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Titanium glasses

June 23rd, 2015

Titanium glasses are the eyeglasses frames made of titanium. Titanium is a silver-gray metal that’s lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion-resistant. Titanium glasses can be produced in a variety of colors for a clean, modern look with a hint of color. And they are hypoallergenic. Because of these advantages, they are a great choice for those in hot, humid environments and people with active lifestyles or those with prescriptions that require thicker lenses. However, some titanium frames are made from an alloy that is a combination of titanium and other metals, such as nickel or copper. In general, titanium alloy frames cost less that 100 percent titanium frames.

Titanium eyeglasses frames come in a wide assortment of shapes, styles and colors. Choosing the right titanium eyeglasses frames can be a fun and rewarding process once you narrow down a few key aspects. Try one many different eyeglass frame styles to get a feel for what you like and an idea of the type of titanium eyeglasses frames that best suit you. As with any accessory category, titanium eyeglasses frame styles can be numerous and include many attractive options in both men’s and women’s eyeglasses frames sections.

The size of the eyeglass frames makes a difference. There are many types, styles, colors and sizes to choose from but depending on the size of your face, you want the eyeglass frame size to match. The perfectly sized frames can be found by having an optometrist perform accurate measurements to determine the width between your eyes, across your forehead, and even the bridge of your nose. Once you get these measurements from the eye doctor, you’re then able to use them when choosing the perfect pair of frames. If you do not have the measurements from a vision center, you can measure these areas on your own by using a ruler. The dimensions on eyeglasses are all different depending on the pair. In selecting a frame size, you also need to consider your prescription, since some prescriptions will require thicker lenses that might be better suited to smaller or thicker frames.

When it comes to buying eyeglass frames, there are many titanium eyeglass frame designs to consider. Depending on the eyeglass frame style, you will find that frames come in a variety of shapes to accommodate different looks. You can choose from a rectangular shape, half-moon look, round or boxed rims and other shapes. Depending on your style, face shape and measurements, you might look and feel better in one style of eyeglass frames over another.

about Titanium eyeglass frames

June 18th, 2015

Titanium eyeglasses frames are made of titanium, which is one of the strongest materials available. They are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant and a great choice for those in hot, humid environments. Moreover, they are also a good choice to people with active lifestyles and those with prescriptions that require thicker lenses. Titanium eyeglasses frames come in variety of colors and are easy to adjust, without sacrificing strength. Generally, there are four main benefits and features of titanium eyeglasses frames.

First of all, they are durable. For a people who want trouble-free service from a pair of eyeglasses, titanium is the right choice. In fact, titanium resists breakage under normal use longer than any other frame material. While these eyeglasses are surely not indestructible, patients are attracted to the fact that titanium frames hold up over time. In addition, titanium frames are corrosion resistant. If you are an eyeglass wearer, you know that after time, with traditional metal frames oxidation occurs through exposure to oxygen and the presence of moisture which can ruin the appearance of the frame causing it to tarnish.

Secondly, frames made of titanium are 48% lighter in weight than frames made of conventional metals. If you have worn a heavy pair of eyeglasses, you know that they can cause pressure on the bridge and the side of the nose. This can cause numerous problems such as simple redness to pressure spots and sores. The same is possible behind the ears, especially on the tops and behind the ears where the weight distribution is critical. The lightness of titanium frames lets the eyeglasses rest easily on the nose so they do not create irritating dimples or pressure marks.

The third benefit is comfort. A frame touches a person’s face in three areas-both ears and the nose. Titanium frames are more comfortable to wear because they do not weigh heavily on these essential areas. The weight is distributed more evenly providing added comfort.

Finally, if you are in the 10% of the population that is allergic to nickel, titanium frames are the best choice for you. Allergic reactions from nickel can range from asthma, sinusitis, skin rashes, eczema and dermatitis. Titanium frames contain no nickel, which is why they are an excellent choice for those who have skin allergies.

Even though titanium is a strong, light and corrosion-resistant silver-colored metal. Care should be taken when working with and repairing a titanium frame.

Clean and dry both the frame and lenses. Use soapy warm water to wash and dry the lenses and wipe with a soft cloth or towel. Do not use paper towels on lenses. Remove any remnants of old glue if a previous repair has been done.

Squeeze together any hinges that have spread out by gently using pliers to compress each side of the hinge. Use caution and squeeze very slightly; only light pressure is needed to move hinge pieces. Insert and replace the temples, also called the “arms,” if they have become detached from the front of the frame.

