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Here’s the thing about glasses that you should take care, as your eyes deserve proper attention, not just for eye care, but your overall health. Even if you can see clear with the current pair of glasses you wear, it doesn’t mean it still work well. And it is especially true if your glasses have been in use for more than two years.

Blurry vision may be an obvious sign, but there are subtle indicators that can help you notice your eye condition. The following telltale signs can tell that you may need new eyeglasses.

1. Blurred Vision

If you have sudden or occasional blur of vision and accompany by loss of focus, you may experience blurred vision. As eye professional says that, obstructed vision refers to indicative sign, which can occur in one or both of your eyes, and may be due to severe change in your vision condition. It informs you that an updated prescription and further testing will be needed, to rule out any serious diseases, such as cataracts.

2. Frequent Squinting

Holding your book closer than usual? People who are constantly squinting usually have a problem seeing clearly. As we all know that squinting is a subconscious way to improve focus and clarity, and you may not even realize you’re doing it. However, when you’re squinting, you end up excessively straining your eye in the long run, making your vision problems even worse. If you notice yourself squinting more while reading a book or working on the computer, you might need a new prescription and replace your old glasses.

3. Headache

People usually fail to associate their recurring headaches with their vision condition, however it is one of the earliest signs of change. When you experience frequent headaches after looking at something closely for a considerable amount of time, this could be another sign that your prescription needs to be updated. Because your eyes have been strained and fatigued, which certainly leads to frequent headaches.

4. Eye Fatigue Or Discomfort

Eye fatigue or pain can be caused by several factors, such as working on the computer over hours or reading for too long, but these impacts should only last for moments. If you are experiencing eyes fatigue or discomfort all the time, especially when you’re squinting for clearer vision, it warns that you will need a new glasses to help alleviate the strain.

5. Scratched Lenses

In addition to your own physiological factors, the glasses themselves also need to be taken into account. No matter how careful you are, scratches on the lenses are inevitable, especially if your glasses have accompanied you for years. Regardless of how small or even inconspicuous these scratches are, and you don’t even feel like they have any effect when you are seeing, but in long run they will certainly be adverse to your vision.

6. Old-fashioned Frame

As an indispensable accessory, a perfect pair will lift your fashion sense to a higher level. After years of wearing, you glasses may be no longer trendy as it used to be. In addition, for eye wearers, you can revamp your style with fresh eyeglass frames to get makeover, which will also greatly enhance your whole outfit.

If you are experiencing the above signs, you should visit an eye doctor for a checkup first, and then select a perfect pair that suits you best.

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