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The spooky time of this year is here. Halloween and trend-right items seem to go hand-in-hand, and our customers have some ideas that spiraled out of control, maybe you can as well find a way to go with it!

①Mixed Materials Frames


It’s time to look for new festival inspiration, mixed materials frames are the ultimate style topper. Red and white maid costume, silver-white wig match with a fabulous pair will give you a attractive charming look.

S999X: https://bit.ly/33RuGcb


②Over-sized Frames


Master this costume with simple twists, baggy sweater, berets and of course – some over-sized spectacles. Bonus points if you can rock those iconic pumpkin!

LKFS8831R: https://bit.ly/31mj6UQ


③Round Glasses


Only quite little extra styling are needed if your costume incorporates those round frames. This style is the epitome of retro fashion, full of British style and provide a great final touch!



④Metal Round Frames


For a quick and impressive Halloween look that is easy to do and works well with glasses, we will recommend round metal specs like Harry Potter style, matching with the squiggle onto your forehead. This will definitely earn you some double-takes as people marvel at the fact that you coincidentally have the same scar as Harry Potter.

YSL17115: https://bit.ly/2MYHIxB


Not limiting to classically ghost-like to adorably sad, au naturale or just plain adorkable, these practical ideas are here for glasses-ready Halloween looks.

More inspiration here: https://bit.ly/2PfdjxP


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