Insert the lenses if either or both have come out. Secure screws just tight enough to hold the lenses in place. If necessary, dab a drop of glue with a toothpick into the eyewire, the part of the frame that holds the lenses in place, to stabilize the lenses.

Tighten any loose screws in the frame. Screws may be located in the temples, the eyewire, and there may also be screws in the nosepads that hold the pads to the frame.

Do not try to solder or weld a titanium frame. Repairs done this way will crack and damage the frame material. If your titanium frame is broken to the point of needing soldered, an optical retail shop may be able to fix the frame or send your frame to a lab that specializes in titanium repairs.

Rimless Titanium Eyeglasses For Small Faces: Office Ladies’ Ideal Choice

September 29th, 2011

Office ladies are a group of respectful people. They contribute to the society, their communities and their families. Like glue, they keep them all together. With so much responsibility and workload on their shoulders, office ladies deserve the best when it comes to garments and accessories. A helpful and convenient piece of eyeglasses would not only be one less thing to worry about in their already unbearably fast-paced days, but also a unique way to enhance their looks and display their personalities. Based on their professional status and their natural facial features, there is nothing more suitable to office ladies than rimless titanium eyeglasses for small faces when it comes to ladies’ eyeglasses.

Rimless titanium eyeglasses for small faces are the ideal choice for office ladies firstly due to their extreme lightness. For those professional women who already have to deal with huge amount of stress, the last thing they need is another piece of heavy weight on their noses. With the rimless design and the material choice of titanium, one of the lightest materials in the universe, these glasses are about as lightweight as a pair of glasses can ever get. The wearers will practically feel nothing with these glasses on, allowing them to focus more on their work.

ladies rimless titanium eyeglasses for small faces

Rimless titanium eyeglasses for small faces make the best eyewear for office ladies also because they project that professionalism and feminine look both at the same time. To survive and excel in the extremely competitive working environment, one, especial a lady, needs full confidence about herself. Rimless titanium glasses are the best little gadgets to boost morale and make one feel more sure about herself. The rimless look has long been cited as the standard office look for a good reason. They always give out that classy and concise look that is preferred by office ladies. With practically no frame around the lenses, rimless glasses will have the minimal presence on your face. Without paying close attention, other people would undoubtedly miss them, which is always a good thing, because in the office language, this means open-mindedness and willingness to communication. Thus wearing rimless eyeglasses subconsciously showcases confidence and leave good impressions around. For anyone trying to survive the competitive ecology of the work place, that is really a help much needed.

Unlike men, women generally have softer facial features and smaller faces. Rimless titanium eyeglasses for small faces are especially designed based on this phenomenon. While there might be many disadvantages to a woman struggling in a mostly male-dominated world, there are secret weapons they can use as well. Among them the most important and effective one is their feminine appeal. A professional woman needn’t dress herself up in a male manner all the time to show her toughness. The office world is big enough for them to show their feminine sides. With eyeglasses designed especially for small faces, our beautiful and intelligent office ladies can spice up their professional look with a little feminine appeal. As long as they don’t go over the line, it will be beneficial for both herself and her co-workers. After all, who doesn’t enjoy working with a beautiful and professional lady?

Enjoy advantages of titanium glasses for men

June 23rd, 2010

As a chemical element with atomic number 22, titanium is sometimes called the “space age metal”. This strong, lustrous and corrosion-resistant metal has a low density. But it has wide application in many different industries, such as sporting goods, orthopedic implants, dental instruments, jewelry, mobile phones and many others. In addition, titanium can be alloyed with many other materials, like iron, aluminum, vanadium etc. These titanium-based alloys have even wider applications. In particular, titanium and some related alloys can be used to make eyeglass and sunglass frames. In the current eyewear market, it is easy to find frames that are made of pure titanium, meta-titanium and titanium-based alloys. The popularity of this material in eyewear industry is due to its good features or attributes. These frames are more durable and stronger than other metal frames. And due to these features, there are especially titanium glasses for men.

Compared with female customers or eyewear users, gentlemen usually pay more attention to eyewear fit, comfort and durability. And women especially fashion-oriented girls usually put stylish appearance at the first place. Why are titanium glasses particularly popular among male buyers? We can get an answer from the explanation of their considerations while choosing eyewear. It is widely known that eyeglass and sunglass frames can be made of various materials. Plastics are generally lighter than metals. However, they are not as competitive as some quality metals like titanium and stainless steel in terms of durability and strength. The key point is that most men value these features greatly. Thus titanium glasses for men are particularly favored.

