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No doubt that picking a right frame can greatly enhance your look. However how to choose a suitable pair is not so easy. We did a research from our customers about how they choose suitable eyeglasses. Here is the results below, let’s listen to them and get inspiration from them.



”When I am looking for new glasses, the style of the glasses is always most important to me! I look for photos of glasses I like on Instagram or Pinterest, and then try to find a similar style on your website! Looking on your Instagram was really helpful because there are a lot of cute, stylized pictures, and the frame is in the caption!”

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”I know that my old glasses are looking kind of ”new” but they are actually 3 years old. The main problem i have with them is the frame. It is way tho thin and fragile. I am using my glasses at work when I’m on my computer so i constantly take them on and off. The fact that the frame is so fragile make me scared to break them and refrain me. With my new glasses, I wanted something that still looks unique and was kind of thin but I also wanted something a lot more solid. And for the look, because I have a round face, I’ve always known big glasses were the thing for me. The bigger they are, the smaller it make my face look. If they are too small, the roundness of my face is exaggerated.”

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”I look for the style I want and narrow it down by filtering. (Ex: tortoise colour, round shape, etc) I pick out a couple I like and one by one go through the reviews and look at other people wearing the glasses to get a better idea. Then I pick the glasses I want and fill in my prescription and wait for my package. :)”

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”I spend a lot of time in the store trying different styles and moving my face in order to choose the perfect glasses that are comfortable and look good on me. This time I looked some of the pics and try to find someone like me in order to see how the glasses look. It was very difficult for me to choose just with a picture of the glasses. I watched a lot of YouTube videos first.”

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”Usually I choose depending the style I search, most of the time I keep the same kind of shape because I think this special shape is perfect for me, so I prefer keeping it, and I like when it look retro/vintage as it’s more trendy now! My actual favourite style are also clear color and black/gold, helping me also to have a different style even if the shape is similar!”

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After listening to others’ experience in choosing glasses, is there any inspiration for you? Let the glasses no longer be a lesser burden, but a bonus, so that they can complement your whole temperament to a higher level.


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