Funky glasses might brighten your face

November 5th, 2009 by Andrew Rabinowitz Leave a reply »

I personally had the experience of meeting an old friend and feeling that his/her face seemed much brighter than his/her image in your memory. It is mostly due to the new funky glasses he/she is wearing. The stylish glass assuredly changes people’s face and spirit.

To get funky glass for your self is a huge job, as many factors should be put under consideration. In addition to following the traditional rules of face shape and skin colors, a couple of other points need also to be thought of before your final decision.

Don’t be alone to go for shopping stylish glass. Call your boyfriends or girlfriends to shop with you. Your best friends sometimes know better of your flavor and taste than you know of your self.

Be brave enough to try on all the available funky glasses, and never be shy. Experiences tell us that some daring try of those exaggerated styles may sit well on your nose. You never know of you don’t try on any stylish glass.

Remember to wear your contact lenses if you also use them as alternate. This makes you see clearer in the new funky glasses. Most of the “lenses” installed on the sample eyeglasses frames are just two pieces of plastic sheets with very bad optical properties. Wearing contact lenses do help you see better and make better decision.

After try-on you may finally purchase your funky glasses. If the store price is too high to be acceptable, try some online retailers with much lower prices for same or even better funky glass.


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