with eyewear in different budget and lifestyles. Currently the DOC’s three Optical Centers in the local area offer a wide variety of vision products to customers.

In DOC’s Optical Center, besides the eye exams and prescription stuff which are done by the optometrists inside the Optical Center, the other major part involves the selection of frames and lenses with the help of knowledgeable Optical Center staffs. The Optical Center normally maintains up to 800 styles of frames ranging for famous designer frames to general high quality yet easily affordable frames to meet the needs of diversified patients. Even for some special unavailable frames, the Optical Center will try to source using its wide network within days.

The selections of lenses in the Optical Centers are also rich with virtually every type of them. From the most fundamental plastic lenses, to strongest and safest polycarbonate lenses; from the latest photo-sensitive Transition lenses, to progressive multifocals; from basic anti-glare coating to UV protection coating and even some special coatings, the Optical Center can all offer to its customers with very competitive prices.

In the Optical Center, customers are cared and served with compassion, honesty and friendliness. The Optical Centers strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every product and service the three Optical Centers are offering.

As compliments, the Optical Centers of DOC also provide its customers with free lifetime eyewear adjustments and cleaning services at any time. Through these unbeatable services, the Optical Centers of DOC have won many repeated patrons in the 13 years of services in the local area of Delaware.

Introduction of Fashion Eye Center

April 20th, 2010

Fashion Eye Center is the name of an optical center in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. Presently Fashion Eye Center has two locations in the city of Tucson.

Fashion Eye Center has two OD who are Barry D. Blonder and Tammy Nguyen. Mr. Blonder is an OD from the School of Optometry, Indiana University in 1974. He served in the US Army in the Army Medical Corps as an optometrist. He opened his first office in 1978. Later the second location was opened. His name is the synonym of quality and credit in the area of Tucson for more than 30 years.

Fashion Eye Center carries out eye exams for eyeglasses and contact lenses. In the fashion eyes locations, lines of eyeglasses frames are on display. Customers can visit one of the two locations in Tucson for service.

Benefits of Polarized Optics and Polarized eyewear

April 4th, 2010

Polarized optics or polarized eyewear, including polarized sunglasses, driving glasses, shooting glasses and polarized clip-ons, etc., which performs different from ordinary ones, has been getting in popularity. Therefore, there’s a need to come down to what polarized optics bring to us, the benefit of polarized optics.

Light waves travel in so many directions that when they come to water, snow, and wet floor, reflective glare creates which reduces visual acuity, distort color, causes temporary blindness and so on. Unfortunately, eyewear we conventionally wear merely lessen the intensity of glare but never completely cut off it and light transmits trough lens horizontally and vertically. On the contrary, polarized optics absorb light waves traveling in any direction other than the vertical plane, which means that light transmits polarized optics only in one direction. By this way glare that come from other directions is impossible to pass through polarized eyewear. What’s more, another merit polarized optics possess that makes them surpass others is its adjustment of visual contrast and improvement of color recognition. Thus drivers wearing polarized optics will be able to differentiate a red light from green in case of causing accident.

Polarized optics serves a purpose in every outdoor activity to protect eyes. With polarized eyewear, fishermen will see fishes swimming freely in the water; with polarized eyewear, photographers will have a more charming vision in the sunshine; with polarized eyewear, golfers will be allowed to follow their balls and accurately determine how far the hole from them are.

How sunglasses influence vogue eyewear and how eyewear change people’s look

April 3rd, 2010

For a long time in the history, eyewear was not related to vogue to any extent. Even people with eyesight errors were usually ridiculed by other people. It is since the early 20th century, when Hollywood invented the sunglasses for protecting actors and actresses from exposing to strong lights in the studio, sunglasses’ designing elements were then shifted to the regular vogue eyewear (prescription eyeglasses). After that optical industry entered a new era of vogue eyewear, making the eyewear far more beyond its corrective purpose.

According to a recent survey, about half of the Americans view their eyewear as vogue or fashion items. Wearing vogue eyewear does change people’s look. A suitable pair of vogue eyewear will enhance or create your unique image. The very basic two rules for opting to vogue eyewear are your face and color.

Your face size and face pattern determine which type of vogue eyewear you should choose to wear. Always choose vogue eyewear whose frame matches the widest width of your face. Another factor is the bone structure of your face. A simple principle to follow is that you try on every vogue eyewear frames as possible and choose one that can complement with your face.

There are many choices of color shades for particular styles of vogue eyewear. Like the face shape, choose your funky eyewear which matches your skin color.

It is not an easy job to spot a good pair of vogue eye glasses for you. When it is done, you can then make a permanent impression on all the people you meet with. This will do well to you! Vogue eye glasses do help!