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Each day of the week can carry a unique theme color to express your mood. Wearing different glasses can greatly inspire you at work and make for colorful time. Come to get your daily pair of glasses!




Monday is often associated with Moon, which is considered to be very lucky for you. Thus it’s a day to set your weekly goal and get clear about your plans and schedules.

Get Inspiration for Monday:



Red can last good fortune, which symbolizes passion and energy. This color stimulates you to pour yourself in work and go ahead with vitality and enthusiasm.

Get Inspiration for Tuesday:



Wednesday is in the middle of the common workweek, which maybe the busiest day of the week. So you need some fresh air to make yourself feel less stressful with green color after a brainstorming.

Get Inspiration for Wednesday:



Blue is the color of tranquility, which gives you the peace that is hard to find in the hustle and bustle of the city. It helps you wind down from the complex tasks and expect the approach of Friday.

Get Inspiration for Thursday:



As the busy week is coming to an end, it’s time to seek relaxation to release yourself. Just get a date on Friday night, the gorgeous tiny pink can spread a long stream of fine romance.

Get Inspiration for Friday:



As the Sabbath day of the Bible, Saturday can be a day that many people do leisure activities. Without any working tasks or meetings, you can easily enjoy cozy time at home, thus black casual frames will be better choices.

Get Inspiration for Saturday:



The day of the Sun, it is observed as a day of worship and rest. Sunday can be the perfect day to go out with your intimates and flatter this wonderful day with pattern colors.

Get Inspiration for Sunday:


Come to Firmoo and select color to express your mood, our rainbow week collection allows you to have your theme color for everyday eyewear!

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