Kids and eye wear

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In today’s world higher percentage of kids are getting disorders of eyesight, mostly nearsighted. Some of the kids get pseudomyopia which needs to be treated by doctors and they may recover to normal. While for some other kids the disorder of their eyesight become irreversible, then these kids need to buy eye wear to correct their sight.

Eye wear for kids range from eye wear with childhood marks or logos to some mature styles or a combination of both. When choosing eye wear for kids, one thing that should keep in mind is that we must let kids be an active participant to selecting the eye wear for them. This ensures that they will like to wear their eye wear. If kids do not like the eye wear, their frequent taking-off or eye wear from their heads will only worsen their eyesight.

On the frame materials, experts recommend parents to buy plastic eye wear instead of metal ones. In choosing the lenses, better quality anti-scratch lenses will be the first choice, as kids may use unsuitable cloth or paper to clean the lenses which will cause scratches and make the lenses blurry.

As kids are in the ages of fast growing, one pair of eye wear may become unfit in a short time. So a new pair of eye wear is necessary if the frame size does not fit again.

Another thing worth pointing is that parents need to carefully observe the reaction of kids after putting on a new eye wear, and be sensitively aware of any change of eyesight. If unfavorable thing occurs, consult and see a doctor for a new prescription, and get a new eye wear.


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