Pure titanium is a good material to produce eyeglass frames. Yet there are some other variations which offer even better benefits. Currently, many eyeglass manufacturers take use of memory metal as a frame material. And Flexon owned by Marchon Eyewear is a typical example. This is a titanium-based alloy. An extra advantage kept by this material is the extreme flexibility. This metal can return to its original shape after being twisted, bended or crushed. In other worlds, it can remember its original shape. This is why this material is widely used to make titanium glasses for men.

Valuable features of titanium eyeglass frames

June 22nd, 2010

There are mainly three categories of materials that are currently used by eyewear manufacturers to produce eyeglass and sunglass frames. They are metals, plastics and unusual materials like horn, leather, stone and wood. Even if they are precious metals, silver and gold are usually grouped into the third category due to their scarcity. Compared with the first two groups, materials within the third group are used less frequently and they are for people with special requirements or tastes only. Metal and plastic eyeglass frames account for a vast majority of the eyewear market for many years. In this article, we focus on a special metal that is widely used to make eyeglass frames. Among all metals feasible to make frames, titanium is a particular one and it claims certain valuable features or attributes. Titanium eyeglass frames are one of the most popular selections among eyewear users.

According to Wikipedia, titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a special metal with a low density and is strong, lustrous and corrosion-resistant. As a transition metal, titanium is silver in color. Made of this metal and other variations or alloys, titanium eyeglass frames thus also have similar features as this material. The use of titanium in eyeglass frames is historic. Until now, titanium and beta-titanium are widely used by most of the eyewear manufacturers. The precious features this material has are the focus, including lightness, durability, strength and corrosion-resistance. These features mark a significant improvement or even breakthrough in eyewear frame history. The reason is that metal eyeglass frames can now be equally lightweight as plastic frames. In many people’s mind, metal frames are more formal and elegant, but heavy ones are usually not welcomed.

Nowadays, titanium eyeglass frames are provided in a variety of colors, which bring a diverse of options in terms of frame appearance. This is backed by a good attribute that titanium can be easily tinted or painted. Another beneficial feature claimed by titanium frames is that they can keep the users free from skin allergy. Rx eyewear users can find titanium frames in full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless styles.

Polarized Titanium Eyewear

April 5th, 2010

Polarized titanium eyewear, as its name suggest, is composed of titanium frame and polarized lens. Combining the merits of both titanium and polarization, polarized titanium eyewear besides offering a soft and clear incomparable vision makes itself the lightest in weight and the best in durability.

Titanium as an indispensable material in advanced technology is 48% lighter than other metals and are resistant to acid and alkali, anticorrosion and of high stability and intensity. It also has neither radiation nor toxic side effects to human body. Therefore, polarized titanium eyewear, superadded the polarized lens specially engineered to block the blinding rays of glare, is of high flexibility while protects eyes from UV and fierce light; is fadeless while enhances visual color contrast; and is anti-oxidation while cuts off reflective glare from snow, water and pavement.

As mentioned above, polarized titanium eyewear did no harm to human health, instead it brings benefits. Recently, a Japanese research reveals that titanium has a particular current characteristic which is able to produce ions as a result of electron waves, easing tense muscles. Thus wearing a pair of polarized titanium eyewear, one would likely to get mentally relaxed and fatigue removed.

What is that when light and durable styles out there meet unbeatable vision performance? Polarized titanium tells you the truth. It is a perfect. With the ultrahigh and intense frame and extend clarity to a wide peripheral view and protection to the delicate area around the eyes provided by the lens, polarized titanium eyewear will make you enjoy everyday with fun and relaxation.

Lightweight titanium frames

February 16th, 2010

A large group of gentlemen love titanium frames nowadays. Titanium glasses are made of titanium. This material has some special features that make titanium frames attractive. Titanium glasses are the ideal choice for people who like active lifestyles and those with heavy prescription. Titanium glasses will never cause any allergy.

The material of titanium frames is a chemical element that has a low density. But it is strong, corrosion-resistant and silver-colored. Titanium even has been used for everything from Apollo space capsules to heart valves.

Many manufacturers provide titanium frames and beta-titanium frames. The most attractive feature of titanium glasses is lightness. Titanium glasses are also durable, strong and hypoallergenic. A variety of colors can be applied to titanium frames, such as black, orange and red. In fact, not all of the titanium frames are made of pure titanium. Some titanium frames come from an alloy combined by titanium and some other metals including copper. But these titanium alloy frames are cheaper than pure titanium frames.

Many online glasses stores offer various titanium glasses that suit a wide range of needs. You can add your personal taste and coating to titanium glasses. At, customers can get titanium frames at the price 20% to 60% lower than regular retail price. also provides Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On System for glasses trying before buying.

Titanium glasses are classic and become the symbol of status.

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