A Beach Getaway and New Shades from Firmoo

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Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle wearing pale gray Firmoo shades

The future is so bright we have to wear shades!

Do you ever find yourself pulling your sunglasses on and off, on and off,  based on quickly changing light conditions? They are on my head, they are back on my face, or temporarily dropped on the floor. I especially notice this when I’m traveling. I’m in the airport, on the tarmac, in shadowy hallway, or on a plane with changing light levels. It’s a surefire way to lose our sunglasses. I was recently contacted by Firmoo and offered a pair of glasses for review. The process of ordering with Firmoo, the online optical shop, is simple. The website has a ‘virtual’ try-on system, so I uploaded a photo of myself and was able to get a sneak peek of any pair in their huge selection.  I decided to mix it up for spring and selected a pearl gray pair similar. With spring and summer travel coming up, I added the transition lenses to add to the functionality of the glasses. You can see the shaded lenses above.

Pale Gray Firmoo glasses on Stylemindchic Lifestyle Blog

My Firmoo glasses arrived in 8 days, and that included the time for upgrading the progressive lenses. The shades were neatly packaged, with a stylish global motif case, cleaning cloth, bag and handy eyeglass screwdriver. I am very pleased with the quality of my glasses. The transition lenses are already working well as I move between our house and sunny back terrace. I will definitely be taking them on our trip to Los Cabos later this week. I also noted that the Firmoo website saves your image for ease of future ‘virtual’ styling and ordering. These glasses are fun clear or shaded.

Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle and Firmoo glasses in gray

Firmoo.com is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store.  I will definitely use Firmoo the next time I need to order my prescriptive lenses. The quality and the affordable pricing make fashionable lenses accessible. Firmoo is currently offering a First Pair Free deal so it’s a great time to get your eye wear collection geared up for the sunshine.

Booties and freshly polished toenails on Stylemindchic Lifestyle Heather LindstromThe toes are ready for some sand and sunshine!

As for us, spring break has just arrived! My pre-travel ritual is usually a fresh pedicure. I went with Essie Buy Me a Cameo shade. It’s a pretty rose-gold shade that goes with pale skin, or skin with bit of vacation color. My cute pedicure technician looked at my toes and said, “Pretty…it’s nude!” He then suggested some sparkles to zhush it up. It’s old school glam (circa 2000?) but I bit on it. I told him he was a good salesman!

Scott Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle packing for Los Cabos with a hat and dance music.

So this is how our evening went last night. I highly recommend putting on your vacation hats, cranking up some tunes, Scott picked Ed Sheeran, and having a dance party as you pack. Work has been stressful for us both, so we are more than ready to get on that plane! One thing I’m not packing for this trip, 20 lbs.! It’s fun to fit into some of my favorite outfits that have been too tight for several years. If you are struggling, and I know I was, it feels so good to find a way of eating that is healthy, delicious and helps me lose the weight here.



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and I promise to post some warm, beachy pics

fresh from Los Cabos, Mexico next week.

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Wishing you warmth and sunshine!

Do you have any travel plans coming up?

Bon Voyage!


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My Firmoo glasses were given to me for review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Packing up my must-have EMME bag from my Stylemindchic Boutique!

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